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Post-Game Quotes at Montreal

by Dana Wakiji / Detroit Red Wings


Henrik Zetterberg
Goals: 13 | Assists: 34 | Pts: 47
Shots: 200 | +/-: -12
Does this loss sting more than most?

“Yeah, yeah, obviously, it’s a big game, important points on the line and find a way to claw back in the game with the power-play goals and then turned back around.”

How frustrating was the start?

“Well, it is hard, the goals. Before that I thought we played decent. In the first couple of shifts there I thought we worked hard and they get that first goal, the deflection goal. Petey can’t do anything about that, and then they got the second one. So it’s hard to be behind like that.”

Did you feel that your team got a jump with the goal change?

“I don’t know if it was the goal change. I thought we … I thought we weren’t that bad. They scored two quick goals and we had our chances. I thought we in the second, obviously, when we got a lot of power plays we got something going.”

Montreal’s big hits, how much did Abdelkader’s physical push back help your team?

“Yeah, that was nice to see. That’s the kind of player Abby is, he’s always behind the teammates and it was nice to see sticking up there.”

Reoccurring theme of chasing leads, was too much effort spending on trying to come back in this one?

“Yeah, there were a lot of penalties in the first period there. I thought we were shorthanded for 6-7 straight minutes, and it’s hard to get in the flow going but we found a way to get back but obviously it wasn’t enough.”

Do you think this team is a playoff team right now?

“Yeah. Well, obviously not when you look at the standings but we still have a chance.”

You had a chance to pass Boston tonight, is this a tough loss because you’re running out of chances?

“Nothing you can do but to look passed it.”

The power play has been clicking, what is the difference?

“Well, we’re getting pucks to the net. We’re getting there and getting some puck luck and the puck is going in.”


Dylan Larkin
Goals: 22 | Assists: 22 | Pts: 44
Shots: 210 | +/-: 14
How are you feeling after that hit?

“Yeah, I’m doing OK, nothing too serious, just had to get stitched up and then take a little time, so that’s why I missed the whole time there.”

Can you describe the play when you were taken into the boards?

“I remember it all, thankfully it wasn’t my head that made contact with the boards, the majority of the boards. I knew he was coming but I didn’t know he was coming that hard. I was pretty far from the boards and I was hoping Z would take the puck like he did and I’d ride, get rode out, and I got rode out pretty hard there.”

That play seemed to be a pivot play for your team, would you agree?

“I think our power play was great time. It was a huge three goals there and it was big for our team, gave us a little spark and I was happy to see that Abby … speaks to the kind of guy he is.”

How much does the outcome hurt, especially since you had the lead?

“Yeah, it does hurt. It’s a tough game to lose. We spotted them two goals so we end up losing by one, so I don’t think any team in this league you can spot two goals.”

Did the pain flare up in the third, is that why you were missing for a while?

“No, I just got cut so I had to go off and get stitches in the third.”

Considering Boston lost tonight, is this lose even more frustrating?

“Yeah, I think it’s a tough game to lose especially being up in the third and them scoring two. It does hurt. It was an opportunity but I think it’s a good sign that Boston did lose and we’re still only a point behind.”


Mike Green
Defense  - DET
Goals: 6 | Assists: 26 | Pts: 32
Shots: 118 | +/-: -9
How much does this loss hurt?

"It stings a little bit just with how tight things are right now but we'll see what happens throughout the league and we'll refocus on the next game."

What happened in the third period?

"They started to come. They got that late goal and we sort of ran out of time at the end. I thought we were starting to make a push to come back. It just takes a lucky bounce and unfortunately we didn't get it at the end there. We'll carry that momentum over to the next game."

Is it especially frustrating considering Boston lost?

"Yeah that is unfortunate. Like I said it depends on what happens around the league. We'll regroup here, refocus for our next game and look to move forward. We've got to make sure we do it the next game and the games after that."

You don't want to have to rely on other teams?

"Right. Exactly."


Anthony Mantha
Right Wing  - DET
Goals: 2 | Assists: 1 | Pts: 3
Shots: 18 | +/-: -5
How excited were you for this homecoming?

“I knew I had a lot of friends and family so it was a good moment to have. It was just disappointing (to lose).”

Your goal was big play at the time?

“For sure. We used the power plays that they gave us, just trying to bang the puck in, probably the fifth shot, so just a greasy goal there.”

What role has your grandfather, Andre Pronovost, had in your career?

“It’s huge. He was there all along, gave me tips, gave me advice, real special in juniors. As I went up into the American League he kept talking about working harder and battles and things like that. Obviously he’s been a huge influence.”

