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Post-Game Quotes at Toronto

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Petr Mrazek
Goalie  - DET
Record: 4-3-0
GAA: 2.42 | Sv%: .928
That was quite a game, was it?

“You knew they were going to come hard. They are starting to play way better right now on their ice so we knew it was going to be a tough game, but we find a way how to get two points tonight.”

What happened on their goal in the last minute of the third period?

“It hit my blocker and then it hit my shaft and it went in. That’s a tough bounce but that’s how hockey is.”

Was it hard to keep concentration into OT after allowing the late goal?

“You don’t think about it until the game is over if you have a shutout or not. You just want to win the game. They tied the game, it went to 3 on 3 and that was important for us to get that second goal in overtime.”

What was it like before the game started with the hockey greats on the ice?

“It’s great to see those guys who played in Detroit. They did so much for the city, for the hockey club. It was very nice to see them there and to see the ceremony.”

What do you think of 3 on 3?

“It’s lots of space, lots of things open on the ice. You just have to be focused on the passes and be ready for it.”

Did you surprise yourself on the Joffrey Lupul save when the puck was going one way and you were going the other?

“I didn’t see it coming. There was a guy in front of me. I don’t think he hit it well. The puck was kind of bouncing. It hit my glove and that’s that.”


Jakub Kindl
Defense  - DET
Goals: 2 | Assists: 2 | Pts: 4
Shots: 14 | +/-: 2
Can you describe what you saw on your scoring play?

“I went to get it and I saw there was a lane open so I just tried to skate through the middle. I don't know if it was a little bit of 2-on-1, I don't know, maybe their D-man was expecting that I was going to make the play. I don't know who that was, to be honest, maybe Z or Larkin, I'm not sure right now. He kind of bit on it and it just ended up going in the net."

With so much ice, can defenseman get a lot of scoring chances during 3 on 3?

“I think so, for sure. When you look at our D corps, we have a lot of guys who can carry the puck and can make a good play so again we get feedback from our coaches, they want us to keep carrying the puck and making plays.”

Was tonight made more special because it was Hall of Fame night?

“One hundred percent. This night doesn't happen very often. It's great for the hockey world. All these guys, what they accomplished in their career. Luckily I was a part of it when Lidstrom was around for a bit so it's amazing experience."

What about the offensive contributions from the defensemen, even with some D-men out with injuries?

"Yeah, of course. Every game is different so as you see, the lines keep rotating. Sometimes they're different, the D pairing is different as well. Again, I thought we were pretty solid. We just gotta move our feet as a D corps and move the puck out of our zone quickly and make good plays and once we do that, we're fine."


Henrik Zetterberg
Left Wing  - DET
Goals: 4 | Assists: 11 | Pts: 15
Shots: 28 | +/-: 2
Can you describe your goal?

“I was just trying to get it on net t there. To be honest with you I don’t know how it went in. I haven’t seen a replay on it yet, either. It was a good dump.”

Were you trying to do that?

“I just tried to use the D as a screen and get it on net. But I don’t think I actually got it on net. I think it was a little wide. But it must have hit his pad and deflected in.”

What does it mean to join such a select group of Wings with 300 goals and 500 assists?

“Obviously when you retire and you’re looking back, it will mean a lot. Right now you’re in it and it’s fun to reach these numbers. I couldn’t have done it without the players that have been surrounding me for all these years. Without them I would not be close.”

How cool was it before game to see Fedorov and Lidstrom out there?

“It was pretty special. We’ve been marking this day on the calendar for a while and looking forward to this game. Obviously just playing Toronto in Toronto is special. Having Nick and Sergei here and being a little bit a part of their weekend is special.”

Is this team still trying to get its feet under them with a new coach?

“How many games have we played? 13? 12? It’s still early in the season. With any team early in the season you try to get better, you try to see what works. You try to improve on the areas that are not that good. We can improve in a lot of stuff but the good thing is we are finding a way to win here lately. We had a tough stretch there after out first three games but I think we’re playing better as a five-man unit and we’re getting our D more involved. Obviously our goaltenders are playing well and that helps.”

What were they able to do against you in the second period?

