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Post-Game Quotes at Anaheim

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings


Riley Sheahan
Center  - DET
Goals: 7 | Assists: 6 | Pts: 13
Shots: 71 | +/-: -9
What did you see from your late goal?

"It was just kind of a broken play, we had a chance to get some possession in the O-zone and Larks made a great pass. I don't think the goalie was really ready for it so he hit my stick quick. I just tried to get it off as quickly as possible, and luckily it went in."

Did you see replay of the non-goal in the first period?

"I just saw it kind of went up in the air. I saw it hit off something and went up. I figured it wasn't in. Our guys in the locker room looking at video saw something different so we took a chance."

What does winning four straight on the road mean?

"That's huge. When you can get wins like this in close games and work really hard to get them,I think it's huge for us and builds your confidence. We can have some fun on the road and spend some time with each other. I think it's huge to get some wins."

What about the job that Mrazek again tonight?

"He was huge. He made some big saves. We're confident with him in there, even if they get the puck in our zone. We kind of have to battle hard and were a little tired but we're confident he can make a save for us. He's been doing a good job of that."

What did you see from the goal that wasn’t allowed?

"I didn't think it went in. I saw it hit off something and go up in the air. I was a little confused about what we were looking at. Our guys in the locker room said they saw something different so we took a chance with in."

How comfortable is this team on road and in tight games?

"Yeah, it's huge. I think our older guys, our veterans, do a good job of getting us prepared and we kind of played in those different situations and during the tight games, they do a great job of leading for us."


Petr Mrazek
Goalie  - DET
Record: 15-8-3
GAA: 2.16 | Sv%: .930
What do you think about the four-game winning streak this team is currently on?

“We’re playing smart defensively. We don’t do big mistakes, playing smart in our zone and great penalty killers.”

How big was this win?

“Big win for us. We scored early. We didn’t give them many chances first 12 minutes.”

Is it hard when you don’t face many shots?

“It’s always hard when 12 minutes, I didn’t have no chances. There was one breakaway, missed the net. Then a chance against *Ryan) Getzlaf from the blue line, hit my blocker. That was my first save of the game. It’s always hard but you have to battle and work hard.”

After they scored, you make lots of big saves. That much did that help you?

“If they would score some goals right away the game would be different. You always can see when the home team scores they try and push hard and score the second one. We were lucky. They had some good looks and missed empty nets there.”

What does the success on this trip say about this team’s maturity level right now?

“I think we play smart defensively. We don’t give them many chances. We have great penalty killers. In three games with no goals. Battling hard in the D zone.”

Are you getting comfortable in one-goal games?

“We’ve had so many of them I don’t think we realize that. We just play and we’re out there trying to get focused at the end and don’t let any goals.”

Both goalies played pretty well, didn’t they?

“It’s always fun competition between goalies and more happier I’m on the (winning) end so that’s the thing I’m happy for.”

How big was it for you that you guys got the early lead?

“It’s always big when you score in first minute of the game. We didn’t give them much the first 12 minutes. I think they had one shot on the net. It of course help us but you could see when they score a goal they come hard.”

Do you feel you’re a on a good roll right now?

“I’m feeling good. I’m trying to battle every night and every puck.”

Are you looking forward to having night off in Los Angeles, as Howard draws into the lineup?

“It’s always nice when you’re playing back to back you don’t play. But this is over. We have go there and play smart and bring the win home.”


Dylan Larkin
Goals: 14 | Assists: 15 | Pts: 29
Shots: 115 | +/-: 24
Can you talk about the importance of not turning pucks over?

“I think the more you manage the puck the better we play. I think you saw how crucial it was in the third period to manage it. I’m sure there’s been times this year where it’s come back our way but I think any game you’ve got to manage the puck.”

Reading that play from the time Getzlaf had puck to the time you gave it to Sheahan what went through your mind?

“I knew he was going to be there and I felt Getzlaf come pretty hard. I knew that was the guy who was with She was following him in so I just threw it under his stick and good for me She was ready for it. It was a huge goal.”

Night after night you guys are finding a way in one goal games. How?

“I think just playing as a team and then obviously Petr’s been unbelievable. It gives you confidence when your goalie is hot and he’s going to make tons of saves. It was another good third period for us and good to find a way.”

How comfortable is this team on the road?

“I don’t know. It’s a long trip. We’ve been having some fun and we got some days off. I think we’re coming together. I think we feel comfortable but it’s a hockey game. What was big for us was our first eight minutes where we kept them to a shot.”

