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Post-Game Quotes at Calgary

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Jiri Hudler (24) had two assists against his former teammates, including Red Wings goalie Jimmy Howard, who made a season-high 37 saves in the 3-2 overtime loss to the Flames. (Photo by Getty Images)

Do you have an update on Mike Green’s injury?

“I don’t have an update, except that he wasn’t going to come back during the game, so I really don’t have an update on that.”

It really was a tale of two games, was it?

“I thought the first half of the game we played well. I thought our power play looked good, it scored but it also looked good. I thought the process was real good. It built off Wednesday night when I thought the process was good. I thought we did lots of good stuff. When we ended up with the two penalties right in a row, unfortunately it was to the same guy, so the four D ended up out there a lot, I think that’s a bit of a grinding on them. Then I thought we protected the lead a little too much in the third. I thought we should have done a little better job on the attack.”

Was it a case of the guys just stopped skating?

“I don’t know if we stopped skating but we probably … we didn’t get on our toes enough. When we did have time in their end, we didn’t do a good enough job of getting pucks to the net, not that we weren’t attempting them potentially but we got to do a better job getting them through.”

What did you think of 3-on-3 overtime?

“That’s what three on three is going to be a little bit, a decent amount of chances each way. We obviously got caught on a long shift there, we had a couple of real good changes where we were able to get fresh guys out there; in that particular case we couldn’t. We were in there for a little bit too long and sometimes when you get tired, you stop thinking a little bit. So it was unfortunate but we certainly had our chances before that, that’s when you need to score.”

Did you like the look of the new line with Larkin, Tatar and Pulkkinen?

“I liked lots of it, I thought the Larkin line was probably our best line tonight. Potentially I should have gotten them more ice time. They seemed to generate the most, they didn’t give up much, the played real well defensively. I thought that was our best line. I liked the looks of them (lines) but we got to get better here. We still gave away easy offense when we didn’t need to and we still got to do a better job in the offensive zone of creating more scoring opportunities. I think our zone time is getting better but we got to create more scoring opportunities.”

Did you like the job that the power play did, especially with Smith on the point?

“I was just encouraged generally. I thought Wednesday there was lots of good stuff and we did a good job building off that. I thought the Zetterberg unit looked great, obviously Greener got hurt so he wasn’t in it the last part but it still looked good when Tats went in there and Smitty did a good job as well. I thought both units had opportunities. To be real good but we have to continue to build on it.”

What is the problem, is it execution or mental mistakes?

“I would say a little bit of both. I think we still got better in us, individually. We had some guys really going and some guys were just OK and some guys didn’t have great games. We need 20 guys having great games in order to win in this league. You’re not going to be your best every night but we got to have more guys with ‘A’ games every night and we’re going to need that tomorrow, we’re going to have to grind one out tomorrow.”

Would you say that Jimmy Howard had his A game tonight?

“I thought our goaltending’s been ‘A’ every night to be honest with you. They both played very well, they’ve both been a positive for us. They need to continue to be a positive for us but I think they’ve certainly been there.”

Is Green possible for tomorrow in Vancouver?

“I honestly don’t know that beyond that he wasn’t coming back tonight.”


Gustav Nyquist
Right Wing  - DET
Goals: 3 | Assists: 2 | Pts: 5
Shots: 12 | +/-: -1
You picked up a point, but how devastating was tonight’s loss?

"Huge, obviously. That's a game we played good in the first two periods, special teams are good, doing the right things, and then obviously in the third they came with a push and I thought we stayed back a little too much instead of forechecking them like we did in the first two. Get a goal at the end in that 3 on 3, it's pretty much a coin toss. Both teams get chances and it's first one to score."

How tough is it to get momentum back?

"We just gotta play our game and not worry about them. Obviously they're chasing a goal, they're going to come out with a push. Their D were real active in the third, I thought. We got a few odd-man rushes, I think, chances, just gotta find a way to bury them and put them away."

Your thoughts on how the power play was tonight?

