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Post-Game Quotes vs. Kings

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Mike Green
Defense  - DET
Goals: 1 | Assists: 6 | Pts: 7
Shots: 21 | +/-: -5
Can you describe your goal?

“Yeah, I just kind of followed in there and seen there was a loose puck and their guy kind of whacked it right to me and I was able to put it in.”

Was it more a sense of relief that you finally scored here?

“Yeah a little bit. I’ve been trying to concentrate on shooting the puck a little bit more to try to get something created. So it felt good to get one tonight.”

Was the key tonight to get off to a good start?

“Yeah, exactly and then we showed a lot of character playing strong in the third period to hold them off, so we talked about it last game in Ottawa there. It makes a big difference when we come out strong like that.”

How tough are heavy, physical games like this on the front end of a back to back?

“Yeah it was tough. We knew coming into the pre-game game plan that they forecheck hard. They’ve got big bodies and we’ve got to make sure that we execute properly coming out of our own end. I thought we did a pretty good job of that tonight and I think it made it difficult for them to create anything.”

Since you’ve come back do you see more opportunities to get involved offensively?

“Yeah, I think there’s a lot of flow and execution and that makes it easier for the D-men to sort of jump up as a fourth guy, and yeah, I mean, everything is little bit more complete I would say.”

How satisfying was it to bear down in the third period and get the win?

“Yeah, it’s huge. Tonight was a big night for us to get two points and to move up in the rankings. That’s what we’re trying to do here. Unfortunately we don’t have any time to sort of celebrate it. We’ve gotta make sure we go into St. Louis tomorrow, and like I said, get a good start and try to steal two points from them.”

What kind of battle level are you see from Larkin?

“He’s a feisty little guy and his compete level is extremely high and he’s always moving and always has his feet going. I think that makes other teams so frustrated because he is so fast and he competes hard and he’s got to keep that up.”

Did you see the play when Larkin was injured?

“I didn’t, no. I was just jumping on the ice when it happened.”

Do you remember your last goal before tonight?

“I don’t know.”

It was here at The Joe.

“Oh was it? I do remember it now that you mention it. That’s way too long so hopefully they keep coming.”


Tomas Tatar
Left Wing  - DET
Goals: 6 | Assists: 7 | Pts: 13
Shots: 41 | +/-: -2
What did you think of the game?

“For sure it was a big two points. I think we did pretty good teamwork and got two points. We’re pretty happy.”

Was it more special because it was against a good team like the Kings?

“For sure. You gain your confidence by that. I think we were battling out there. We did a pretty good job. We stayed around the front, we were battling around the crease and we got two points.”

Did the team seem to have more second-chance scoring opportunities tonight?

“We need those kind of goals when the puck is just laying around and you pick it and score. We were missing those, so we were glad they came tonight. We use them to get the two points.”

Did your forwards make life harder on their goalie?

“We battled there in the crease. We tried to stand in there for net-front presence, waiting for bounces of pucks, second and third chances.”

Three goals in three games now for Larkin, what are you seeing out of him?

“He’s been great for us. He’s battling out there. I feel like whole team did great job tonight. We battled.”

Did you see what happened to Larkin at the start of the third period?

“It looked kind of bad. We weren’t sure what was happening. We thought a groin, but he came back which was good to see, to have him back on the ice.”

Can you describe your power-play goal in the first period?

“We were practicing that on the power play and it’s nice to see when the plans work. I just be in the right spot at the right time.”

What were your impressions of the job that Mrazek did tonight?

“Petr is big for us. He made lots of great saves and held us into the game. It was his work too that got us the two points.”


Petr Mrazek
Goalie  - DET
Record: 6-4-1
GAA: 2.15 | Sv%: .935
What did you think of the final few minutes of the game?

“It was a tough moment but the guys did a great job in front of the net blocking three or four shots. And then one just hit me in the shoulder. I didn’t see anything. But the two points are huge for us.”

Did you see what happened to Larkin?

“I didn’t see. I don’t know what happened there so don’t ask me about it.”

Is it easier for you when you have 3-1 lead?

“It’s always better for a goalie when you are playing at home and you are two goals ahead of the other team. We play the third period and I just had seven shots. We played great, we didn’t do any turnovers and just chipped the puck out of the zone.”

Was it gratifying to see a bunch of different guys score tonight?

“That’s how hockey is. Sometimes the puck goes in; sometimes it doesn’t. You have to play hard and hope that the puck will go in more often.”

