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Post-Game Quotes vs. Sabres

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Henrik Zetterberg
Goals: 5 | Assists: 19 | Pts: 24
Shots: 67 | +/-: 5
How disappointing was this outcome?

"It is disappointing to get out of this game with nothing."

You did try for the second goal but it didn't seem to be going in?

"We've been playing a little bit sloppier lately. So maybe this was the little wake-up call here. Just got to get back to playing the right way for 60 minutes."

You had a few squandered opportunities with the power play and the penalty shot?

"We did. Then we had a pretty good chance to tie it up also. But that happens. I don't think we should have been in that situation. We should have scored a little bit more, probably had a two-goal lead or even a three-goal lead. Petr was really good again today. Our goalies have been outstanding this year."

Do you feel like you were better tonight in limiting turnovers?

"We kept that down, I think better today than we did last game. We're probably going to go over that and get the results tomorrow but it felt like we played a little bit safer with the puck."


Petr Mrazek
Goalie  - DET
Record: 9-5-3
GAA: 2.37 | Sv%: .925
What was your vantage point in the third period as Buffalo made its comeback?

“It’s always a tough loss when you’re up with five minutes left in the game and they score two right in the third period. So that shouldn’t happen, but you know, that’s how it is and we cannot chance it anymore.”

Did the offense run out of puck luck in the third?

“We try to put in the second goal that would, you know, help us, but the bounces there just didn’t go in. You could see it in Gus’s shot with like 10-seconds left in the game.”

Did Larsson’s go-ahead goal surprise you?

“You know, he just throw it straight from the blue line and then I don’t know if it went off tape or just bounced off someone’s skate and right to the slot and he just put it in.”

What about O’Reilly’s tying goal?

“He stay there and just deflect it, tipped it right in the five hole.”


Brad Richards
Goals: 2 | Assists: 5| Pts: 7
Shots: 53 | +/-: 3
How would you characterize the last few minutes of this game when it looked like you had the win and then lost it?

“Yeah, every game is up for grabs, every team is battling right now, and we’ve got to … tonight’s a lot different than the other night, giving up leads. Every night is different but we’ve to work on closing out games. Anything can happen, but two goals in the last five minutes is not how we want to do things. It seems like it’s happening a little bit too often, but something we’ve got to learn as a team to go into the third periods, late in the third periods with the lead, we’ve got to close it out and lock it down. I’m sure we’re gonna talk about that and go over that more this week with some time off here.”

It seemed like you had good chances to score that second goal before their comeback?

“Well we can work on that too. It’s not always a defensive part, but it’s a tough league. Sometimes it just might be patience. Tonight might not be glaring mistakes, you know, pucks are just being shot in from the point, weird bounces. Some nights it’s not a systematic breakdown. But for whatever reason, mentally, it seems to be snowballing on us a lot in the third period. We didn’t play awful, we could have buried a couple in the third and power play to get it up 2-nothing. That’s something that we’ve gotta work on the other way too. The offensive guys have to take that into their hands.”

Is there a killer instinct that needs to be developed?

“Yeah, I think you develop that. It’s still a young team. That’s something that we work on and sometimes these things have to happen to realize you bear down even more in all of those situations. Sometimes one-goal leads in the third period that’s when, if you’re patient, you can create a lot of offense because they are pressing. Like I said, tonight’s game, I’m not saying there were huge breakdowns; I didn’t see the goals in replay, but it seemed like they were throwing everything at the net, some weird bounces. So it’s not always a systematic breakdown. We know how to play our system but we just got to, you know, tighten it up in key moments, and that’s part of going through a regular season and learning how to win.”

Can you describe your goal that was setup by Datsyuk?

"I was on my right, off-wing, I was just kind of waiting in the weeds there, hoping they left me open and he kind of waited until they all went to him. It's good to be that close and get a wide-open look."

How satisfying to get your second goal in five games, plus all the chances?

