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Post-Game Quotes at New Jersey

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Henrik Zetterberg
Goals: 7 | Assists: 22 | Pts: 29
Shots: 90 | +/-: 5
What did you think of that one?

“It was a good road game for us. I don't know how much fun it was for the fans but we got that one goal and kind of just played on that. I think it's one of our best third periods when we had a lead. As you know, we've been struggling a little bit with our leads and we kept playing for 60 minutes. Petr was really good in net and that makes it easier."

How about the commitment to defense tonight?

"It's something that you have to do, but I think also the thing we haven't done that we were able to do today is keep having pressure on them. We had a good forecheck, good sticks, we created turnovers and we spent some time in their end instead of having them spending time in ours."

How about the competitiveness and energy the last two games?

"It's tough to say. We go in with the same mentality and sometimes it looks from the outside different than what we feel."

What did you think of the job done by the Sheahan line?

"Yeah, the Sheahan line was good. That pass that he made to Larkin, you don't see that that often and it was a pretty good finish."

Was that the nicest goal you've seen Larkin score since he’s been up with team?

"Yeah. And that pass that Richards made, you don't see that, and then Larks, pretty nice finish."


Dylan Larkin
Goals: 14 | Assists: 13 | Pts: 27
Shots: 107 | +/-: 22
What did you think of the job that Riley Sheahan did tonight?

Riley Sheahan is very good skating. I’ve been trying to talk to him that we can use our speed. He’s got such a big body, when he’s skating, you saw the goal in Buffalo, he went right by O’Reilly and there’s no too many guys who are going to outmuscle that guy. I think when he’s skating there’s not many guys in the league that can stop him, so trying to talk to him and Brad has done a great job as well. They’re telling us to go and skate the puck in the zone and use our bodies to protect it and cycle. I think we’ve been doing that and the offense has come.”

How about that pass Richards made to you?

"It was a blink and it was on my tape. I haven't seen it yet so there wasn't much space for that puck to land over the defenseman's stick. I think that was a nice pass."

Is that the prettiest goal you think you've scored so far?

"Yeah. I like the Nashville goal but I think that's the prettiest team goal, team effort with the D and then She made a great play down low to get it to Richie, it's just a great pass."

Does it stand out because it was the only goal of the game?

"You don't know at that time but it feels pretty good right now. Just trying to create more."

How about the commitment to defense?

"The third was probably our best down one goal period of the year. We shut them down and didn't give them space. We really limited turnovers. It started with me. I had a few turnovers in the second. Just get pucks deep and we did a good job keeping them to the outside."

Was the play on your goal anything you talked about with Richards?

“We talked about when me and (Sheahan) said a clear, an easy breakout, where there’s no pressure and you can have time, just to go. I don’t expect to get behind the D every time, that was pretty fortunate but he has told me when I see a clear breakout just to use my speed and head.”

Have you taken many passes like that?

“No, but that was a nice one.”

How big was that win?

“I think it’s huge for us. We’ve struggled a bit with one-goal leads and I think we’ll have to learn from this win and how we shut it down in the third period. Even when there was two minutes left and they were pressing they weren’t getting much. It’s a huge two points. For all teams it’s going to come down to a lot of games like that, where you got to shut it down.”

What did you think of the job Mrazek did tonight?

“He’s been playing great. He’s hot. It gives you a lot of confidence when your goalie’s going to be there but I thought our D did a great job even when they were pressing in the second to keep them to the outside and they didn’t get many Grade A chances other than that breakaway after that. It was a great team effort and it started with Petr in the first.”

Did you know what you were going to do on that breakaway?

“I think you know,. You’ve done the move before and you’ve practiced it a ton, so you kind of go with your instincts and a move you’ve done before that’s worked.”

Is that as a good as you can make that move?

“Maybe confused him because I didn’t know what I was doing at first but then I was thinking about shooting it so I was pretty surprised to see the open net there.”


Petr Mrazek
Goalie  - DET
Record: 13-8-3
GAA: 2.25 | Sv%: .926
What did you think of the commitment to defense in second and third periods?

“I think the third period was probably the best period we play. We didn’t give them any chances, and good looks in the third period.”

How relieved were you to see the puck go off Palmieri’s stick in third period?

“It’s nice when he missed that, good for us. I tried to make a poke check and a I missed a little bit. Then I tried hard push to get there my pad. Our luck that he missed it.”

How much did you feel the ice tilt in the second period?

“They came hard in the second period. They threw everything to the net from the blue line. Lots of traffic there. The guys did a good job, and how I said before I think the third period was the best period we’ve played.”

How different was it from the second to third?

“We didn’t do any changes. We just talked about it after second. We knew (we) have to get the best we can and don’t give them any chances.”

Was it nice to see the 1-on-1 battles go the Red Wings’ way tonight?

“Yeah we did a great job stick on stick, body on body. We didn’t give them any opportunities to score goals.”

How much gravy is attached to a 1-0 shutout win?

