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Post-game Quotes: Game 1 at Tampa

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Dylan Larkin
Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Pts: 0
Shots: 0 | +/-: -1
What did you think of the intensity of your first ever Stanley Cup playoff game?

“Yeah, it was really intense and physical. You know they came out flying and I thought we did a good job of matching the intensity and the physicality. Learned a lot tonight about what I need to bring in Game 2.”

What specifically do you need to bring to Game 2 on Friday?

“Just an intense game.”

Did you expect to be the center of that scrum in the second period?

“I don’t know. I didn’t see Killorn coming and then he hit me pretty good. Then of course to get stuck with the big guy (Braydon Coburn), so you know, I didn’t really know what was going on when I got up but just think it’s part of the game now and we have to be there to answer the bell.”

Overall, team had lots of shots, lots of chances, are you encouraged by that aspect?

“Yeah, I think we did have a lot of shots, out-shot them, and you know we had some chances at the end there. I think Bishop played well but we’ve got to his eyes more and I think when our D throw it more you never know what can happen. It was good by them to shoot the puck and help create offense that way.”

How weird was it from a specialty teams standpoint when your team would pick up a penalty shortly after starting a power play?

“Yeah, it was. I think we want to play the game 5 on 5’s when we’re best. Yeah, it was a little bit weird when the power plays were cut short there.”

What can be done to neutralize their forecheck, which caused problems for you guys tonight?

“We’ve just got to move the puck quicker I think. We have to come back as a unit, stop and then want the puck. I think that’s when we’re the best is when we’re reading out of our zone and I think those are the keys to getting out of there quick.”


Jimmy Howard
Goalie  - DET
Record: 0-1
GAA: 3.10 | Sv%: .912
What are your thoughts on tonight’s game?

"It was a hard fought game. It was a lot of back and forth. They were just able to get one more bounce by going to the net."

Was there a lot of traffic in front of you?

"Well, both teams did a great job of going to the net and that’s what playoff hockey is all about, getting there and sticking around and hopefully getting a deflection."

You caught a break with offside call on Hedman goal?

"I just saw the three-on-two developing and then I saw Hedman jumping up into the play. I wasn’t aware that it was offside. It’s tough for me to tell from my angle. Fil (Valtteri Filppula) just put it right into his wheelhouse."

You had the lead. Is there stuff to build on?

"I think we did a good job tonight. But this is playoffs and you’ve just got to limit your mistakes to the best as possible."

The winning goal was scored from a wide angle?

"Killorn went to the net and got his stick on it."


Henrik Zetterberg
Left Wing  - DET
Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Pts: 0
Shots: 1 | +/-: 1
What did you think of tonight's performance?

"I thought overall it was a good game. It was expected, not a lot of room, a lot of battling, tight game. We had a pretty good start. Even though they got the first one, I thought we hung in there and we played well."

Did you feel they were trying to goad you into penalties by taking some liberties?

"Not really. I thought it was kind of similar both ways."

Did they kind of take the play to you midway through the third?

"Yeah, they kept the puck in our end a little bit too much over the last seven minutes there in the third, probably. They got the puck deep. We kept getting face-offs in our own end and we couldn't really get the puck up and play in their end so you're right."

Did both goals prove how important it is to have traffic in front of Bishop?

"It's not brain science, we all know it. Those are the goals that's got to go in. Their game-winner, just throw in the puck and it hit their stick. There's a lot of ugly goals in the playoffs and we know that."

How about the power play?

"Well, you want to score. I don't know how many we had, but we took a few penalties, too. So I don't know how many minutes we actually had but we created chances. I thought we had some good ones. But obviously you want to see at least one goal there."

Weird night with penalties?

"We're probably going to look at the stats, we're 0-for-5 but I don't think we had that. There was a few power plays where we had a few seconds of power play but that's how it goes. Probably got to stay out of the box a little bit better. You want to be out there, you don't want to be in the box."

A lot of guys fell, how was the ice out there?

"It's the same for both teams but everyone who plays here knows how the ice is."

Is there something here to build on?

"Absolutely. It's game one. We just have a practice day, go over things tomorrow and right back at it."

Did you expect the game to be as physical as it was?

"Yeah. It was the same last year. It's playoffs. That's the way it is."


Justin Abdelkader
Goals: 1 | Assists: 0 | Pts: 1
Shots: 4 | +/-: E
How was the playoff intensity?

"This is turning into a great rivalry between both teams here. It’s a lot of fun. This is what you want to be a part of. I think we did a lot of good things tonight. Didn’t come up with the result we wanted but just one game."

Were they taking liberties with Larkin and Zetterberg?

"No. This is how the games are going to be. This is how playoff hockey is. Everyone is going to step their game up another level and intensity is going to be taken to another level, too. I just think they’re playing hard, we’re playing hard. That’s how it’s going to be."

Any area of game you want to see improved in Game 2?

"I think when they got their chances, sometimes we were getting a little too aggressive in the offensive zone. I think we can keep an F3. Just make sure we sort things out in our own zone. Did a lot of good things. I thought Bishop made some good saves to keep them up 3-2. Just gotta keep doing a lot of the same things we did tonight."

