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by Staff Writer / Detroit Red Wings

Valtteri Filppula with his Red Wings' teammates.

(Photo by Dave Reginek)
Valtteri Filppula

DRW: How frustrating is it as a team to see scoring so elusive, even with the number of chances on Pekka Rinne?
VF: “It really isn’t the time to get frustrated. You have to keep going and battle through it. Their goaltender (Rinne) has played great and you’ve got to give credit to him. We’ve just got to be ready to go tomorrow.”

DRW: Does having a day to get away from it all help?
VF: “There has definitely been a lot of hockey, so getting some time off helps. We’re ready to go today (Thursday) and I think that will give us a boost in Game 5.”

DRW: In a situation like this, being down 3-1 in the series, how much does experience help?
VF: “A lot of guys have played in a lot of games, so hopefully it will help us. As always in the playoffs, the focus is on the next game and wanting to do the best that you can.”

DRW: Do you go into an elimination game knowing that this could be it, or do you try and ignore that fact?
VF: Definitely. I think we’ve been able to work through a lot of tough times as a team. You know that (in this case) you need to win the next game. We’ve been preparing really well all year long for this type of situation and I think we’re ready to go.”

DRW: Cosmopolitan Magazine named Nick Lidstrom as one of the most attractive players in the league. You are quite fashionable yourself, who else should have made the list?
VF: “I think that’s a great pick and definitely deserved. Hank should be there too, he’s right up there. Oh, Ericsson too.

DRW: Does Nick have that ‘most interesting man in the World’ aura to him?
VF: “I haven’t heard that before, but it could be. That’s really fitting for him.”

Tomas Holmstrom

DRW: Cosmo Magazine named Nick Lidstrom as one of the NHL’s most attractive players. Who else would be on your list?
TH: “I don’t know. I’ve never read it. Big E might be in there … Fabio.”

DRW: How do you get the puck past Pekka Rinne in Game 5?
TH: Rinne’s been playing great for them. We’ve had some close calls there with the post (Hudler) and the puck on the goal line (Franzen). We’re right on the doorstep. You just have to keep going, keep doing what we’re doing. We feel like this series could be 2-2 for sure with the chances we’ve had.”

DRW: Did having a day off on Wednesday help?
TH: “It was a good thing. We recharged the batteries. Sure, we’re disappointed to be down 3-1, but it felt good to recharge. We came back today (Thursday) a little bit fresher and we’re ready to go.”

DRW: Did you do anything special with the off day?
TH: “Not really. I just hung out with the family, spent time with them.”

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