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Post-Game Quotes vs. Bruins

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Petr Mrazek
Goalie  - DET
Record: 6-4-2
GAA: 2.21 | Sv%: .931
Can you describe what you saw on the goal that ended it?

“They were in the zone. I think they just put it on the net and the guy in front of the net just tipped it in.”

The tying goal, there was a lot of commotion, were you screened?

“I didn’t see the puck very well. I didn’t see the guy coming for the one-timer, then I saw him on the last second and I just tried to be big in the net and get out of the blue paint. But it was a nice shot by him.”

How disappointing is an overtime loss like this?

“It’s disappointing. I think we played really well today. We had lots of chances. We didn’t give them many opportunities to score.”

Is it easier to take a loss like this because your team did play so well?

“I feel like that every night. I’m sure we’re going to come the next day and win lots of hockey games together.”

Is it good for this team that you’re playing every other night now in this next stretch?

“I think it’s good when you play. If today is Wednesday and we play Friday and then Sunday, every two days it’s good to play and stay in the game.”


Pavel Datsyuk
Center  - DET
Goals: 2 | Assists: 1 | Pts: 3
Shots: 21 | +/-: E
What does it mean to score your 300th goal tonight?

“Thank you very much. It’s a big milestone for me and I’m happy to help my team with lots of good teammates. It’s fun.”

Were you relieved to finally get the milestone goal out of the way?

“Probably after 500 score, yeah, relief. Now is not.”

Would this be much more fun to talk about if you had won tonight?

“Yeah, tough loss and another lesson for us. Kind of looked like we played much better. Sometime in the hockey it happens when you learn.”

How do you think you’re playing now after seven games?

“I always have my legs with me. Kind of every game is much better and the confidence and more understood and everything. It’s everything now slows down and I think it’s more fun now.”

How has the chemistry been with you and new linemates Teemu Pulkkinen and Brad Richards?

“You know Richards is a good player, he can just handle a pass, the puck, and he can shoot and make a plays. Same with Pulkkinen now, he just more a comes and he more slow down and make a plays, and of course when you use him as a shooter it’s kind of make it happen.”


Henrik Zetterberg
Left Wing  - DET
Goals: 4 | Assists: 14 | Pts: 18
Shots: 44 | +/-: -2
How disappointing is this outcome?

“Yeah it’s always hard when you don’t get the points that you think you deserve. I thought overall it was a good game. But it’s a tight game. They played well too, so obviously their second goal there when they tied it up that was a tough one. I thought we played pretty good all the way in.”

Did you feel that your team had been controlling the game until that tying goal?

“Yeah, we did. We wanted to keep playing. Before when we had leads, you know, we kind of been on our heels a little bit. But this time I thought we kept playing and kept having pressure on their D, but unfortunately that one was a tough goal.”

Was this another step forward in what Blashill calls the process?

“Well, we did some good things, but you want two points. You have to get two points. You can’t just get one or no points. You have to start winning games.”

How special was it to see Datsyuk join you in the 300-goal club tonight?

“It was really nice to see him score that one. I think that one was probably a little bit nicer than my 300.”

What did you think of the overall game that Datsyuk had tonight?

“Yeah, anyone surprised?”

How much of a difference has his return made to this team?

“He’s been out for a long time. I think he just gets better and better. He’s Pavel Datsyuk.”

Was this overtime period perhaps the most intense that this team has played in this season?

“It was one of them I think. It’s a division game, so it’s a big game. Both teams wanted that extra point in the end. I know they got it, we didn’t.”


Darren Helm
Center  - DET
Goals: 0 | Assists: 3 | Pts: 3
Shots: 28 | +/-: -5
How tough was this loss tonight?

“It’s tough losing games that you got to hold onto and find ways to win. I thought we played great, so that’s something to build off of. Obviously we got to find ways to hold onto that lead and find ways to win in overtime but I think we keep moving, build off the positives that we did today and come back for next game.”

Do you have mixed emotions after a loss like this when the team played so well throughout?

“Yeah, I think it stings pretty early on but you try to fix those mistakes that eventually cost us the game and move on, take the positives out of this game.”

Does it sting more because it was a division game?

“Yeah, obviously we don’t want to be losing to anybody, Boston, for sure, division game. I don’t think it matters too much who we lost to at this early stage.”

How much is your line with Drew Miller and Luke Glendening clicking right now?

“I think we’re doing some good things. Obviously we let that first one in and had part of the responsibility of the second one. Those aren’t good things for our line. We need to be effective, keep the puck out of the net. PK has been good for us but as a unit we need to play a little bit more in their zone, grind it out a little bit, get some dirty bounces around their net and try to get a goal that way.”

