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An Outpouring of Support from Sabres Fans

by Staff Writer / Buffalo Sabres
The following messages were sent by hockey fans to the Sabres webmaster email account following Buffalo's 4-2 loss in Game Seven of the Eastern Conference Finals. The emails below are just a sample of the hundreds we received.

The Sabres would like to wholeheartedly thank all the fans for the submitted letters and for their support of the team this season.


I have always been a Sabres fan from the beginning and this year's rule changes made me love hockey again. Sabres are a fabulous, hard working and extremely talented team. I think the best team in the league. Unfortunately the injuries probably threw them just enough to give the edge to NC. I was planning a trip "home" to celebrate the Stanley Cup in Buffalo. Hopefully, my Stanley Cup trip will be next year. Go Sabres, love you guys :)
Mary M. from Hartsdale, NY

To the Sabres organization and team: Thank you for a great season. You are champions in my five-year-old son's eyes. Rest up, heal up and we'll be with you next year.
Raymond Tourt from Batavia, NY

We love you Sabres, thanks for the awesome season and series! We couldn't have asked for anything more than what you had given. We can't wait for next season! Danny Briere our hearts go out to YOU!! (You watched a game with our son, David while he was in Children's Hospital). Take your much deserved break and we'll be watching you win the cup next year!! The Sabres flag will continue to fly on our vehicle!
Atherine Heath from Stockton, NY

I'm very proud to be a Buffalo fan right now. I'm looking forward to seeing some great Buffalo Sabres hockey in the next few years to come. Thanks guys for a great season!!!! The Cup comes home to Buffalo in 2007!!!
Evan Hejmanowski

The Sabres came a long way, and I think it's worth it. The players were the best as I have ever seen them and I'm proud of them. If people are mad they shouldn't be, we came this far so next season we will get farther and win. The team is the best in the league and I'm very proud.
David Sager from Silver Creek, NY

I just wanted to say congratulations to the Sabres. I knew nothing about hockey until I started dating someone from Amherst, NY. He took me to see the Sabres play against Caps and I was amazed to watch how the Sabres played. I am a fan now. Cannot wait until next season. All I need now is to get my jersey. Again LET'S GO BUFFALO and a toast to the TEAM. Keep up the hard work and we will get them next year.
Jamey Johnson from Lusby, MD

As a Sabres fan for my whole life, I would like to thank the players for an outstanding season: one I will remember forever and my 21-month-old son will never hear the end of. I would also like to thank Sabres management and beg you to keep this team intact. The players showed a lot this season and are a group that is an example of what team sports should be. Cheers.
Vincent Peters from Gainesville, VA

Thanks for a GREAT season. You made Buffalo proud. Can't wait until next year.
Melissa Zimmerman from North Tonawanda, NY

Thank you to the team, Lindy, Mr. Golisano and the entire organization for a very exciting and entertaining season. This team deserved it all this year!! Can't wait for next year!
Sharon Lovallo from Buffalo, NY

You guys played your heart out. Next year you will take it all and win it all.
Kim Riggs from Buffalo, NY

My family is proud of the Sabres! Thank you for a great season! We are looking forward to next year. Hold your heads up high! You are champions in our eyes!
Patricia Guarasci from North Tonawanda, NY

I have loved this team since the mid 80's. I love you more now than ever !!!
Bruce MacGregor from Oswego, Illinois

Thank you, for one of the best hockey series I have ever seen. Your players are to be commended, your fans appreciated, and your staff applauded. I can only hope that our two teams can establish a rivalry equivalent to, if not better than, Colorado-Detroit. If it wasn't my team, I was cheering for yours. Again, thanks for an amazing seven games. See you in the playoffs next year.
Hunter Smith from Charlotte, NC