“To be honest, I don’t really know right now. They probably spent more time in our end than we spent in theirs. Obviously, Lando went out early in the game and we played with fewer forwards. In the second we got caught out there a few times on long shifts. That hurts you.”

Can you explain why they spend more time in your end?

“Well, if they have the puck more they will spend more time in your end. That was the case tonight. I don’t think it’s been that case the whole year. I don’t know if you’ve seen all our games but I think once we get the puck and we are holding on to it we are doing a good job.”

Do you like the involvement of the D in the offensive attack?

“We need that. I think the league is so tight now you have to create odd-man rushes and you do that by getting the D involved. As I said before, we worked on that a lot in training camp. We kind of got away from it a little bit when the season started, but we emphasized it the last three or four games and it’s been helping us.”

Did you know Nick was going to drop puck?

“Obviously it’s special. When I came over Nick was a huge help for me. It was just Nick and Holmstrom who were the Swedes on the team when I was 22 coming over. He’s a big part of my career and a big part of the kind of person I am.”


Landon Ferraro left Friday's game at Toronto shortly after this first-period hit on Maple Leafs defensemen Scott Harrington. The Red Wings' rookie did not return to the game. (Photo by Getty Images)

What did you think of the game tonight?

“I thought Petr was very good. That’s No. 1. Reimer was pretty good, too, actually. We had some chances as well. They pushed hard in the third, we didn’t do a good enough job getting the puck out of our end. I don’t think we played nearly our best. We’re going to have to play much better as we continue on. Sometimes you go to find your way to points when you don’t play your best. You got to go and correct some of your mistakes tomorrow.”

Was the OT goal an example of D-men’s ability to be aggressive with more open ice?

“Yeah, I just think the three-on-three overtime is extremely entertaining. Everyone I’ve been involved in going back to last year has been unbelievably entertaining. There’s lots of space and lots of talent and that’s the result.”

What did you think of the pre-game Hall-of-Fame ceremony?

“It was really cool, just standing there and seeing all those guys, everybody from Ted Lindsay to the guys inducted this year, really amazing. Even preceding that with the veterans. Worth every minute of it. I thought it was awesome.”

How have the goaltenders been able to be sharp every night despite not playing as much as they’d like?

“They’ve done a great job. They’ve been a big reason for the success we’ve had. If we’ve had success they’ve been a big reason every night. They’ve given us a chance to win every night. I think they’ve given us elite goaltending pretty much all season long. They have an understanding what the plan is and we are just going to continue with that plan.”

What did you think of the job that the PK did?

“I thought the last penalty kill was one of our best penalty kills of the year. It came at a critical moment. They did a really great job of getting the puck out of our zone and then the forecheck was excellent.”

Do you have an update on Landon Ferraro?

“No update right now. I’d say day to day but I don’t expect him Sunday.”

What is your plan moving forward for the goalies?

“What we’ve done so far is, I’ve told both of them they’re going to play. We’ll let separation happen if it happens but if not both are going to play. We tried to plan out each week so they know ahead of time who’s playing and not making it a secret to them at least. Sometimes I keep it a secret to you guys. And that way they know exactly what to expect. It’s been good so far. But I don’t know if it’s been good because of that. I think it’s because they’re two really good goalies playing at a high level.”

Is your team still trying to find its footing?

“We’re trying to get better and I think as you go through the year you have to continue to get better. We’ve had different people in and out and as a group we’re just continuously trying to get better as a group and as individuals. We’ve played good at times and not great at times. Part of that is the league. I think the league is extraordinarily tight. Every single night is a battle. I’ve watched Toronto play a number of times. I think everybody that walks out of here probably thinks we probably found a way to get two points. They work extremely hard and make it hard on you. We’re just fighting and trying to get better.”

Do you like direction D is going offensively?

“Yes. Now, I didn’t think our D played at the level we need them to play at tonight. It caused us a little bit of strife to get out of our end. I think our D are better than they played tonight, I think they’ll be better on Sunday. They’re going to have to be. They did a decent job of jumping into the play. Didn’t see it as much tonight because we didn’t exit our zone well enough.”

Will Mike Green play Sunday against Dallas?

“Our thought process is he’ll be ready on Sunday but we still got to see tomorrow.”

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