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by Brian Wheeler / Buffalo Sabres
Beyond the Boards is written by the Buffalo Sabres Website Manager, Brian Wheeler. Joining the Sabres prior to the 2003-04 season, Wheeler is the main contact and content editor for He has worked in the NHL, NFL, AHL and NLL over the past 11 years.  Click here to send him an email.


Listen to Lindy Ruff's post-game comments by clicking below.
Ruff Post-Game 
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Buffalo Sabres head coach Lindy Ruff was heated during his post-game interview with the media following Buffalo's 2-1 loss to the New York Rangers.  And it wasn't the Sabres winless streak expanding to 10 straight that had Ruff rilled up.

The coach's focal point was Brendan Shannahan's hit from behind that drove rookie Clarke MacArthur headfirst into the left post of New York's goal with just 10.2 seconds remaining in regulation.

The crosscheck, and subsequent collision with the iron, left MacArthur motionless on the ice for a few moments.  

"There should probably be a suspension on that last play," said Ruff.  "You look at what happened to Clarke MacArthur and the league has to look at it.  That was a definite intent to hurt somebody.  [MacArthur] could have maybe gotten seriously hurt."

Ruff couldn't give a specific update on MacArthur's status.

"Well, I don't know [how MacArthur is doing]," he said.  "He could have a broken neck.  He could have a broken shoulder.  He could have a broken back.  He could have a number of things.

"It was careless, it was reckless and you can't have that in the game.  If he isn't seriously hurt, I'm happy.  But we've got enough guys out of the lineup, we don't need another guy hurt."

Shanahan said the play was a simple miscue and held no devious intentions.

"It was harder than I would've wanted," Shanahan told the Associated Press. "It certainly warranted a penalty. I'm glad the guy didn't get hurt.

"I wanted to knock him down into the net, not into the post."

Watch the hit by clicking play below.

(Quotes courtesy of WGR 550-AM, the official radio partner of the Buffalo Sabres)
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