"It seems like I'm getting chances a lot of nights. Some of that is you keep doing that and the odds are they're going to go your way. I just got to keep focusing on that and play good away from the puck and I'm confident, I've been here 100 times where sometimes pucks don't go in but you'd rather be getting the chances, getting the shots and having the goalie have to make saves. That keeps your hopes up."

After playing against Datsyuk, how much fun is it to play with him?

"Anytime you play with people that are creative and have great hockey sense like he does, it can make the game, it's just different, it's never easy out there, but when things are clicking, you can create a lot of ice by doing little things, little passes, little plays, holding onto pucks. Helmer's been playing great, too, the amount of ice he opens up for us, the stuff he can do with his speed really helps. Hopefully we'd like to take that next step and maybe score that second goal for the team tonight. Hopefully we can continue to grow."


Tomas Jurco was awared a penalty shot in the second period. However, Buffalo goalie Chad Johnson made the save to hold the Red Wings lead at 1-0. (Photo by Dave Reginek/Detroit Red Wings)

You had chances to build a lead in the third, what happened?

“We had some opportunities. I thought there was some things that we did well but we still got to find a way to win the hockey game.”

How did you see the final four minutes play out?

“It’s unfortunate. I don’t think we changed the way we played at all. I thought we were doing a fine job. We lose the faceoff there and then it was a bit of a scramble and it ends up in our net (on the second goal). So we got to do a better job executing at the end of the game.”

Can this team benefit from developing a killer instinct?

“Yeah, we got to find a way to score the next goal. If you score the next goal late in the game there, we had a power play late, you got to find a way to score the next goal. That’s the easiest way to salt away wins. The harder way, which is something we’re going to have to do a better job of obviously, is when you do have a one-goal lead you don’t give up the next goal. I just think collectively we got to be better.”

Is it a case of guys getting the puck on net?

“I thought they got the puck on net the whole night. That’s one thing they do a good job of. I don’t think we turned a lot of pucks over. If anything, the icing was because he laid the puck down the wall, which is something we’ve talked about, it just kind of got on edge and rolled the whole way. But that’s going to happen. You got to find a way to make a play defensively or you got to find a way to make a play offensively. So tonight we were one play away and we got to find a way to make that play. And then once it’s tied, anything can happen.”

Was their second goal a sort-out issue in the defensive zone?

“A sort-out issue. The puck kind of came and it actually hit our player and then bounced and then once it bounced those are real tough plays. I thought the one thing we did a real good job of tonight was slot protection and on that play we didn’t have guys there. We should have collapsed better there.”

Does this young team need to learn how to win?

“I think 100 percent. I’ve been asked lots of about it, is it this, is it that? It’s a combination of things. Part of that is confidence. We got to have more poise and confidence in those situations. There’s a difference between confident and too relaxed. You got to be confident but urgent and we got to be better in those situations. We got to grow as a team. Which way are we going to go? Are we going to grow or are we going to feel sorry for ourselves? The league doesn’t care about our issues, so we better grow.”

Can it become a mental issue with playing with a lead in third period?

“Only if we let it. I think that’s a decision we have to make every game we play. Are we going to let it? There’s no reason to. Every game’s a new game. Things that have happened in the past happened in the past. We got to make sure, can we learn things? As soon as I came into the room I said ‘what could we have done different?’ So we look at it as a staff, we look at it as a team and we got to build better and continue to get better going into Friday.”

What did you think of the squandered opportunity on Jurco’s penalty shot?

“I don’t know what the percentage is on penalty shots, it’s not extraordinarily high. You feel like you should score but that’s not the way it really goes lots of times. He did what he could and made the move and it didn’t go in.”

What did you think of the way Richards has played lately?

“Two things, one, I think he’s been getting lots of shots and chances and it’s good to see him convert and I thought Pavel was the best player on the ice tonight. So any concern about where he’s at he certainly shut that in my mind. I thought he was the best player on the ice.” editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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