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a shutout, 1-0 or 4-0. It doesn’t matter. The two points are the most important. The games are so close that the win in the best thing.”

How about the 14 blocked shots as a team?

“Yeah the guys did a great job. Fourteen blocked shots and they’ve got quick players and we didn’t give them any rebound chances to score.”

What did you think of the Devils having zero shots on their power play opportunities tonight?

“Yeah we did a great job there as well. Guys did a great job in the neutral zone, didn’t give them any speed.”

Is this the type of effort you need to be No. 1 goalie here?

“I wouldn’t talk about No. 1 goaltender. It’s just game by game. The season is long so every game is different.”

What did you see of Larkin’s goal?

“That was a great pass by Richards. Richie made a beautiful pass right to Lark’s stick and a nice move by Larkin.”

Did you get a poke check on Palmieri in the third period?

“I tried to make a poke check but I missed the puck. I think he got maybe a little scared that I’m going to go there so he lost it as well.”


Mike Green dislodges the puck from Devils forward Bobby Farnham during the first period of Monday's game. Green had two hits and three blocked shots through the first 40 minutes. (Photo by Getty Images)

Were you happy with the competitive level up front tonight?

“I thought we’ve done a real good job now two games in a row with the competitive level being extremely high. I thought that was the best third period we’ve played all season with the lead. We didn’t give much up at all. We created some chances, but really checked well. We won tons of stick battles. That’s the way you have to play to be successful. Obviously it was right down to the end but that’s this league every night.”

Did the defensive commitment start in second period?

“I thought early in the game we were a little loose but as the game went along we got better. I thought in the second we weren’t quite as good in our D zone. I thought the third period was our best period. We talked about making it our best period going into the third and we certainly did.”

What did you think of the 14 blocked shots?

“They throw tons of pucks at the net, they get lots of bodies to the net. Our guys at times weren’t able to box out so if you’re not able to box out you have the opportunity to front and block and I thought we did a good job of fronting and blocking. I think our guys have been committed to that all season. Lots of times our D don’t get as many blocks because they’re boxing out and keeping guys away from the net. In this case tonight, New Jersey was able to gain net-front presence so then at that point we did a good job of blocking.”

What was your impression of Larkin’s goal from start to finish?

“I thought it was a great play to start with Sheahan. Great awareness, did a little 360 (degree), popped it to Richards, and then what a pass by Richie. Outstanding finish by Larkin. It was a really, really high-end play by all three players. Obviously that line had good success the other night in Buffalo and had a good game tonight.”

Is there anything Larkin doesn’t do well?

“I don’t look at it that way. Larks is a really talented player. Larks has a lot of energy and drive. Larks has to get better at a lot of things. My job is to help our guys get better, whether it’s a guy like Zetterberg or Datsyuk that’s been around as elite players in the league or a young guy like Larkin. I look at it like we try to accentuate their positives and work on their negatives. Every player’s got positives and negatives and he’s not different.”

What did you think of Mrazek, beginning with save on he made on Zajac in opening minute of the game?

“He did a good job there and made some real good saves early. The one thing Petr does very well is he battles extremely hard around his crease and is able to freeze pucks. So not too many pucks go to those areas. Against a team that goes hard to the net that’s real important.”

Will you go with Mrazek in the next game?

“I’ll decide. Not tonight. We’ll decide when we get out west. We’ll make that decision.”

Is it tough not to go with guy who just had a shutout?

“Again, he’s played good but we’ll make that decision come Thursday.”

Does this build confidence heading west?

“It’s a league where your confidence is a big factor. It can come and go quick so the two wins in a row and the fashion in which we played should help us with confidence, but we better play with the same manner come Thursday.”


Mike Green
Defense  - DET
Goals: 2 | Assists: 13 | Pts: 15
Shots: 62 | +/-: -4
How big was that win?

“The month’s already flying by, before we know it we’ll be into the 15th, 16th before we get back (home), so we’re excited for that road trip and we got to make sure we get our wins and we’re playing solid hockey because we know it’s going to be tough.”

What did you think of Larkin’s goal?

“I don’t know which was nicer. The pass was incredible from Richards, to put it through two guys right on his tape with a little bit of elevation off the ice, so I would say Richards’ pass was a little bit nicer than Larks’ goal because we expect that from Larks.”

What did you think of the team’s defensive effort, blocking 14 shots tonight?

“With the way we’ve been practicing and playing, our focus is there’s times where pucks are sifted through and we got to front and I think we’ve focused more on it lately and maybe that’s why we’re getting as many blocks and we have lately. If we don’t block them Mrazek has been there to stop them, he’s been outstanding.”

How much confidence do you guys have in Mrazek?

“He’s a confident young kid, he’d playing great. You don’t really see that sort of composure with a young goalie and he definitely has it. As long as we’re winning hockey games that’s all that matters.”

How easy is it to play in front of a guy with that confidence?

“It’s huge, especially for the defense. We sort of feed of that, maybe more than the forwards. That energy he presents definitely helps a lot. Hopefully we can continue that as a group.” editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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