"Power play was positive today, I thought penalty kill was a positive as well. We killed off all of them, I think, so special teams was real good today."

What did you think of the 3-on-3 overtime format?

"Obviously it's exciting, you've got a lot of open space out there, a lot of chances. Unfortunately they were the one that managed to put it away.”


Danny DeKeyser
Defense  - DET
Goals: 0 | Assists: 0 | Pts: 0
Shots: 2 | +/-: -2
How much did the loss of Mike Green affect your team tonight?

"It makes it a little bit tougher. Rolling five D, you're just kind of playing with everybody and everyone's getting more ice time. You just gotta keep the shifts a lot shorter and make simple plays and try to play in their end."

What positives can you take from a loss like this?

"I thought we played well. In the first period we played well. We were forcing them to take penalties and then we were putting it in the net on the power play. It started to swing a little bit in the second, we took a few penalties there. In the third it kind of kept sliding their way. We just gotta play a complete 60 is what it comes down to."

Did the second half of the game get away from you?

"It kind of felt like we were just holding, trying to survive, instead of taking it to them. That's definitely something we want to change. Hopefully we can do that tomorrow."

What were your impressions of the job that Jimmy Howard did?

"He played great. They could have had a few more goals easily, for sure. He played great, that's how we need him to play but we've got to be better in front of him, too."

Your thoughts on 3-on-3 overtime?

"Maybe not so much tonight. It definitely opens up the ice a little bit. There's a lot more scoring chances. It's a little more fun. Hopefully we can get a system down and start winning those."


Henrik Zetterberg
Left Wing  - DET
Goals: 2 | Assists: 8 | Pts: 10
Shots: 10 | +/-: 2
Is it hard to feel down after that one?

“I think we battled hard again tonight. Howard played really good in our net. The first half we created a lot of offense. I think our power play was better today. Unfortunately when Greener went down we played with five D and it started to wear on us a little bit. They got more and more momentum and spent more and more time in our end. We found a way to battle all the way. We had some good chances in overtime but unfortunately couldn’t get it done.”

How concerting was it to be living on edge in second half of game?

“When they got momentum they played in our end. We got a few chances when we finally got the puck in their end. We got some good ones, but they definitely had the second half and we had the first half.”

The power play got going a little bit in this game?

“We got two actually on the power play and we had some good chances in the beginning of the second, too. We could have had one more.”

What did you think of the play 3-on-3 overtime?

“Obviously this is our first one in regular season. I think it’s a fun set up. Obviously puck possession is huge. Something we’ve probably got to work on a little bit more now that we’ve done it once.”

You got a point, but it’s another setback, so where is the team at this point of the season?

“Right where we are. We won the first three and then we haven’t done much after that. We’re starting to do some things better. We’ve got a game tomorrow at Vancouver and we’ve just got to regroup and go at it.”


Jimmy Howard
Goalie  - DET
Record: 2-1-1
GAA: 2.24 | Sv%: .924
Was this a fun game for you?

“I mean it’s fun playing in the NHL. If you’re not having fun, this isn’t the job for you. It was a tough one, though. We’ve still got a lot of work ahead of us.”

How good do you feel about how you played tonight?

“It doesn’t matter. We didn’t get the extra point. At the end of the day, that’s all that counts.”

When ice surface begins to tilt in second half, were you hoping for some kind of offense to get game back under control?

“We took a couple of penalties and I think that’s when the game definitely transitioned into their favor. We did a great job in the second period of killing them off. I thought we came out at the beginning of the third and played good but their guy made some good saves down the other end, especially on Tats there at the end. Both on Tats actually, two-on-one and the one off the boards.”

You saw a lot of pucks early, was that important since you hadn’t played in a week?

“No. Like I said before the game. When you put the work in at practice. Get here early, stay late with the goalie coach after practice, you pretend that you are practicing in a game then, so it’s a pretty easy transition.”

What were your thoughts on 3-on-3 overtime?

“It was fun. Wide open. Exactly what you thought was going to happen. I just wish it was us celebrating now.”

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