Who was your favorite player growing up?

“I loved Kovalev.”

Ever think what it would be like to play here if you were drafted by the Canadiens?

“Obviously it’s a dream growing up, it’s your hometown team, but I was excited to be picked by Detroit. I knew what goal was in front of me and I’m here right now.”

Has it been easier to break in with Wings than it would have been with the added pressure of breaking in with Canadiens would have been?

“Obviously there was a lot of rumors going around but obviously Detroit picked me and I was very happy to be there.”

Can you describe your goal?

“It’s a great feeling but if you lose a game it doesn’t mean much. The goal was just banging rebounds all around, six or seven rebounds on that shift, so it was a good feeling.”

What was this experience of playing in the building like for you tonight?

“It great, I remember when I was young it was pretty loud in here and obviously when you’re on the opposite side it’s hard to play against the fans and to play against Montreal when they’re home.”

You had about 40-50 friends and family at the game, how expensive were the tickets?

“I told them to get their own. Because I was playing yesterday I couldn’t run around asking people who wanted tickets. I had to be there before the game yesterday and also today. I wasn’t going to run around to grab their tickets.”

What was the effect of hit on Larkin on the team bench?

“It was a hard hit. Abby no hesitation, he just went at it. Obviously it gave us a good little spark.”

Are you recognized walking the streets of Detroit?

“Maybe a little bit, once or twice but I haven’t been in Detroit city a lot, so that’s a good thing right now.”


Anthony Mantha set up on the far post where he punched in the tying goal in the second period on a Red Wings' power play. (Photo by Getty Images)

How much does this one hurt?

“Each one hurts. We’ve gotta win hockey games so we got to make sure we learn from it and go Friday and win a hockey game against Minnesota.”

What much did the hit on Larkin and subsequent Abdelkader fight spark the team?

“We talk about sticking up for each other and Abby did a good job of sticking up for Dylan there and Kronner I guess so I thought that was good so I thought that was good and obviously we got lots of power play time there and our power play’s been hot so it put us in a good spot going into the third.”

What happened in the third period?

“We weren’t tight enough. We got to be tighter than that defensively. I thought we had some opportunities to make it a two-goal lead. We didn’t but we got to be tighter than that defensively. I thought our penalty kill was great until that goal and even then it was a little bit harmless but the guy made a nice tip on it. But we got to be tighter in those situations.”

What did you think of Mrazek’s effort?

“It’s hard to say but I wanted to make the change for momentum. I thought at that point we needed some momentum difference. I thought he made two big saves but I wanted to change momentum.”

What do you think of your goaltending situation?

“I’m just focused on Friday night. We need a big performance from whoever plays on Friday night.”

What did you think of Howard tonight?

“I thought he did a good job. I thought he made some big saves. Again, I didn’t think we were as tight as we needed to be and I thought he made some big saves when he needed to.”

The power play has been clicking quite well lately, what’s been the difference?

“I just think we’re doing a good job of delivering pucks to the net and getting people to the net. It’s not necessarily just shots. It’s delivering pucks to the net with people going to the net.”

Losing a one-goal lead in third period has to be disappointing?

“It’s disappointing for sure. It’s frustrating and disappointing but what do you do? We gotta move on. We gotta learn from it. We gotta get better. We gotta have a good practice Thursday and play a great game Friday. That’s all we can control right now.”

Has there been a lack of urgency at times lately?

“Our guys have urgency. There’s going to be ebbs and flows to the game. There was ebbs and flows to tonight’s game but to say that our guys don’t have urgency I totally 100 percent disagree. There’s momentum flows back and forth. It’s always going to be the case. I thought our guys had urgency for sure. They had some momentum going, they got us on our heels a little bit and then we obviously got the power plays and we pushed back and had them on their heels. That’s the way games go lots of times. We were playing another NHL team tonight too.”

What did you think of the hit on Larkin?

“They called it a penalty. I thought it was the appropriate call.”

Is this lost more disappointing because of Boston’s loss, too?

“I don’t know. It’s better for us they lost whether we won or lost. It’s better for us that they lost. Obviously we need to win games so that’s my biggest focus. We gotta win hockey games, we gotta get as many points as we can so we gotta go out come Friday and win a hockey game against Minnesota.”

Would you like to see one goalie step up and claim the No. 1 job?

“We’re going to need whoever plays Friday night to play great.”

Where was Larkin cut?

“Lower body, I believe.” managing editor Bill Roose contributed to this report.

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