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Post-Game Quotes vs. Hurricanes

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Niklas Kronwall
Defense  - DET
Goals: 0 | Assists: 2 | Pts: 2
Shots: 8 | +/-: -2
Carolina hasn’t been a very easy team for you to deal with?

“No team is an easy team anymore. Ottawa’s got a good lineup but the biggest thing for us is we have to figure it out in here. Be better with the puck, better decisions, make sure that we don’t have as many turnovers.”

What was the key to limiting them to 20 shots tonight, compared to the previous two games against them?

“I thought we battled harder. The last time we played them was pretty embarrassing. But we still had too many turnovers and it’s costing us games right now.”

What is the takeaway for this team from a game – despite the two goals off turnovers – didn’t play bad?

“It’s not bad, it’s not great either. We know we have more in here, and we need more. We need more out of everybody. I’ve got to be better and we’ve all got to be better as a team. There’s too many turnovers.”

What do you tell Petr after that one mistake?

“Stuff like that happens. That goal has nothing to do with anything. The rest of us have got to be better.”

Overall, the job that Mrazek did again in keeping this team in the game?

“It’s been the best part of our game so far, the goaltending and our captain’s going. The rest of us got to pick it up.”

Are the injuries affecting the team’s performance?

“That’s no excuse. Whatsoever. No excuse.”


Luke Glendening
Center  - DET
Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Pts: 0
Shots: 7 | +/-: -1
Are the team’s early-season faults easily fixable?

“It should be but we’ve had a little trouble as of late. Everyone’s got to take a look in the mirror and see how they can be better. I think we have the talent in this room to be a great team but we’ve got to keep getting better.”

Is this a big disappointment considering how well you finished in Vancouver?

“It’s definitely frustrating. It’s not what any of us wanted, what any of us had in mind. With that being said, we’ve got to find a way to put the puck in the net, to keep it out of ours, to stop turning the puck over. We’ve really got to clean up our game.”

They’ve given you three tough games. Was there something specific they did that gave you guys problems in the season series?

“They work hard and we need to match that and outwork them. Thus far, they’ve done a good job of that. We need to clean up our game.”


Henrik Zetterberg
Left Wing  - DET
Goals: 2 | Assists: 9 | Pts: 11
Shots: 17 | +/-: 1
What was the biggest difference in the game tonight?

"I think it was not a lot happening, chances-wise. I think it was a really tight game, both teams played strong in front of their goalie. Obviously that first one is a tough one. But we kind of got almost an ugly one, too. Obviously their second one there, when that went in, they had pretty good momentum going. Then the penalty when we tried to go for the tie."

Was this a good lesson in how important it is to take care of the puck?

"It cost us, those two. Obviously we tried to make the right play but it didn't happen. I didn't really see the first one but I saw when Petr was trying to play it, I don't know if it hit something or not. Then the second one, you're right, we tried to clear the puck out of the zone and their D just stepped right into it."

Do you feel like the team played well overall?

"I think we came out decent. That first period, there were chances both ways, not a lot of chances both ways but we were in it. Then power play, you gotta produce a little bit more. We had it going in Vancouver but we couldn't really get it there today."

Are you glad to have seen last of Carolina?

"Yeah, they've been playing us pretty tough here from the start. Obviously the ninth game, three times, so probably going to be next year."

Is it something to do with new systems that would cause 12 turnovers?

"No, it's just mental errors. We either tried to do too much or tried to make the right play but we don't execute. We've been talking about it. Just gotta get better at it."

How much are face-offs a part of the problem right now?

"Today when we lose it has a big-time part but sometimes when you win you don't win a lot of face-offs either. I don't think it's right there we lose the game but it could be part of it today."

Is it a matter of making simple plays more often?

"Simple play or making the correct play and execute on the play. I think we don't execute as much as we need to do. I think some mistakes will happen when you try to do the play and the other player make a good play. But there's a little bit too many easy mistakes, easy turnovers, and that definitely cost us today."


