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Red Wings Mailbox - Draper

by Staff Writer / Detroit Red Wings

You submitted your questions at and now Red Wings center Kris Draper has the answers!

Do you have any pets? Do any of your teammates have pets you like?
Beth Biland
Linden, Michigan

Draper: No pets! And I can’t stand Cleary’s Chihuahua.

What is the key thing to winning a face-off?
Tyler Jaenicke
Spring Lake, Michigan

Draper: I try to talk to my wingers, let them know what I am doing. But also, taking a lot of face-off’s you kind of know when you go against a guy what’s he’s going to try to do. So I always try to go in there with a plan and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. The one thing I always want is to make sure my wingers are jumping for me and my defense helps me as well.

Why does a player get thrown out of a face-off circle?
Michael Jazdzyk
Commerce, Michigan

Draper: Cheating, coming through the circle too much, and sometimes if your wingers jump, they’ll throw the centerman out. And if it’s a late line change, and you’re coming into the circle and you’re one of the last guys to get in, they’ll throw the centerman out.

What kind of a diet do you have to maintain such high energy?
Larry Rightler
Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin

Draper: I just try to eat properly. Carbs, protein, and obviously some fats in as well. On game day you have breakfast, and then you have a lunch around 12:30, or one o’clock on seven o’clock games, and then really you don’t eat again until 10:30, eleven o’clock at night. It’s a little different that was the average person will eat. On a game day I get pasta, get chicken and then I usually try to get a green vegetable.

What a hidden talent you have that people might not know about?
Lindsey Fortney
White Lake, Michigan

Draper: I don’t think I have a hidden talent. One thing that I enjoy doing, certainly through the summer, I do a lot of barbequing. It doesn’t matter what the weather conditions are, through winter and whatever days I can I’m out on the barbeque with steaks or chicken or something like that.

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