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Post-Game Quotes vs Bruins

by Dana Wakiji / Detroit Red Wings


Henrik Zetterberg
Left Wing  - DET
Goals: 12 | Assists: 29 | Pts: 41
Shots: 131 | +/-: 5
Glad to get the offense going after Mrazek had a bit of a rough start?

“Yeah, it was a different one today. It’s not often you’re in this kind of games anymore. You know, we score one and they score right back and then we score and they score. Was it three goals before two minutes? So it was a different game but it was nice to see that we found a way to get the two points in the end.”

Looked like a game from the '80s didn’t it?

“Yes, it did. Probably only Richie, who played in that era.”

How about the importance of this win, especially against the Bruins?

“Yeah, it was a big game, a big division game. So before the game probably didn’t think it was gonna be this kind of game, probably was gonna be a lot more tighter than ending up in special teams. But we’ll take it.”

Did this one remind you a little of the 7-6 win at Dallas?

“Yes. I don’t have that good memory of the Dallas game (he was concussed in first period) though. I didn’t play that much. But it was similar, yes.” 

Going 4-0-1 in the homestand has to be a positive, right?

“Yes, it was because we weren’t really happy with the way we played before here at home all the way up until this homestand. So we wanted to play better in front of our fans and I thought we’ve been doing that.”

Not always going to go your way, but what does it say about the way you guys battled all night?

“Yeah, last game we shot 45 shots and we dominated the game but we didn’t get the two points. Tonight just found a way to win and if we keep playing the way we are we’re gonna be in most of the games.”

How big of a test is Monday afternoon in Brooklyn with the short turnaround?

“It is gonna be a tough test for us. But the good thing it was earlier here today too, so we’re gonna get in there in and get a good night’s sleep.”

What do you think about Datsyuk getting his 900th career point today?

“Yeah, it was good to see. If he wasn’t as good of a two-way player and cared that much about defensive end of his play, of his game, he’d probably have a lot more points.” 

Can you describe your game winner off of DeKeyser’s point shot?

“Yeah, it was a good faceoff by Pav against to win that and you know it just went right by me and a little deflection there.”

How do you think Mrazek did in fighting back after a sluggish start?

“He made some big saves for us when we needed there in the end. It’s not easy for a goalie either when everything just goes by you and then all of a sudden you are … you don’t get a good start and find a way to make those saves when we needed to and he did that.


Darren Helm
Goals: 7 | Assists: 9 | Pts: 16
Shots: 107 | +/-: -1
You had nine shots, no goals last game and three shots, two goals tonight?

"That's how it goes sometimes. I was kind of joking around with Glenny. Even the first goal that went in, it was kind of bouncing everywhere. You've just got to shoot the puck. Some nights they go in, some nights they don't. Luckily tonight they went in for me."

What helped you guys to be able to bounce back?

"I think the big guys stepped up for us pretty quick. When it looked like we were pretty flat, Hank scored pretty quick and Pav was on, so that kind of gave us momentum and calmed us down a little bit. It gave us the idea that we could still battle back and come back and win this game."

You ended up playing great D in the third after taking the 6-5 lead?

"Petr's a great goalie. Obviously tonight wasn't his best night. But when it came down to it I thought he made some saves that he needed to. We battled hard in front of him late in the third and blocked some shots and kept it out of the net."

The calendar said Valentine's Day but on ice looked like 80s night with all the goals?

"You don't see that a lot anymore. I kind of thought about that coming off the ice. It was kind of like the old school, old days – lots of goals. It was nice that we won that one but we don't want to be playing too many of those games. When we win we're happy but we don't want to be giving up that many goals."

It seems like your line really clicking?

"Yeah, it seems like all the line combos, guys area really clicking right now. I've got a lot of confidence playing with Glenny and She. I'm out having fun with them, we're playing well and I think the other lines are doing the same things. When you have success you have confidence and that's what we've got going right now."

How about the 4-0-1 homestand?

"They were very important games for us, especially the way that we kind of started the year at home – kind of off and on, a lot more losses than wins – at least that's what it felt like. It's important to have a good home record. I thought we played well and knowing we can play well home is important."

You've played with Pavel a long time. What about his 900 points?

"That was awesome. I don't think I was part of too many but obviously to be part of this team and part of his line a few times, it's definitely special to see him get that milestone. He's a great player and deserves everything he gets."


Pavel Datsyuk
Center  - DET
Goals: 11 | Assists: 22 | Pts: 33
Shots: 107 | +/-: 14
How does it feel personally, such a milestone and joining these other great Red Wings?

"Thank you very much for congrats me but for me it's a big stepping stone, but it not happen without lots of good players I am playing with. Lots of helping and supporting, and lots of teaching me, too. Lots of giving me advice. I appreciate for all of them."

How much does it mean that you are just one of six Wings to do it?

"Yes it means a lot. I just hope I keep skating."

You are used to one-goal games but not quite like this one, right?