The Red Wings celebrate Jakub Kindl's second-period goal that tied the score at 1-1 with the Carolina Hurricanes. (Photo by Dan Mannes/Detroit Red Wings)

What was the difference tonight?

“It’s hard to answer that, but I think in the end we just didn’t generate enough. We need to generate more than that. I didn’t think we gave up much at all, but we got to do a better job of generating. We had some shots, I actually thought we passed up shots in the first period and then we didn’t generate enough opportunities to shoot it in the third. I thought the second was a pretty good period.”

What did you think of Mrazek playing the puck that led to goal?

“I think ultimately we’d all like to have that one back, including him. The one thing about a goalie that plays the puck lots, it’s going to happen sometimes. I expect him to go back and keep playing the puck next time.”

What about the second goal from another turnover, Kronwall’s pass eluding Jurco?

“That was a turnover. It was a handable puck, we didn’t handle it and it was kind of a seeing-eye shot.”

What are your thoughts on the three games against Carolina in 18 days, not what you hoped for?

“We just more evaluate our team and I think we got to continue to get better. We’re not good enough right now. I’ve talked about areas we’ve improved upon but it’s still not good enough. We got to get better. We got to find ways to generate offense without giving much up. Still got lots or work to do.”

How much of a concern are turnovers?

“They’ve been a concern most of the year. I think we’re a team that historically in Detroit and myself as a coach as well wants to use the pop play. By pop I mean pop it to the middle of the ice, wants to go tape to tape. Everybody talks about puck possession, now we’re judging it on shots but historically it’s been judged on being able to use each other and handle the puck up the ice. You’re going to have some turnovers but it’s got to manageable and we got to get better at it. We’re not good at it. We can go back and rim it all night. I’m not sure our team’s set up that way. We’re going to have to continue to know how to manage the game better.”

Are a lot of those turnovers mental or execution driven?

“I think it’s a combination. Sometimes it’s mental, sometimes it’s confidence, sometimes it’s the guys away from the puck not doing the right job supporting. We’ll continue to work on it in practice.”

How much did the penalties hurt in inability to generate offense in third period?

“When you get down you don’t want to have to kill penalties and obviously the last one was untimely. Not much was called previous to that. So it was unfortunately there. That hurts you, you don’t want to kill. I can’t say that we were undisciplined. We didn’t take lots of penalties tonight but that certainly hurts you.”

Was your team’s compete level where you wanted it to be?

“Not across the board, not to where we need to be. We need to be better. I didn’t think it was across the board the way it needs to be.”

How did Marchenko look to you tonight?

“I thought Marchie played pretty well. He made one mistake but other than that he played pretty well. The one thing with Marchie is he seems to find a way to win little stick battles in critical areas and sometimes it looks like he’s going to get beat but he ties up the stick and doesn’t. Actually overall I was fine with our D. I thought our D played pretty well. Again, we just got to generate more.”


Petr Mrazek
Goalie  - DET
Record: 2-3-0
GAA: 2.61 | Sv%: .922
What happened on the first goal?

"It shouldn't happen. I had that bounce from me and went in the net. That was a mistake. Kuba scored a big goal back but it wasn't enough."

How did you feel overall, did you guys get enough quality chances?

"We spent lots of time in their zone, I think today, but we just couldn't finish and couldn't put more goals in."

Disappointing not building on momentum from Vancouver?

"We knew it was going to be a hard game. Carolina, they can skate. We tried to get the momentum from the game in Vancouver first period but obviously we didn't get any goals."

You like to play the puck but maybe sometimes should not?

"I had some chances there to play the puck today. I didn't see that guy coming to me at the last second. I just tried to play it hard out and it hit him. It's a mistake that happened but it cost us a goal."

Can you take us through the Hainsey goal?

"The second goal, I thought it went off his stick then I lost it in the air and it just went in the net."

Not to make excuses, but playing without Green and Quincey the last two games, can you hold up without them?

"I think we played really well defensively today. The guys did a really good job in front of me so I don't think of it like excuses."

Shocking that 1-4-1 last 6?

"We have to stay positive, the season's long. We have to play better and play harder."



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