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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
(Editor's Note:  AT&T, the official and exclusive wireless provider of the Buffalo Sabres, is giving their subscribers the most exclusive access to the Sabres players and staff.  AT&T Your Questions Delivered is an interactive program designed to allow AT&T customers first-hand exposure to their team. 

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Which team do you believe was the hardest to play against so far?

Max Afinogenov:  I think Carolina has been the toughest so far. With our battles over the last few years, the games have been really tough. They match up well with us. The other night we made mistakes and they took advantage of them.

How much did the absence of Spacek effect the last two losses?

Max Afinogenov:  For sure, Spacek moves the puck so well, and his shot on the PP creates a lot of chances for us.

Do you feel more of a leadership role this year with the loss of Drury and Briere?

Max Afinogenov:  Of course. I'm ready to step up and do what I can to help the team. I want them to see what I can do, and hopefully, it will help. We all want to play better and help each other work harder on the ice to get better.

You have been on a few different lines this season, who do you feel most comfortable playing with?

Max Afinogenov:  It doesn't matter too much, but probably playing with Roy and Vanek a little more because we were together for a while.

What is your most memorable moment in the NHL?

Max Afinogenov:  Probably two years ago making the Eastern finals, and even last year's trip there. My first goal was memorable too.

How old where you when you first started playing hockey?

Max Afinogenov:  Six years old

Why do you wear number 61?

Max Afinogenov:  Its a secret. I don't tell anyone!

What's your favorite thing about Buffalo?

Max Afinogenov:  The people are so nice and the fans make it so much fun to play hockey there.

How would you compare Buffalo fans from the other fans in the NHL?

Max Afinogenov:  Buffalo fans are awesome. They stick with us win or lose. They are the best in the league. They really have passion for our team and it makes us play harder for them because we know how much we mean to them. I feel the same way and so do my teammates.

Where do you go over the summer?

Max Afinogenov:  I go home for a little while to see family and friends. Then I usually travel all over before I come back to Buffalo to train.

What sports do you like to play in your spare time?

Max Afinogenov:  I like to play soccer and tennis.

If you weren't a hockey player what would you be?

Max Afinogenov:  I would probably take more college courses and run my own business.

What team do you get most pumped up to play against and why?

Max Afinogenov:  Probably all the Canadian teams like Toronto or Montreal. The fans really care about the teams there. It is a fun atmosphere around those buildings and the people have such passion for the game. They push you to play hard.

What type of music do you like to listen to?

Max Afinogenov:  I like all music but it depends on what mood I'm in. Sometimes I just like Russian music, other times I like dance or rap music. It changes all the time.
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