Gotta be happy that your team kept the puck in the o-zone for good stretches, right?

“Yeah, we did a good job of cycling, moving around, getting shots on net and sustaining pressure. Just a couple breakdowns that eventually cost us the game.”

What did you think of the job that former teammate Jonas Gustavsson did for the Bruins?

“He’s a good goalie, he’s a competitive guy, can make saves and win hockey games.”

The team has been producing better shots totals lately, how much is that credited to Datsyuk’s return?

“No doubt that Pav is a special player, holds onto the puck, plays endless minutes in the other team’s zone, strengthens our whole forward unit and gives us opportunities to roll four lines and keep guys a little more fresh than usual, so he’s a big part of the team that way. When he’s back the team is a little more confident as well.”


Pavel Datsyuk scored career goal No. 300 Friday night at Joe Louis Arena. He became just the six player in franchise history to join the 300/500/800 club for career goals, assists and points. (Photo by Dave Reginek/Detroit Red Wings)

What are your thoughts on tonight's game?

"I thought we did lots of great stuff, to be honest with you. In a lot of ways, it was our best game of the year. We've got to find a way to score the third goal there. Obviously they hang around and it's 2-1, that can happen. I think when you go into overtime, we've talked about it, you leave a bit up to chance. You'd like to win more than not but I think overtime by its nature over time ends up evening out. We got to find a way to score the third goal but we can build off of that. We talked in the room, if we play 10 games like that, we'll win eight of them so let's keep playing that way."

Was this your team's best game in terms of puck possession?

"Puck possession and creating chances. I think we've had some games where we've had lots of puck possession and maybe not created as much chances. I thought in the O-zone we did some really good stuff, we were active, we created lots of confusion, we had net presence. We did the things I think it takes to be successful. We were able to get back above and we had good changes. Again, if we play eight games like that, 10 games like that, we'll win eight of them."

Invariably a guy coming off the bench leads to tying goal?

"That was a shift where it might have been one of our best shifts of the night, especially for that line. They ground them down really good and unfortunately, it was one of those where the guy came off. Again, that's the second goal. Let's find a way to get the third goal and keep it at 3-1 and then the game's probably over."

Is this as good a sustained attack as you've had all season?

"Yeah, I thought again, in a lot of ways it was our best game of the year. Our sustained attack was great, we had four lines going. The one thing I think that we have advantage over a lot of teams is we can play four lines and I'm not afraid to play them against anybody. When they go out there, you can really build off that energy and I thought we did a good job of that. The challenge for us now is let's play the same way on Friday. It's inexcusable to come out and not play with the same level."

Is Datsyuk looking more and more like the dominant player he can be?

"Yeah, I think his game has grown every game that he's played. That goal tonight was a big-time goal. He's been really, really good, I think. I think he'll continue to build. He was really good tonight. It gives us again, four lines that I think are going to be real successful."

It would have been nice to convert on one of those power play opportunities?

"Yeah, those are times when you want to convert for sure. Lots of times in those situations, they're pushing for shorties so you get a little bit, a little tentative, because they're kind of taking a few more chances than maybe they should. We have to have a killer instinct there, find a way to score that third goal, whether it's on the power play or 5-on-5."

Did team get a lift with Datsyuk getting that milestone goal?

"I think they all have such a great appreciation for who he is as a person, who he is as a player, so I'm sure they were real happy for him. At that point, we were just going real good at that point."

Do you sometimes kind of admire how Datsyuk can do things others can't?

"I think there's guys on our team that do some special things. He's certainly right there, Z does some special things. I more admire the way they come to work every day. That, to be honest with you, people only see the finished product but the work they put in every single day is amazing. That's why they've been two of the best winners in the world for a long time."

Keeping lines the same?

"You don't usually change lines when it's going good. Sometimes you change when you're not going good so it's kind of a chicken or egg thing. I think the biggest thing is we've got four lines playing really good hockey. From a usage standpoint, we've probably used them in a certain way that's allowed us to have a chance to be more offensive but I think we've got four lines that are playing real good hockey. I felt at the beginning of the year that could be the strength of this hockey team is our depth throughout our lineup and the last three games that's the way it's played out."

What did you think of Mrazek?

"I thought Petr played good again. I think our goaltending's been real good. They're not going to stop every puck, you got to find a way. Again, you're up 2-1 throughout the majority of the game, we got to find a way to make it three." editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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