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Post-Game Quotes: Game 2 at Tampa

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Pavel Datsyuk
Center  - DET
Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Pts: 0
Shots: 8 | +/-: 2
Can you talk about the play where you got the roughing call but lost a tooth, or teeth?

“Yeah, I have bad emotion. It’s a good call when I just jumped at him (Victor Hedman) over emotion.”

How many teeth did you lose?

“Don’t worry about it.”

What are you not doing right in this series?

“I think we need to stay more in front of the net. I think this is more important. Make a big screen.”

Twice when you guys scored the Lightning answer within a few minutes, is that a huge part of the problem?

“I don’t say maybe it’s a problem but of course we need concentrate or maybe a little more emotion when we score and wanna just keep going and score. Maybe this costs us a little bit.”

What did you see in the last minute of this game with the skirmishes in front of the Lightning’s net?

“Not really, I didn’t see anything.”

What can you do better to defend against the Tyler Johnson line?

“Probably better make a defense but I didn’t say they really dominate. They have many chance but they score. They find out how to score.”

Frustrated with some of the missed calls by the officiating crew?

“Not really frustration but it’s part of hockey game. Our focus more play better, more details and just keep pushing every shift. We needed more shots and more screen, like to really score more and more on the power play. It would be a big help for us too,”

How much more of a difference can the power play make if you can get it going in this series?

“I let you know when we start.”


Niklas Kronwall
Defense  - DET
Goals: 0 | Assists: 1 | Pts: 1
Shots: 7 | +/-: E
How do you stop Johnson line?

"Well, we've got to stop making some mistakes in our defensive end. They’re getting the goals too easy right now. They’re a good line, don’t get me wrong. They’re a helluva line."

What specifically are you seeing from your defense. Giving them too much space? Backing in too much?

"Overall I think they don’t need much room to create chances. Tonight I thought they got two for free. Even their second goal was off the rush. They got three off the rush. That’s too easy."

What message was sent by your club at the end of third?

"It was a lot of emotions obviously. It’s playoffs. Stuff like that happens."

So no message sent?

"We’re here. We’re ready to play and there’s another game come next game."

How did the number of penalties you took impact the flow of the game?

"Obviously they’re a good team on the power play and we kept giving them chances. Five on three definitely is tough but I thought we spent too much time in the box tonight. In saying that we had a lot of power plays as well and we have to find a way to be better there as well."

Twice you tied the game and they came back and scored within 3 minutes?

"We have to be better there. They’re getting too many easy goals. They’re a good team, no doubt but we have to be better."

How would you assess Howard’s play?

"Howie’s been great. He kept us in the game, made some huge saves and gave us a chance. It’s up to us to do something more with it."


Jimmy Howard
Goalie  - DET
Record: 0-2
GAA: 3.59 | Sv%: .891
What was it like tonight in net?

"Well, in the first period we got off to a good start again. But then, we took some not-so-great penalties and that's how they got momentum."

What was your assessment of that final minute?

"It was going on at the other end. I couldn't really tell."

After you tied the game, you had some chances to take the lead but then Johnson scored. What happened on that sequence?

"Momentum shift. We got the one to tie it early in the third there, things were going our way. Then they gave it to Killorn in the open ice and it was just him and I and he made a patient play."

What is the thought heading back to Detroit?

"We've got to take care of business at home now."

How much did taking so many penalties shift the momentum?

"It was huge because we were playing really well 5-on-5. We were playing lots in their end and that's what you've got to do to beat them is keep the puck down there. Then we started taking penalties and the momentum sort of shifted there in the period."

Does the defense need to tighten up?

"Yeah, just all of us can pick it up a notch."

What about the emotions of this game, are guys having trouble containing them at this point?

"Yeah, maybe, being down 0-2, the emotions ran a little high there. But now we got to collect ourselves and get ready for game 3."

Is there also a message being sent?

"No, this is playoff hockey. That's what happens."


Henrik Zetterberg
Left Wing  - DET
Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Pts: 0
Shots: 3 | +/-: 2
What are your thoughts on this one?

"We were in the box too much again. And even though we got one on the PP, we need to be better there. Otherwise, it's a tight game again. It ended up 5-2 but it was closer than that."

It ended in an emotional state, what did you see out there?

"It's playoffs. That's the way it is, nothing more than that."

It was hard to keep momentum as they scored soon after you tied the game?

"Yeah, that's not good. Obviously when you score, you want to keep the momentum on your side as long as possible. We were not able to do that."

Was there also a message sent that you're not going to go quietly in this series?

"Yeah, they took care of business here at home, we got to go home and do the same in front of our own fans."

The Johnson line continues to be a problem for you guys, what can you do to stop them?

"They scored three, I don't know, scored four. They're dangerous, especially when you give them odd-man rushes."