You weren't able to seize the moment when the goal was disallowed and they scored?

"I thought they were really coming on. They got that goal and even when it was disallowed it, they came with a strong push. But that’s how these games are going to be. Both teams are going to push back at times. You just gotta weather the storm as much as we can and stay composed and just know there’s going to be times where they take the hockey game and times where we take over the hockey game. So stay composed and just try to work and get the momentum back."

How important is it to get under their skin?

"I think in a long series, no. Throughout the course of the playoffs you want to make sure you’re finishing checks, you’re playing hard, because everyone has bumps and bruises this time of year and playing through different things. When you get a chance to finish your checks try not to run too much out of position but play hard and that’s what I tried doing."

Did the two goals prove you need traffic and net-front presence to score?

"We want to get traffic obviously in front of him. He’s a big goalie and even pucks he doesn’t see a lot of times hit him. But I still think we can do a good job in front of their net and take away his eyes.I thought we had a lot of good looks tonight. Sheahan had a good chance coming down the slot there. Greener looks like he just missed there at the end. Keep doing the right things. Pucks are going to go in. Obviously gotta win those battles in front of the net."

What did you see on your goal?

"We were forechecking up there and I think it was Hedman went to try to clear it and threw it up the wall to Quincey and once I saw Quincey was going to have it clean I kind of turned and got a lane to the net and tried to get a stick on it."

How do you neutralize their forecheck?

"Just stay above them. Try to get a bump for our defensemen. Get back as a unit of five, break out together. They’re a good skating team and are going to put pressure on us when they forecheck. Just gotta get back as a unit of five and work together."


Danny DeKeyser came to the defense of teammate Dylan Larkin, who was roughed behind the Red Wings' net by Lightning defenseman Braydon Coburn in the second period. (Photo by Getty Images)

What were your overall impressions of Game 1?

“I liked lots of our game, I thought we did a good job in a lot of areas. I didn’t like the result but I thought from a process standpoint I thought we did good things.”

They took the play to you for stretches in the third period after they took the lead, is that a concern?

“When they scored I thought they gained momentum and with that momentum they took to it us for a little bit and I think that’s the reality of sports. I thought we had lots of moments of momentum and lots of moments of – I wouldn’t call it carrying the play – but playing real good hockey and I thought when they scored they gained momentum. But in the end we were able to keep it out and then we had some chances there to tie it.”

Were you disappointed you didn’t capitalize after Hedman’s goal was overturned?

“Yeah, you’d like to when a goal gets called back like that, but in the end it was still a tied game and we had opportunities to win the hockey game and we didn’t win it, so we’re very disappointed in that. But we got to make sure we focus on – beyond the result – focus on Game 2. I think there’s things to build off here and things to get better at and that’s what we’ll cover tomorrow.”

Do you still need to see more of a net-front presence in front of Bishop?

“I don’t know about more, I thought we had pretty good net presence most of the night, so I wouldn’t say it was something we were lacking. They’re there to keep you out of the net. It’s like they just invite you in there. But we’re certainly going to need that net presence in order to score, there’s no question. I just think you don’t score in the league without net presence.”

Did you know right away that you would challenge Hedman’s goal for off-sides?

“I think the first reaction was from Brad Richards on the bench but we right away check anything right off the bat. Pat Ferschweiler sent back to our video coaches and they came back and said challenge it for sure. They thought it was 100 percent off-sides.”

What did you think of the Johnson line tonight?

“They got lots of talent and Johnson, Kucherov and Killorn are all good players. They were able to produce tonight. We got to do a better job of stopping them. We got to find a way to score that one extra goal and keep that one extra goal out.”

Did you expect the chippy, physical play?

“Not that I expected. It’s playoff hockey and there’s a lot on the line and you know, we want to make sure we keep our composure and that we’re playing until the whistle.”

The power play was 0-for-5, did you think you got some good looks?

“I thought we had some good looks for one. We probably got to do a better job of getting some pucks to the net. They do a real good job of blocking, so we’re gonna have to find a way to continue to deliver more pucks to the net. And probably the bigger thing is when they either block it or there is a rebound we’re find a way to get that second (chance) so we can keep it in the zone. But I did think we had some good looks. The one think we’ve talked about lots with the power play is you wanna … some nights your power plays goona be good and you might not score. We needed to repeat a lot of areas but just do a little bit better job of getting to seconds.”

Is this what you expected from Bishop?

“Yeah, he’s a really good goalie, we know he’s a real good goalie. But like any goalie you know if we do a real good job of getting net presence and do a real good job of getting to seconds we’ll have the opportunity for success. But he’s a real good goalie.”

How did Larkin look to you in his first Stanley Cup playoff game?

“I thought Larks did a good job. I was happy with most of our guys but I also think there’s another level and so we’ll have to get to that next level.”

Athanasiou had a few chances, did you like the job that the fourth line did overall?

“I thought there were moments of good from that line. Certainly they have a mix of responsibility and obviously Athanasiou is one of those guys who can make something out of nothing. So I still think … I didn’t think he skated as well as he has in the past. I think he’s got to do a better job of attacking the game when he gets the puck on his stick or when he’s away from the puck. So that’s something we’ll talk about.” editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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