Do you feel like you’re in more of a rhythm after playing two games in a row?

“It’s nice to play two in a row, but there’s lots of games coming up and I’m sure we’re going to rotate. We have be both ready.”


Henrik Zetterberg
Goals: 4 | Assists: 13 | Pts: 17
Shots: 41 | +/-: E
What did you think of this win for your team?

“It's a heavy team, they were skating well, heavy on the forecheck, but we handled it OK. They had a little push in the second and we got kind of behind a little bit but found a way to get two points.”

What about the job that Mrazek did, especially late in the game?

“He was big, made some key saves at key moments and without those saves we probably wouldn’t have won.”

Scoring three goals against a team other than Ottawa, it had to feel good, right?

“Yeah. I hadn’t thought about that but you’re probably right. It’s nice to see the puck go in.”

Did you feel that your team had more second chances tonight?

“We wanted to be heavy in front of both goalies. I think we were there tonight. It’s nice to see that we can get an ugly one.”

What did you see on Larkin’s injury?

“I didn’t see anything actually, I just saw him back on the bench again, so that’s a good thing.”

What are your thoughts on facing the St. Louis Blues tomorrow?

“That building you just got to survive the first 10 minutes, if you do that you have a chance. It’s going to be loud tomorrow and they’re going to come and you just got to match it.”

Do you think that tonight you had perhaps one of your most complete games of the season?

“I don’t know. It was nice to get a win.”


Petr Mrazek makes one of his 35 saves Friday night as the Red Wings held off the hard-charging Los Angeles Kings, 3-2, at Joe Louis Arena. (Photo by Dave Reginek/Detroit Red Wings)

Is this win somewhat more satisfying, given how the Kings played?

"They're a really good hockey team. Playing them, you can tell why they've been on a roll. Obviously up the middle they've got a couple guys that are elite. I think it's good for us to continue to measure ourselves against other great teams in the league and see where we stand. So to come up with two points, I thought we played not bad in the first, I thought they outplayed us in the second, even though we scored, and I thought in the third we pushed back. I thought we did a good job in the third. We didn't give up as much, they still created some until the very end. It was a good win."

It seemed you were harder in front of both nets, did you see that?

"Yeah. I thought we were certainly harder in front of their net. They make it hard on you in front of your own net, but we seem to battle. I don't think that part's been an issue, I don't think we've given up lots of second opportunities, I don't think we've given up lots of those, but we haven't been hard at their net and I thought we were better at that tonight."

What did you see when Larkin went down?

"When he left the ice? I didn't actually see it great, I just saw it quick and I knew there was some kind of lower-body thing. But he was able to return."

How impressed have you been with Mrazek?

"I've been impressed with both goalies. I think both guys have done a really good job. I think Petr does a real good job of battling. When he lets in a tough goal, the second one was a tough goal, it doesn't bother him. It doesn't faze him at all, he just keeps playing. That's probably his greatest strength. He's got no memory for that stuff at all."

Did you like your lines tonight?

"Yeah, I thought for the most part. I thought that was Pavel's best game. I thought he was great actually, and great especially in the third period, just getting the puck out of our zone. He just kind of took it on himself and got it out. It gives us more chance for offense."

How about what you saw from Pulkkinen?

"I thought Teemu did a good job, especially the first half of the game. I didn't think he was quite as strong the second half of the game, but I thought he did a good job in the first half of the game. I think the line still has to find chemistry. I thought Richie did a good job, too."

Since he got back, Green seems to be doing a good job knowing when to jump into the play?

"He's got good offensive instincts for sure so he knows when there's a lane to jump, he jumps. Obviously he kind of smelled a little blood there on the goal that he scored where he crouched down near the net and was able to get the rebound. I think we're just at the tip of the iceberg for him. I think he's going to continue to get better and better as he gets more and more comfortable."

Did Smith look OK to you tonight?

"Yeah, I thought Smitty got better as the game went along. I thought his third period was his best. That's probably to be expected, given that he's been out."

Given the struggles, how good to see three goals?

"It's just good to score. I didn't think we were quite as good defensively tonight as we had been in recent games. That might have something to do with them. We got to tighten up a little bit defensively for sure. But when you score, you can make some mistakes, it allows you to make some mistakes. When you don't score at all, you can never make any mistakes. So I think that's real positive."

Larkin came back but do you think he'll be good to go tomorrow?

"I don't know. I don't know. I don't know any further than that he finished the game so my mindset is that he'll play but we'll find out tomorrow." editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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