Did you feel you had better chances against Bishop tonight?

"We threw pucks at him, we had some chances tonight. He's a big goalie, you just got to be in front of him so he can't see it."

Did guys have to fight emotions or frustrations tonight?

"It was the same thing for both sides so there's nothing I can say about that."


Dylan Larkin
Goals: 1 | Assists: 0 | Pts: 1
Shots: 1 | +/-: -3
What did you think of the final minute?

“The whole game was a pretty emotional game. Obviously a real intense game. I think maybe a good kick start for our team. Richie, obviously a veteran, maybe sparking something. He sent a message, even to myself, that he’s not taking no for an answer, not taking this. It was an emotional ending but we’d like a lead or to win the game and emotion. But it is what it is what happened. But it may be a spark for our team.”

What did you see at the end of this game?

“I had the puck in the corner and I just threw it on net and I got bodied in the corner so I didn’t see how it started but I think I tried to go in and got tangled up with Callahan. Obviously both teams don’t like each other very much and maybe sent a message that we’re here to battle.”

Did you feel that you guys gained some momentum from your second-period goal?

“It was a big goal, just came out of the box. It was a tough penalty to take but it was nice to score that one. I think after that we were rolling. At the end of the second, with those power plays, it would have been nice to keep the momentum going and to score another one but I think our power play did a good job in the third and made some adjustments and we were able to get a goal.”

What did you see develop as you came out of penalty box prior to your goal?

“I built up quite a bit of speed. I dodged a few hits and then I was open in the middle so I think either if it landed on my stick or what happened it was nice to have tons of speed to bust up the middle. It was a fortunate bounce. Bishop couldn’t get out to it. Just shot it through the five hole.”

How do you guys get back into the series down 0-2?

“We just gotta capitalize on our chances and minimize their chances. We’re right there. It could have went either way. Again, it’s going to be a long series. It’s tight. A few goals there we just can’t give up, especially late, to go up 4-2. They kind of just killed us and then the empty netter is what it is. We just gotta be on our toes.”

Were you pleased you were more active in hitting and scoring tonight?

“Personally, yeah. I knew what I was getting myself into before the game preparing and I think a lot of people were tweeting on my and stuff, calling me a wuss or whatever. But it was my first playoff game so I knew what to expect tonight and I was personally happy. It would have been nice to score another one and help the team a little bit more but I think that’s the way I have to play.”

How fired up were you guys immediately after this one to get back at it Sunday?

“I think we weren’t too fired up. We just took a loss but I think for sure excited for the next game. It’s going to be another battle. It will be nice to be home for two games and it would be huge to come back here 2-2.”

How do you shut down Johnson’s line?

“They’re opportunists. We gotta be tough on them. They get a lot of free space. I think you have to back check hard and think play the body a little more. We’re not making it hard enough on them.”


Dylan Larkin reacts to his second-period goal that tied the score for the Red Wings at 1-1. It was the rookie's first-ever postseason goal on his first shot on goal in this series. (Photo by Getty Images)

What do you think of the ugliness at the end of this one?

“I think emotions boiled over from both teams, from what I saw.”

What happened after it seemed your team had the momentum after Richards tied it?

“We obviously made a couple mistakes on those two goals and they capitalized on those mistakes.”

What didn’t you like, the defensive miscues?

“I’d say the result, more than anything else the result. We’re going to make some mistakes, that’s the reality of life. But we’ve had opportunities in the last two games to win the hockey game and we didn’t win it. So we got to make a play to work offensively and we got to make a play to work defensively.”

How deflating was it that they scored quickly after your goals?

“Again, you certainly don’t want it that way, you’d like to capitalize and build off opportunities when you score, so we’re going to have to do a better job of that.”

What do you have to do better against Johnson’s line?

“Start by not making defensive mistakes. That would be one. And two, we got to do a better job of slowing their speed through the neutral zone and then we got to do a better job of defending them. It’s not magic. It’s making sure we play a little tighter against that line.”

What do you think of the job Howard has done in these two games?

“I thought Jimmy did a good job, he gave us opportunities to win the hockey game again. Both games were winnable but we didn’t make enough plays at the right time to win them.”

Would has gone wrong with the power play?

“I liked the power play better last night. I thought we created more opportunities last night. We missed Pav for the (three) power plays in the second, it takes you a little bit of sorts. I loved the goal we scored. They got a good penalty kill. We got to find a way of getting pucks to the net.”

Do you except the chippy play to continue in this series?

“Our No. 1 focus is on us playing good hockey to win hockey games. We got to make sure we play with great intensity, but make sure we control our emotions. I thought both teams got frustrated for a variety of reasons out there tonight and I thought from our perspective we got to make sure we do a better job of controlling our emotions and concentrating on the things it takes to win hockey games.” editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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