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Why aren't the Wings on Dish Network?

by Staff Writer / Detroit Red Wings  What’s going on between Fox and Dish that’s not allowing fans to see Red Wings games and other programming?

GH:  On October 1, Dish dropped 19 FOX Sports regional networks, including FOX Sports Detroit (and FOX Sports Detroit Plus).  Dish let the agreement to carry our networks expire on Sept. 30th.  They also dropped FX and National Geographic Channel.  So what does this mean for Dish Network subscribers in Michigan?
GH:  Unfortunately, they will continue to miss upcoming Red Wings games and related shows like Red Wings Live and Wingspan – and if a deal is not reached soon, they could miss the entire season.  Not to mention our coverage of the Pistons, CCHA and Michigan high school state championship events.
And, as of November 1st, they also risk losing WJBK FOX 2, which carries some of Detroit’s most popular programming including Lions and other NFL games, potential Games 5 through 7 of the 2010 World Series, Glee and, of course, FOX 2’s local news coverage (current deal between Dish and FOX owned-and-operated broadcast stations expires Oct. 31).  What is keeping the sides apart?  
GH:  Dish is refusing to negotiate a fair deal for the programming.   Dish’s claims that FOX is looking to raise rates more than 50% is flat-out wrong.  While I can’t get into specifics, FOX is simply looking for a fair deal that’s in line with what hundreds of other providers pay.  What the status of negotiations?  Should Fans Hold Out Hope?

GH:  FOX has been trying to negotiate a fair deal for more than six months, but Dish has been slow to respond and is not actively negotiating.  A proposal was sent to Dish, but FOX hasn’t heard back. The puck is in Dish’s end of the rink, if you will.  What should Red Wings fans do?
GH:  The best advice at this point is to call 1-877-99-I-PAID or go to to learn about other local video providers that carry Fox programming.  
Fans shouldn’t wait too long to make a decision.  There are other providers out there that continue to carry FOX Sports Detroit including, DIRECTV, AT&T U-Verse, Comcast, Charter and WOW! among others.

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