Your name comes up a lot for rookie of the year. Would you vote for yourself?

“No I wouldn’t vote for myself. I think it’s cool when it comes up but I try to stay away from it. The media in Detroit they do a good job of keeping it down. I’m just trying to play hockey. It’s a game and I guess you want to be the best but I don’t feel any pressure.”

To jump in like you did what’s been the biggest adjustment?

“Nights when you’re tired and back to backs and you’ve got to be on your toes. The other teams and the other players are so good and the league is so tight so you have to be on your toes every night.”

How much has the recent team bonding events helped you get to know more about your teammates?

“It’s cool to just try and bond and sit with other guys at dinner or if we’re playing beach volleyball, I’m not running out with the guys I usually go to dinner with or I live with. Just trying to reach out to other guys and get to know them. I think it’s a good time when you’re on the road.”

Sheahan’s shot that was reviewed, what did you see?

“I was behind him. I saw the net jump up so I thought it went in. I looked up at the last second. I was on the ice. When you saw the overhead look, it looked like it went in. You never know. You’ve got to check.”

How importance has defensive responsibility been for your team?

“I think team defense is huge. It does help when you’re goalie’s hot and as good as Petr has been playing. You’ve got to minimize chances and it starts with good puck management.”


Niklas Kronwall was very active on the defensive end of the ice Sunday in Anaheim. The Red Wings' defenseman helped out goalie Petr Mrazek by blocking three shots in the first two periods. (Photo by Getty Images)

What did you see on Sheahan goal in first that was ruled no-goal?

“It was weird from the bench. It looked like ‘how did it not go on?’ We couldn’t tell where the puck went and then our guys in the back here thought it went in based on what they saw. I looked at it between periods, I didn’t see a definitive view, so I still have not yet seen a definitive view. Somebody told me they thought it was in but I haven’t seen that yet.”

What did you think of Mrazek’s big saves that enabled game to stay tied until you got a break?

“I thought Petr was good again tonight. When we gave up chances he made big saves and he’s done that over this stretch of games for sure. I thought it was an unreal hockey game, I thought both teams pushed back and forth. We obviously started great and then they scored and got momentum the rest of the first. It had ebb and flow and had great chances both ways. I thought both goalies were really good and certainly Petr was a big factor in the win.”

What do you think of your first four-game win streak and all four on the road?

“I live in such a game-by-game world and I’m focused on this game. I have confidence in our hockey team and winning games, whether it’s on the road or at home. I don’t think we’re a team that – although we have great crowds at home, great momentum you can build at home – I think we’re a team because of our veteran leadership we can win on the road. Because we know, I believe, how to quell momentum . When momentum starts going the other way you got to really play smart hockey and I thought we did good job of that tonight.”

What do you think about scoring at 16 seconds on kind of a fluke goal?

“But it went in the net and I don’t care how it goes in. I just think the way the game’s played, the way every game is a one-goal game, every time you get the lead, the longer you have the lead the better you are. We feel comfortable. They came back and tied it, but the longer it’s tied, we feel comfortable in those spots, too. You just want to keep grinding and playing the best you can.”

Though you didn’t score on the power play, did you like the movement you got out of them?

“Obviously, their penalty kill has been real good, it’s been elite. I thought our power play did a good job. I thought we had shots at the net, I thought we created some chaos, we just didn’t score and that’s the way it goes sometimes. But the one thing that’s important on the power play is you build momentum and I thought we did a good job building momentum off those power plays.”

Like the strength of your PK over the last three games?

“I thought our penalty kill was great. I thought our penalty kill gave us a little bit of momentum. When we did break down Petr was really good but I thought we did a really good job on the penalty kill.”

What areas have you seen the most growth in Larkin’s development this season?

“Even when he makes mistakes he’s able to make up for it because he’s got a real elite skill set and an elite mind for the game and real inner drive. He makes mistakes but so does every player. Our job is to help him continue to get better and that’s what we’re working on. But again he’s on the puck, he seems to win lots of puck battles and he’s got such a good burst of speed that he’s able to really be a positive factor.”

How satisfied are you with the way the team has rebounded after the recent three-game losing streak?

“I think the one thing with this team is we’ve got a great culture and leadership group and we understand it’s an ebb and flow to the season. You’re going to go through stretches when you win, and stretches when you lose. What you gotta do is make those winning streaks as long as you can and quell the losing streaks as quick as you can and I think we’ve done a good job of that for the most part this year.” editor Dana Wakiji contributed to this report.

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