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Zetterberg press conference

by Staff Writer / Detroit Red Wings
Question:  Can you talk a little bit about how the team – it sounds like you simplified your game and really stepped up for perhaps your best game of the series?

Henrik Zetterebrg:  I think we had our best start of the series. We came out and played with a lot of confidence, took care of the puck, and executed our first pass. When we did that, it was easier for us to move up our game and play more in their end.

Q:  Guys that were a little quiet like Hossa, Franzen, and Filppula were the difference.

Zetterberg:  Yeah, they stepped up huge and played a really big game. That’s the thing, we’re finding guys contributing in different games. If some guys some nights are not able to score, some other ones are stepping up and scoring goals. I think that’s the third Game 4 Hossa scored two goals and that’s huge.

Q:  Can you talk a little bit about the team’s discipline, especially Nik Kronwall and their inability to get back at guys when they’re trying to goad them into penalties, fights, and things of that nature?

Zetterebrg:  I think you just have patience. We were pretty certain they were going to try to stir some things up, especially Kronner but he kept his composure and just playing between the whistles and after that he was just skating away.

Q:  Is that just their youth and your experience coming through?

Zetterberg:  I don’t know. It’s just something that we talked about before the game that we’re going to play between the whistles and after that we just skate to the bench.

Q:  Is there any way to play on Chicago’s youth with your experience? They haven’t been in this position before, especially in these playoffs?

Zetterberg:  Yeah, you’re right. For their players, this is the first time that they’ve been in this situation and this locker room has a few guys who have been there before and I’m glad I have those on my side. It’s nice to have that and have that experience.

Q:  I think for you guys that would be an understatement.

Zetterberg:  Yeah, it’s maybe more than a few.

Q:  You guys lose a defenseman like Lidstrom. (inaudible) Can you just talk about how they don’t really skip a beat and how much their defenseman (inaudible)?

Zetterberg:  Well the D really stepped up. It was a small shock for everyone when we heard Nick wasn’t playing and Chelios came in and played a really good game. Stewie played a lot more minutes. All of the D played more minutes. They were huge and they did a great job.

Q:  How about trying to close this out now?

Zetterberg:  Well we always want to try to win games and it’s one game at a time. We’re just going to go out and play a good game here for our home fans and hopefully we get a win here.

Q:  Coach Babcock was quick to mention last year that this team lost a couple of Game 5s. It didn’t make a difference, but it could have. Is that important to have in the back of your mind, heading into Wednesday?

Zetterberg:  Yeah. It can really turn fast. (inaudible) We have home ice on Wednesday and we know we have to play good. Both of the first two games here were tight games and so we know we have to play good hockey otherwise we lose the puck.

Q: I remember talking to you one time about Kronwall when he first got here and you were telling me some stories about how he terrorized guys in Sweden with his bodychecking. To come over here and be a presence like that, what does it do to the other team on hits like that?

Zetterberg:  Well, I think it’s part of his game. He has, like I said before, always been doing that. I had some close calls in Sweden with him and he just has great timing. He knows when to step up and not, but I’m glad he’s on my side.

Q:  In that sense, can you talk about the mindset that you went through or the possible mindset of a forward when they see Kronwall on the ice?

Zetterberg:  He just has great timing. You look up and he’s standing still and as soon as you put your head down, he’s coming so you got to be aware. Last year in the playoffs especially in that Dallas series, he had a few big hits there too. It’s a part of his game and it’s good what he’s doing.

Q:  Do you think your physical play over the weekend kind of turned things a little bit for you?

Zetterberg:  Well I think you have to play with a lot of great energy, especially on the road. I think it helps you if you play a physical game and we didn’t have all of the guys that we usually have so it helps when you play a little more physical.

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