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Red Wings Mailbox - Holmstrom

by Staff Writer / Detroit Red Wings

You submitted the questions at and now Red Wings forward Tomas Holmstrom has the answers!

How is hockey in North America different than in Sweden?
Amrit Dhaliwal
Canton, Michigan

Holmstrom: The biggest difference is the big ice. I’m not the best skater but it seems like you go from the corner into the net much faster. With the big ice in Europe it’s so far, there’s no way you can score from the corner there. Here when you shoot the puck from the corner to the net you have a scoring chance. The game is much faster, more hitting here and I like the game like this. You can’t hold on to the puck as long, you have to think much faster because everything happens faster, that’s a big difference.

How much do you practice deflecting the puck?
Bruce Brevitz
Traverse City, Michigan

Holmstrom: Every day, every practice, every time I get out there and can practice, I tip the pucks and run some other drills too. Every practice I tip in about 50 pucks and get into a rhythm, get into tipping them. I know I am going to be around the net, so it’s something I’ve got to work on.

What is the greatest goal you’ve scored that you can remember?
Christopher Beaufort
Gibraltar, Michigan

In 1998 against Washington, it was in game 3 to make it 1-0, I was on my back, I had no angle at all, but it was a nice goal and it got us started.

How do you prepare for the game?
Eric Collins
Lebanon, Ohio

Holmstrom: I get here and I tape my stick, then I get a back rub, go to the team meeting, then I get a leg rub. Then I do the bike for five to eight minutes and maybe do some upper body light weights, do some stretching and then get dressed for the game.

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