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Post-Game Quotes at Buffalo

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Riley Sheahan
Center  - DET
Goals: 7 | Assists: 6 | Pts: 13
Shots: 80 | +/-: -12
What do thin about Larkin losing a tooth there in the third?

“Honestly, I didn’t even know. I knew he got bloodied up a bit but that’s unfortunate. It’s tough to give a guy grief about that because nobody likes losing teeth and getting worked on their teeth. But it’s good for him, he’s going to the hard areas and he’s getting rewarded for it.”

What did you think of the pace of the game?

“I think we had some good pressure and showed some offensive zone play really well. I think it was just a matter of time before we put one in and we were patient, we played good in the D-zone and good in the neutral zone, so I think it was just a matter of time before we put one in.”

Was it nice to breathe at end of game, getting that second goal?

“For sure. You obviously can’t take your foot off the gas pedal. We were consistent and it paid off for us. Having that extra goal definitely makes you feel comfortable but I think we did a good job of staying consistent and playing a steady game.”

Were you happy with the second period, especially the way your line played?

“Yeah, we were having fun and going to the right spots and reading each other well. It was good to get some O-zone, that was one thing we lacked. Getting some pucks to the net and creating some chaos, we did a good job of that, so it was fun, it was good to see.”

What about holding them to two shots in the third period?

“It was huge. When you can do that and keep lines going, rolling four lines and getting everybody on the ice, it makes everyone feel comfortable, so we had some fun.”

What did you think of Larkin’s goal, was it poetic after he took the high stick to the face?

“He comes through in big moments for us, so I don’t think it surprised anyone. He goes to those hard areas and he’s getting rewarded for it. I think he’s getting more respect out there, so guys got to be honest with him.”

Was doubt setting in when you couldn’t score despite dominating the game through two periods?

“Not really. I think we got to be a bit better on our power play but I think our consistency was good. I think we were happy with that and we played in all three zones properly. We’re happy with the way we played.”


Henrik Zetterberg
Goals: 9 | Assists: 23 | Pts: 32
Shots: 107 | +/-: 5
What turned things around for you in the third period?

“It’s a tight game. We knew we had to at least try to get as many shots as possible on the goalie. Tried to do it. We had over 40 shots tonight so eventually the puck will go in. Larks first one was a good play by Glennie I thought. One of those, just throw the puck at net and it went through his legs.

“Second was a nice pass by Larks to me and I was all by myself with the goalie and then Glennie finished it off. Petr was really good tonight again. But I thought except the power play we had a pretty good game.”

Did it help with the fortitude you need to score?

“That’s the only thing you can do when you struggle to score. You just gotta get more and more pucks to the net and I thought we did that tonight. But saying that, it is a close game. We wouldn’t get that first one it would be tight all the way in.”

With the pass he made to you, does Larkin cease to surprise you?

“No, he just keeps going, keeps going, and he’s a good player. He works hard. You saw his skill set tonight on my goal. Very nice pass through everyone to the back door.”

What about the job that Mrazek continues to do for this team?

“I said it before, I think the most consistently thing we have this year is our goaltending. Both Howie and Petr’s been tremendous and once again Petr tonight comes in and plays with such a calmness. It’s easy for us to play. He’s really good at playing the puck and giving the first pass to our D. It makes it a lot easier.”

Did you like the amount of traffic you got in front tonight?

“That’s what you need to do now. You just got to try and be in lanes and we have guys that do that really well.”

How nice was it to score three goals tonight after offensive struggles lately?

“It’s nice to score goals but we had over 40 shots so that helped. We just to do the same thing tomorrow.”


Dylan Larkin
Goals: 15 | Assists: 17 | Pts: 32
Shots: 126 | +/-: 23
Was it kind of funny of all the shots that was the one to go in for you tonight?

“You see that happen a lot. The goalie wasn’t ready for it. I knew he wasn’t going to be ready. I thought I had an open net but he did a good job of coming back. It got through his legs. You see those going in a lot these days.”

Can you describe the play made by Glendening?

“Yeah, awesome hustle to get back on-side. I didn’t even know that he was close to being offside. The hustle was great and then it was awesome that he stopped on the puck and stopped in front because he knew I was coming around. That’s just the kind of guy he is.”

What about the pass to Zetterberg, were you aware of how many guys were zeroing in on you?

“I saw it all. I saw him sneak back in there. I think everybody in the rink except those five guys knew he was wide open.”

Did you lose a tooth from that high stick by Marcus Foligno?

“No I didn’t.”

Looked like you were feeling the top row of teeth when you got back to the bench, were you?

“That was for my parents.”

How rewarding after getting hit in face was it to come through and score like you did?

