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Post-Game Quotes vs Buffalo

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Riley Sheahan
Center  - DET
Goals: 12 | Assists: 9 | Pts: 20
Shots: 118 | +/-: -10
When you started deep in your own zone did you think you would take it end to end and score?

“I just tried to get up ice and I saw a little bit of room to skate. I kind of just kept going and kept going and made my way through there. I didn’t really mean to do that or have that in mind but I had some room and I got a good shot off so it was good.”

The ice doesn’t open up much like that does it?

“No, I think maybe they were coming off a change, just had a little bit of space through the neutral zone and really didn’t have any plans of carrying it. Normally it’s just a dump in but just saw some space and luckily it went in.”

The level of urgency seemed to be there more tonight than Saturday afternoon, didn’t it?

“Yeah, I think we kind of learned from the last game. Obviously it’s unacceptable and we know we need to win at this point in the season, so I thought the guys beared down. They did a good job of coming back there in the third but I think we stayed composed and came out with a good win.”

Seemed like this was another situation where the roof was beginning to leak, is that what you sensed too?

“Yeah, I think we have to do a better job of a reaction after a goal, maybe stay a little more positive. I think they did a great job too, they stayed competitive the whole game. I think in terms of team standpoint, just staying composed after one goal and trying to keep the same way we’re playing.”

You have a quick turnaround with a game in Montreal on Tuesday, but how do you keep it up?

“I think for the most part we have to play the same way, play in the offensive zone and I thought we did a good job of breaking out of our zone tonight. Goaltending was solid and overall we had a good game. A few hiccups there but I think we’ll look at those on video and regroup from it.”


Luke Glendening
Center  - DET
Goals: 8 | Assists: 12 | Pts: 20
Shots: 80 | +/-: 4
Can you talk about that final frantic last few minutes?

“It was a little nerve wracking, obviously when you’re up 3-0 you don’t expect that to happen. Howie played unbelievable the whole game and especially down the stretch to really save us.”

What does it say about this team and how guys were selling out by blocking 17 shots?

“The whole game was a real team effort. Everyone was selling out for the team. It’s part of what we have to do. It was a huge two points for our team.”

How good was Howard tonight?

“Goalie’s say it’s harder when you’re not really in the game. I think he had like 11 shots or something through the first couple of periods, but he was tested at the end and stood tall. Good for him. He helped get us two huge points.”

Was this a good bounce-back game for this team following Saturday’s 7-2 loss to Pittsburgh?

“It’s huge. Obviously, a little bit embarrassing what happened on Saturday and to come back and get two points. It might have been a little shaky in the end, but we did get the two points so we’ll take it.”

Have you ever blocked five shots in game before tonight?

“I don’t know. I haven’t really paid attention to how many, but there were a few tonight.”

See the ice pack on your leg, will you be ready to play tomorrow in Montreal?

“Yeah. I’ll be fine.”

What are your thoughts on the quick turnaround in Montreal on Tuesday?

“They have a lot of great players. You can’t take them lightly for sure. We only played 40 good minutes against them last game and it ended up a 4-3 game, a lot closer than what it could have been. We just have to put our best foot forward. It’s a huge two points. With our season on the line every game is huge.”


Dylan Larkin
Goals: 22 | Assists: 22 | Pts: 44
Shots: 207 | +/-: 15
What was your overall thought on the effort tonight?

"It was a great effort. Howie set the tone, we had a power play goal, got off to a nice 2-0 lead and battled all the way to the end. It was a big two points."

You got the first goal?

"It's always nice. I think the last game might have been a little tough for us but it was big to get the first goal tonight. I think the second one was an even bigger goal. I think we do have to work on taking the lead all the way to the end and playing a full 60 minutes."

What was it like seeing Gordie come in here this afternoon?

"It was really cool. Obviously I never got to see him play but I've seen pictures and I see all his stats and some clips of him playing. It's really cool to see what he's done for Detroit and for the Red Wings."

What aspect of the game were you most pleased with?

"I think we did a good job of getting out of our own zone. We didn't spend much time in there. We made it hard and took away a lot of their speed. It's nice when the forwards help and cut some guys off and then we can get out of our zone and go back and play offense."

What was your perspective of Sheahan's goal?

"It was a beautiful goal, probably one of the nicest we've had as a team this year. It was good to see the patience he had and see him let go of his great shot. He's got a real heavy shot. It was a sweet goal."


Henrik Zetterberg
Goals: 13 | Assists: 34 | Pts: 47
Shots: 193 | +/-: -11
The Sabres are another team that has played you guys to the final horn, is that something you have to get used to?

“It’s always like that. It was nice to get the third one and then they scored right away off the faceoff then one more there. Overall, I thought it was a good game. We came out and played well, better from the start. We had good urgency and that was the main focus tonight.”

