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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
Jochen Hecht (Photo: Getty Images)
(Editor's Note: AT&T, the official and exclusive wireless provider of the Buffalo Sabres, is giving fans the most exclusive access to the Sabres players and staff. AT&T Your Questions Delivered is an interactive program designed to allows wireless subscribers first-hand exposure to their team.

Every two weeks, registered customers get to text their questions to a specific player. Answers to select questions are then posted on Click here for more information and to register.)

The latest interview was with Buffalo Sabres captain Jochen Hecht:

Are you a soccer fan? If so, what is your favorite team? Bayern Muenchen?

"No I don’t follow soccer that much. I’m not a big fan. I watch world championships and European championships, but I don’t follow the Bundusliga."

Why do you wear number 55? 

"I had No. 17 but JP Dumont wore that number when I got here. I turned that number around to No. 71 but I got too many injuries. I switched the number again to No. 55 which was the number I played my first NHL game with."

Growing up in Germany, who was your favorite hockey player?

"Growing up in Germany was a player in my hometown. His name is Harold Kreis… but in the NHL it was Mario Lemieux."

What is your favorite animal? Do you have any pets?

"We have a dog. It’s a Border Collie and Black Lab mix and her name is Mocha."
What is your favorite meal before a game?

"At home it’s chicken and pasta."
Do you think being captain this month will differ a lot from when you were captain in October? If so, how? - Anne in Buffalo

"There is a lot at stake in this month, but it’s up to the whole team and not only the captain."
Who is your best friend on the team?

"Many of them, but Ryan Miller is my roommate."
Where is your favorite place to travel in your free time?

"Majorca in Spain. We were there last year and it was just nice. The beaches are clean, the people are very friendly out there and the weather is great."
What do you listen to before games to get pumped?

"I’m not in charge of the music in the locker room so I just listen to whatever musice they play in here."
What is your favorite part about playing hockey in the NHL?

"Just playing with the best hockey players in the world and being around the guys."
What do you think about in the locker room pre-game? Does a team captain give a pep talk?

"I just try to concentrate on the game and I think everybody is doing their own thing in here, so I’m not doing a pep talk."

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