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Q & A with Paterson/Sproul

by Kevin Wilson / Detroit Red Wings


(Mike Thompson, @mikethompson484) You've worked with Osgood. What have you learned from him?

I’ve learned a fair bit from Ozzie. He’s talked to me a couple times throughout the year and he’s taught me some little things off the ice, how to always be prepared for games and whatnot, but it’s been great to have him on my side so far.

(Alex Lim, ‏@Alex_Yzerlim) Who was your favorite goalie growing up? Ozzie was obviously one of them growing up as a Wings fan. He was one of the better goalies and he played for the Wings, but now I really like the way Carey Price plays.

(Erik Milke, ‏@Erik_Milke) What was your reaction when Detroit selected you? I was just so happy. To go to any team was obviously a pretty surreal experience. It was a pretty unpredictable draft last year so it was nice to go anywhere, but being a fan of Detroit made it an even better experience.

Ken Turner- What does it mean to you to be a Red Wings prospect? It’s a great feeling. Everybody is always telling me the Wings are such a great organization so to be a part of that is a great feeling.

Ryan Schuerzkowski- How do you get in the zone before a game? I like to do the same things before every game and prepare the same way- I usually just have the same pre-game meal of pasta or chicken, then take a nap then come down to the rink and get ready to go.

(SJ Brisbin, ‏@SJ__8) If you could change lives with anyone for a day, who would it be? I would probably be an actor or something, so maybe Will Smith or Will Ferrell.

What TV shows are you watching right now? Prison Break is a show that I’ve gotten into lately. I’m watching it on Netflix right now and I’m just starting season 3.

What kind of music do you listen to? I like country. When I’m outside the rink I really like some country- something a little slower.

So who are some of your favorite artists? Eric Church is probably my favorite, I like Tim McGraw, too. I like a wide variety of country artists.

What is your favorite movie? I like Stepbrothers a lot with Will Ferrell and I really liked The Blind Side too.

So I’m guessing Will Ferrell your favorite actor? Oh yeah, absolutely.


(Megan Wood, ‏@MeganWood0504) Who is your favorite country singer? Wow, I’ve got a lot of favorites: Darius Rucker, Brad Paisley, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, but I’d have to say my absolute favorite would probably be either Brantley Gilbert or Darius Rucker.

(Jeri Lile, ‏@JeriLile) Who was your favorite team growing up? Tampa Bay Lightning. My grandpa’s from Florida and Martin St. Louis was my favorite player so they were my favorite team for sure.

(Michelle Osgood, @SuperGirl_30) Whose game do you model your game after? I look at a guy like Drew Doughty and try to play like him and a guy like Nick Lidstrom is someone who I look up to, nobody was as good as him, but I try my best to kind of play like him.

(Alex Lim, ‏@Alex_Yzerlim) What is your favorite type of stick? I’m with Reebok, so I use a Reebok and I love it.

(Alayna Rossler, ‏@alaynarossler) Why are you so beautiful? (laughing) It’s genetics- it’s from my mom, she’s beautiful!
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