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by Kevin Sylvester / Buffalo Sabres
Shootout host Kevin Sylvester is a veteran journalist in radio, television and print media.  From time to time, Sylvester will be taking time out of  his busy schedule to post entries in his blog or answer fans submitted questions.

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Derek Roy (photo: Bill Wippert)
I had a little time to dip into my inbox and answer a few questions.  As always, these are real questions from real Sabres fans.  Credit for each question is given after each.

Question/Comment: There are a lot of big name free agents as of July 1 on the market. I know that Sabres management has indicated that they don't want to build a team around bringing in free agents. Since we have such a solid base of young players, do you think that we will, or should, go after one of these big name players to bring in much needed veteran leadership?  -- Evan Wagner from Buffalo, NY

SYLVESTER: I think the term veteran leadership is misleading.  How much of a veteran do you need?  Jason Pominville, Jochen Hecht, Derek Roy, Jaroslav Spacek and many others are all veterans and were in leadership roles.  I think the money will go to an extension for Jason Pominville and Ryan Miller.  

If the right free agent is there to complement, then I think they'll be signed.   

Question/Comment: I am a huge Sabres fan.  I was very disappointed that a deal couldn't be made to keep Brian Campbell.  I admit I don't always understand the business end of the game.  I'm like a lot of fans that don't want to see their favorite players go no matter what.  What are the chances of the Sabres signing Campbell this summer - or is it a done deal that once you get traded there are no more contract talks with that player?  -- Mary Smith from Buffalo, NY

SYLVESTER: The Sabres can negotiate with Brian Campbell again on July 1,  if both sides choose to.  The San Jose Sharks can sign him before then, but it's unlikely.  I also think it's unlikely Campbell will be signed by the Sabres given the multiple offers from the team he turned down prior to being traded.  He will likely receive more than $6 million per season for five or more seasons by a team looking for offense.   


Question/Comment: With all the talk around Nathan Gerbe and Chris Butler, which player do you think will make the biggest impact on the Sabres for next season? And is there any talk on Kalinin's future for next season because of the positive play from youngster defensemen Sekera and Weber?  -- Wil Mason from Amherst, NY  

SYLVESTER:  I doubt either will have a great impact next season, as both are likely play most of the year in the AHL.  However, if I had to pick one, I'll go with Gerbe.  The ability to score is a special talent and he has it.  As for Kalinin, he's an unrestricted free agent and if the Sabres wanted to re-sign him they would have done so already.  


Question/Comment: Another guy I believed stepped it up and played really well with Jochen Hecht and Jason Pominville was Clarke MacArthur. Do you think that he will be a player that will stay with the Sabres or move on?   -- Brittany from Buffalo, NY

SYLVESTER: MacArthur is a restricted free agent this season.  He filled in nicely.  Is there room on the roster for him?  That's a tough question.  I think he's either traded or re-signed.  He's a nice player.  

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