Thank you to all the incredible players, Jim Lorentz, Rick Jeanneret, Lindy Ruff, and everyone else who made every game possible. Thank you to the Sabres for giving the city of Buffalo so much hope and life during the past few weeks as we lovingly followed you through the playoffs. I am extraordinarily proud of this team and the city they represent. Thank you so much for the great season, I cannot express to you how wonderful it has been for me to follow the Buffalo Sabres through the season. I have been far from home for the past few months, but listening to the games online gives me a great connection to my home city! Thank you again!
Maciej P. Kaczynski from Antwerp, Belgium

I have just finish watching game 7 of the Conference Finals and I would like the team and the management to know that even though the team came up on the short end of the score, I have never been as proud of a team as I am of this team. The heart, tenacity, courage and aggressiveness were awe inspiring. The way this team fought for one another and for our city, makes me proud to be from Buffalo. My only regret is that all of these fine men will have to wait another season to have their names etched on the Stanley Cup. In my mind and in my eyes all of these young men are Champions and they showed it with their heart. Well done Sabres to both the players and the management. Thank you so very much for the fond memories from both this season and the playoffs.
James J. Galley from Cheektowaga, NY

We love you Sabres. Awesome effort. You did us proud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dick and Diane Gerster from Orchard Park, NY

Just wanted to say that although we lost, as season ticket holders, my husband and I have had the ride of our life this year and we look forward to next year. We are very proud of our team and they played their hearts and souls out. We wanted to say no matter what anyone says over the next couple of days the real Sabres fans are proud of our boys and the whole "fan" section up in 326 wants to thank you for the season. Hold your heads high.
Debbie and Charlie Piotrowski from Alden , NY

THANK YOU SABRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had season tickets back in the seventies and early eighties. Lind Ruff rules. Don't ever let him leave. The Sabres rule as always. Thanks Tom Golisano!!!! We can come back next year!! THANK YOU SABRES!!!!!!!
Mark Braniff from Sandy Hook, Virginia

Thank you Buffalo Sabres, Lindy Ruff, Mr. Golisano and everyone associated with the Buffalo Sabres for a fantastic season. Welcome back to hockey. Even though we did not win and go onto the Stanley Cup, I am proud of each and every one of you. It will be a long time before I take off my Sabres flags. Again, thank you!
Deborah Brown from Lockport, New York

Just wanted to say that the Sabres still ROCK! We went farther than everyone thought we would and next year we'll take it all the way! I have faith in the Sabres and I BELIEVE in the Sabres as a championship team. We'll get there next year! Thank you for a great season!
Marni Kelly from North Tonawanda, NY

As a former resident of Buffalo now living in Florida, I cannot begin to say how proud I am of the team and the way they played their hearts out throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Although the final result was a bit disappointing I will always be a fan. Here's to next year.
Randy Carney from Englewood, FL

To the entire Buffalo Sabres Family, Owner, Management, Coaching Staff, Trainers and most of all the best players in the league. You may not have won the Stanley Cup but you did win the hearts of more people than you will know. This team played courage, determination and pride in very difficult circumstances and never gave up. We are so proud and can't wait until next season and hope that EVERYONE will be back. After this year's effort, they all deserve another chance. I am sure, with these great players and the management and coaching staff, the CUP can be ours next year. THANK YOU, EVERYONE, FOR A TERRIFIC HOCKEY SEASON. IT WAS A PLEASURE TO WATCH THIS TEAM ALL YEAR. YOU MADE BUFFALO PROUD. You should all hold your heads high. A fan since 1970
Norine Catalano from Clarence, NY

Dear Sabres... INCREDIBLE SEASON... Keep the heads up boys. You guys are sensational to watch. You show the entire NHL what this entire sport is about. You went from nothing to something. Even with half of your team gone, you guys accomplished so much! Keep up the good work, and keep the heads up. You disappointed no one in Buffalo and you shouldn't be disappointed at the loss. You are all my idols and I have great respect for you all... enjoy the off-season and next season we will see what it's like to drink for Lord Stanley's Cup... LET'S GO BUFF-A-LO!!!!!!
Mike Cefalu from Amherst, NY
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