“Yeah, I guess that kind of woke me up a little bit, kind of ticked me off a little bit so I was playing with some edge.”

What about the pressure you guys put on them in third period?

“I think it started in the second. They had some chances and Petr (Mrazek) did a great job. Our D did a great job of keeping them to the outside. They had a few two on ones but I think we countered pretty well. We kept them in their zone for a lot of the game.”

What about the job Petr did tonight and continues to do?

“It’s unbelievable just to have a goalie like that playing with as much confidence as he is. You know that maybe they’ll get one, but no more than two, so that’s a pretty comfortable feeling. It’s awesome to see him doing so well.”

You see him in practice, what makes him so difficult to score on?

“I think it’s just the way he reads plays, how competitive he is. He battles. I’ve never seen him give up on a play and that saves a lot of goals. The one is San Jose, plays like that can change a game.”

What is it about your line (with Zetterberg and Abdelkader) that seems to brings the shots and offense out of each other?

“I just think it’s a good combination of speed and skill. All three of us are pretty smart players. Abby can bury it and he can get to those hard areas. It’s a good combination and the more that we use each other the better we are. We’ve seen nights like this where it’s a slow game and I know we’re going to get a good chance and we’re going to be put into a spot. Playing with a guy like Henrik Zetterberg, you know he’s going to find you. It just happened to be the other way around tonight. We never really go away.”


Henrik Zetterberg's third-period goal gave the Red Wings a two-goal lead Friday in Buffalo. (Photo by Dan Mannes/Detroit Red Wings)

Larkin said the high stick kind of woke him up, was he reaction to it nice to see?

"Larks has got that competitive spirit for sure, not that he wasn't good early, but I did think his best was the last half of the third period there. He's certainly got the ability in games to turn it on, to bring it up to another level. To be honest with you, I just thought it was a very, very good complete team effort. I rolled all four lines, we didn't worry about who they were matched up against 'cause I felt real comfortable playing all four lines. I thought a real good team win."

Did it seem things really started to go your way beginning in the middle of the second?

"I'm not sure what point but at some point in the second for sure, we started to do a good job of grinding a little bit in the O-zone. That's something when we've been a real good team, we've done that. We've grinded. We went through a stretch about a month ago where we did that for a number of games and I thought tonight we did a good job of that as well. Obviously these guys (Buffalo) are coming back off the west coast, that's always a hard game, the first game back. For us, in terms of our own guys, I thought our energy level was great and I thought we did a good job as the game went along of winning puck races and puck battles."

Was it good to see that your confidence didn't get rattled when you couldn't score early?

"We've been in this situation lots, this is a situation that's certainly not new to us, we've had countless number of one-goal games, games like this where they've just kind of, it's just been real close the whole game. Part of it's that we haven't been able to separate ourselves, part of it's I think we've played good defense. The one thing we've got is great veteran leadership to understand in those games you just keep going. You've got to be OK with not much happening in the shift and get out the next shift and take what's given and not force things. Our veterans do a good job making sure our young guys know that and I thought we did a good job of that tonight."

Did you think you had a lot of chances to put the game away earlier?

"Yeah, I thought we did. We did a good job in generating shots, especially in that second period, especially I thought (Robin) Lehner was good. This team's well coached and they're real good defensively so they're like a lot of teams in the league. It's hard to score. It's a hard league to score in. You just got to stay patient and stay with it."

How did you maintain belief after having trouble scoring the last few games and then not scoring on the double minor in the third period?

"Yeah. I think honestly it's been a lot this season, not just the last couple games. We've generated stuff and we haven't scored lots. Again, I think part of that's the league, part of that's we don't cheat offensively so when you don't cheat, it's harder to score but you play good defense. I thought the one big thing was after that four-minute power play, we came out and had a really good shift. I think that's a good thing, to make sure the momentum stayed with us and it didn't go the other way."

What about the job that Mrazek continues to do for this team?

"I thought Petr was real good. The one thing with the lack of scoring is we really can't afford any mistakes and a game like that where I thought we were carrying large parts of the play, if a goalie makes a mistake, then the momentum switches big time. He didn't allow that. When we needed a couple big saves, especially in the second, we gave up a couple opportunities, one on a two on one, one on a shot from the point, I thought he made big saves."

How nice is it to see Zetterberg and Larkin play off each other?

"They've been good together when they've been together. We went away from it a little bit, obviously it came back today. They've got real good skill sets and I think Abby's a good guy on that line as well, he does a lot of that dirty work, goes to the net, so it's been a good line for the most part when they've played together."

Will you use the flight home to decide who starters in goal tomorrow against Anahem?

"I'll announce that tomorrow." editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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