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by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
Clarke MacArthur
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Q: How is playing in the NHL different from the AHL?

Clarke MacArthur: I think just the speed and the strength is the biggest difference. It is so much quicker playing in the NHL.

Q: Does the crowd difference between Rochester and Buffalo affect your game?

CM: Yeah I think it gets my nerves going a little more probably. It is just so much louder with 15,000 or 20,000 people here every night. It is definitely better for sure.

Q: Do you think the Sabres will want to keep you as a permanent member of the team now that you have been playing so well?

CM: I hope so. It would be really great if they did and obviously I want to stay here.

Q: How would you explain the feeling you had after you scored your first overtime goal?

CM: It was a great feeling. Especially to get it in overtime and get the win like that, it was just a great feeling. It was unbelievable.

Q: How does it feel to be a key player in helping the Sabres out of their slump?

CM: Playing with Jochen [Hecht] and Pommer [Jason Pominville] has been a lot of fun, and we have just recently started to get going again here. We have been playing against top lines all the time so it has been challenging, but a lot of fun. It’s great.

Q: What did you feel the first time you stepped on the ice as an NHL player?

CM: I felt relief actually. It was a great feeling to finally make it after such a long grind to get all the way up to this level. There was definitely a sigh of relief.

Q: Out of all your games with the Buffalo Sabres, which was the most memorable?

CM: That would probably be the overtime winner. Just to have my first game end up like that, it was the most memorable goal I’ve ever scored in my life probably. That is definitely the first game that comes to mind.

Q: Was there a lot of pressure when you played for Team Canada in the World Junior Championships?

CM: Yeah there was. Canada had not won for quite a while, and for us to go in there and pretty much dominate that whole tournament was just a great feeling. That was a great group of players and I think almost every guy on that team is playing in the NHL right now.

Q: How did you earn the nickname Grizz?

CM: Clark W. Griswald from the Vacation movies with Chevy Chase. Actually Norm Milley came up with that one for me. He was the first one to start calling me that and it has followed me ever since.

Q: Did you think you would ever make it on YouTube?

CM: I never actually thought of that to be honest. I didn’t even know I was on there. But that’s a good feeling.

Q: Why do you wear number 41?

CM: I used to wear number nine my entire career and, obviously, Royzie [Derek Roy] wears it up here. When I was called up to Rochester the first time, [former Amerks equipment manager and current Buffalo Sabres equipment manager] Dave Williams, gave me that number and it kind of stuck with me. I have been wearing it ever since.

Q: What is the craziest thing you have ever seen at a hockey game?

CM: That line brawl last year in the game against Ottawa was pretty crazy. [Andrew] Peters fought the goalie and everything so it was pretty wild to see. Marty [Biron] I don’t think won that one, but [Ray] Emery is pretty tough.
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