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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
Nathan Gerbe (Photo: Buffalo Sabres)
(Editor's Note: AT&T, the official and exclusive wireless provider of the Buffalo Sabres, is giving fans the most exclusive access to the Sabres players and staff. AT&T Your Questions Delivered is an interactive program designed to allows wireless subscribers first-hand exposure to their team.

Every two weeks, registered customers get to text their questions to a specific player. Answers to select questions are then posted on

The latest interview was with Buffalo Sabres prospect Nathan Gerbe:

Other than Boston College, where is your favorite place to play hockey?

"I would have to say the University of New Hampshire’s rink. It’s an Olympic-sized ice sheet and I don’t really get touched out there being quick and small."

What is the funniest heckle you’ve ever heard?

"I hear a lot about my size so I guess I would have to go with one of those. They make fun of our whole team because our team is so small. We get guys chirping us about that. They make jokes about us falling down easy or something like that."

What is the strangest superstition you’ve ever seen?

"Our captain last year used to touch every side of the door before he went out. But now that I think about it that was kind of an everyday thing for him. Not just hockey."

What is your most embarrassing hockey moment?

"I would say letting Tim Kennedy win a National Title.

"No I’m kidding.

"I remember when I was younger I put the puck in my own net before. But it wasn’t a big game or anything thankfully so I was all right. "

Who is the most skilled opponent you have ever played against?

"I would say Evgeni Malkin. I played against him in World Juniors and he is a pretty skilled guy as people can see in the NHL."

What was it like to go to the White House and meet the President after winning the NCAA National Championship?

"It was an unbelievable experience. It was definitely breathtaking and something you can’t really look back on and believe you did."

What player has impressed you the most at development camp this year?

"I’ve always known Tim [Kennedy] as a good player. In camp with him you see how he sees the ice and obviously he is one of those guys that has that vision."

What is the most extreme method of training you have ever done to get in shape for hockey?

"This week [at development camp]."

Who was your favorite player growing up?

"I would say Brian Gionta or Pavel Bure."

What was your favorite class in college and what career would you choose if you weren’t playing hockey?

"I really liked public speaking. I enjoy talking in front of groups of people and trying to give tips here and there so I enjoyed that course. Looking at a career path I like marketing and advertising, so I wouldn’t mind something along those lines."

What is the biggest thing you have learned since signing with the Buffalo Sabres?

"I guess how to work hard everyday. They gave us a speech today about how hard guys in the NHL work just to stay there, how hard it is to get there and how important it is to maintain that work ethic throughout your career. That’s huge."
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