How important was it to get these two points tonight?

“It was big for us to come out and be able to play good. I thought we had a real good first period and we kept going in the second as well. Howie was good in the net. It was nice to see the power play got one and the PK really did their job.”

Was one the team’s focuses to spend as much time as possible in their zone?

“Yeah we did. Not sure if they’re really a forechecking team, but once they forechecked I thought we solved the problem a lot better than we did the other game and it makes it easier when you’re not spending as much time in your own end.”

You better defensively for 58 minutes, was it just the forecheck or other stuff that helped?

“I think it was overall. First of all when you’re not turning pucks over you’re spending less time in your own end and then you have time and energy to play in their end. When we do that you’re playing well.”

What did you think of the job Glendening did in blocking five shots tonight?

“Glennie is blocking shots every night. He’s even doing that in practice. It’s nice to see. It gets guys going and that’s what we need here in the end.”

Concerned with the faceoff losses late in this game?

“You always want to win faceoffs, but sometimes you’ll lose some too.”


Jimmy Howard
Goalie  - DET
Record: 11-11-5
GAA: 2.87 | Sv%: .905
What was the end of the game like?

"It was just about finding the puck to the best of your ability. With that many bodies in front of you it becomes that much more challenging. You've just got to focus in a little more."

Talk about the defensive play, moving puck out of zone?

"We did a great job in that aspect of the game. If we continue to play like that more nights than most, we're going to be a very successful team. That's a step in the right direction so let's build off it and get ready for Montreal."

What about the play of guys in front of you like Glendening blocking shots?

"That's Glennie for you in a nutshell. He gives up his body every single night for his teammates. He gets pretty banged up over the course of a season blocking so many shots. You need those guys in your lineup willing to do that. But it wasn't just him tonight. A lot of guys stepped up in that aspect."

How about the Sheahan goal going coast to coast?

"That was a thing of beauty and then putting it right up in the top corner put an exclamation point on it."

At the end what's going on?

"You're just trying to be as square as possible, be as quiet as possible. Also at the same time, being as big as possible. You're trying to do a lot of small movements and not give them anything."

Did you feel confident out there?

"Definitely. Being in this situation before with a lot of the same faces in this dressing room, it gives you confidence that you can go out and get the job done."


Dylan Larkin's power-ply goal gave the Red Wings a 1-0 lead in the first period. His 22nd goal and 44th point of the season is the most by a Wings' rookie since Henrik Zetterberg in 2002-03. (Photo by Dave Reginek/Detroit Red Wings)

What are your thoughts on this one?

“I thought overall we were good. I actually thought they played pretty good too, I mean, I don’t want to speak for their team but I thought we had to be good. I thought we were good for large … obviously, until the very end there. I thought we played a good game, we didn’t give them much, didn’t give up many shots, didn’t give up a whole lots of chances. Obviously, there’s still corrections we can make with some mistakes. But overall I thought it was good.”

The faceoff wins by them late allowed them to stay in it, how crucial were they?

“I thought for the most part throughout the game our faceoffs were really good. We lost a couple there at the end. When the team pulls their goalie there’s going to be some stressful moments for sure. Obviously, when you’re up 3-nothing you don’t want to give one up right away but I’ll focus on the entirety of the 60 minutes and I thought overall it was good.”

Held them to nine shots through two periods, was this a good bounce-back game?

“Our focus after that game was over was ‘Let’s win a game on Monday,’ as soon as it ended. My biggest message was let’s replicate the first period against Pittsburgh and part of that was let’s not give up goals and we did a good job of that. I thought we limited shots, we limited opportunities and when they did get chances I thought Jimmy looked real sharp so I was real happy with their performance.”

How much of your success tonight came from just dominating the faceoff circle?

“Yeah, we certainly had the puck a lot but I did think we broke out well, we got out of our end well, I didn’t think we quite a good enough job of getting into their end at the blue line. I thought we had a few too many turnovers in the first period. The only thing I’d say is I thought we could have hit the net more and we could have had more net presence, so that’s something we’ll focus on going into Montreal.”

Do you go back with Howard tomorrow?

“I’ll make those decisions tomorrow.”

What were your thoughts on Sheahan’s end-to-end goal?

“To be honest with you I was yelling ‘Get it deep!’ ”

Was shot blocking a priority tonight?

“Happenstance. I think we always want to have blocks. Glennie was out there late. When the other team pulls their goalie as much as they were and with that much time you’re going to end up with situations like that and Glennie’s a tremendous shot-blocker.”

Do you have a plan on how you want to use your goaltenders in the final six games?

“What I’d say is we’re taking everything day by day and I’ll let everybody know from there. But the biggest thing is we need great goaltending and I have lots of belief in both guys. Whichever guy is in the net, let’s get it done.” editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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