"I think it's really entertainment for an afternoon game. Everybody appreciated it who is taking the time to be watching it on TV and come to arena. I think it's really entertainment. I think if more games like that, there would be more fans coming to games."

Is it more fun to play in a game like that?

"Yes, but not like when they score on you."

Did you get a boost from fans cheering you during the video they showed?

"I know it's kind of tough. You see they start rolling video and the cheers come and you don't know what to do."


Pavel Datsyuk acknowledges the Joe Louis Arena crowd during the second period of Sunday's game as they cheer his 900th career point that he registered with a goal in the first period against Boston. (Photo by Dave Reginek/Detroit Red Wings)

You are used to one-goal games but not quite like this one?

"It looked like 1986 not 2016. It was an interesting game. Obviously right off the bat, it was crazy. I thought from a process standpoint we actually did some good stuff. It just seemed like pucks kept going in the net both ways. You've got to find ways to win in this league and that's obviously against an opponent that we're real tight with in the standings, so to find a way to win was great. I thought the one thing our guys did real well was they didn't panic at all, they kind of stayed with it. We got a group that knows how to stay calm because of the leadership with Z, Pav and Richie, guys that have been around. We stayed calm and just kept playing."

Considering how good Mrazek's been, is it nice to see team pick him up on a day when he's not at his best?

"You know at some point he's going to have a night where he doesn't execute at a great level and tonight was that night. Our team was able to stay with it and find a way to get the win a little bit for him. The other thing I thought with Petr, I thought at the end he made big saves. He came to the bench after the fourth and the fifth and he kind of looked at me and smiled, I kind of looked at him and smiled. Because I know the one thing he does have is the ability to stay with things and I thought he continued to battle right to the end. Petr plays the game to win. He doesn't play for stats, he doesn't play for anything pretty, he plays to win and he found a way to win."

Games don't always go the way you want but somehow your team stuck with it and found a way?

"I thought it was a great job that way by our guys. I'm sure there's things we got to correct, to get better at. I thought in the end, we talked after the first, it's not a five-minute game, it's not a 15 or 20-minute game, it's a 60-minute game. That probably rang true when they tied it 5-5. So you just got to keep going. There's 60 minutes of hockey, a lot of nights aren't going to be like this. We know that in the NHL. But this night was and you've got to find a way to win."

How special is Datsyuk and watching him get his 900th career point?

"I feel pretty fortunate to be on the bench when he gets his 900th. He's a special, special athlete. If he cheated offensively, he'd have 1,800 points. But he doesn't, he's a winner. I mean that. He's an absolute winner. Again, I feel real fortunate to be on the bench with him."

Was there any thought of pulling Mrazek or not because Howard is likely to go tomorrow?

"We had conversations about it, is it the right thing to do, is it not the right thing to do, and there's lots of factors that go into whether you do it or not. We decided that the best move was to stay with Petr and in the end I thought Petr rewarded us by being strong at the end."

Did everyone come out healthy, knowing there's a quick turnaround tomorrow?

"Yeah, I believe so. I believe so."

Was Nyquist OK?

"He finished the game so as far as I know, he's good. He got evaluated and he was good."

Are you revealing tomorrow's goaltender yet?

"No, I'll reveal that tomorrow."

Were the two goals off face-offs just blown assignments defensively?

"One, we lost both clean. The one went right to Marchand, he shot it in the net and the other one was boom-boom as well. Actually, there was three of them. There was one in the second there, too. I'd say the one in the second was the one where it was a little bit of a blown assignment, although we lost that one clean as well. We were lined up too wide and we should have been lined up narrow so that we were in that lane a little bit easier. A lot of times that happens and pucks don't go in. Tonight they went in."

Do you like your line combinations right now?

"I do like our line combinations. That's one thing I thought on the bench as it was going. I think the lines have good chemistry, that Sheahan-Glendening-Helm line has been great. I talked to Scotty Bowman a couple weeks ago and he talked about the Grind Line providing energy on nights when maybe you didn't have energy and things like that. That's what this line does, they provide energy, they're great defensively and tonight they obviously contributed offensively, which I think they can. That line's really, I think, gaining good chemistry and I like the other lines as well."

How did Ouellet do?

"I thought X played well. I thought he did a good job. He made a big play on the one goal in the O zone and I thought he handled himself very well. I've got great confidence in X and that's what I expected from him."

The penalty kill was a big factor on the 4-0-1 homestand?

"I feel pretty good about it from a process standpoint. The results are certainly good. But you want to make sure it can last. We weren't quite as good on the PK forecheck tonight as we would have liked to have been. But I think our guys have done a really, really good job. I think Tony's done a good job of settling the PK down and continuing to focus on how we can get better. And the stretches when it wasn't performing at a great level, nobody panicked and I think Tony deserves a lot of credit for that."

Just to clarify, you expect Datsyuk to play tomorrow?

"I do. But again, tomorrow we'll wake up and see but I expect him to play." managing editor Bill Roose contributed to this report.

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