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Osgood press conference

by Staff Writer / Detroit Red Wings
Question:  What happened there?

Chris Osgood:  I just cramped up a bit, came off and did an IV. The doctor said it wasn’t going back in so he just made the decision so I just listened to whatever he said.

Q:  Feel okay today thought?

Osgood:  Yeah, I feel great. I feel 100%.

Q:  Has that ever happened to you before Chris?

Osgood:  No. Never. That’s not a big deal. So it was a good time for it to happen at that point though.

Q:  If the game was closer, would it have been a different story?

Osgood:  Yeah, I would have stayed in for sure.

Q:  Chris, we’ve talked about how your game has turned around in the playoffs and how good you’ve been. Can you just talk about how good your defense has been in front of you and how comfortable you feel with them?

Osgood:  Well it was the best game defensively last game by far. I mean Chicago has a good team, good offense. Last game especially we got pucks out real well, got them out quick that was the main point. We were making pretty plays, but we were getting pucks off the glass or off the boards or flipping them out and chasing them down, which is what we’ve got to continue to do.

Q:  But overall through this entire playoffs how you’ve felt so secure with them back there and how good they’ve been, really steady haven’t they?

Osgood:  Well it’s a team effort with six guys. Our forwards come back hard. Without our forwards coming back, it’s tough to play D. (inaudible) I think Ericsson has played really good. He’s played against their top players and Kronner is always a threat out there for other teams but brings that aspect for our D where our team has got worries on the ice, Nik’s neck and Rafi. Rafi had his best game of the playoffs last night so it was great. We had guys stepping up and playing really well.

Q:  Obviously you want to win every game, but just the importance to finish this series off with the guys you have banged up today to give them a couple days extra rest?

Osgood:  You always want to play the least amount of games as possible. In the playoffs, you want to finish off teams quick. I mean so knowing that, we’ve got to play our best game. I thought we played our best game last game but we need to do the same at home and just play a smart game. I don’t know if that had anything to do with us missing Nick, Pav, and Drapes, but I think we just simplified our game for some reason and played smart. When we do that, it creates offense and we see what happens when we play like that.

Q:  Considering the caliber of players that were missing, did this send a message as to the depth and strength?

Osgood:  We didn’t really think about it to be honest with you. We just played. Nobody mentioned it at all. I mean we’ve played without Pav for a couple of games now and Drapes had been out previous. So when we heard Nick was out, nobody really even said a thing. Guys know what we have to do and we just went out and played hard and guys picked up and filled the void great.

Q:  Speaks to the mental toughness of this team doesn’t it? Not only that, but their willingness to take some of the punishment and force Chicago a man short and take advantage of it?

Osgood:  We got involved in too many scrums in previous game and yeah we were penalized a lot, but I mean that had to do with us being in our zone and some of the penalties were penalties and we know that and we want to just play smart, play when the puck is dropped and between whistles skate away and get ready for the next play so I thought we did a good job with that. I mean that was just our smartest game by far in the playoffs so far.

Q:  How hard is that to avoid taking the goad that other players try to deliver like it was pretty obvious with what they were trying to do with Conklin?

Osgood:  Well they talk a lot. I think they talk more than any team has, even Anaheim. They chirp quite a bit on the ice. We just learned over the years playing different teams and different players in the playoffs that it does no good to stand there and chirp back or listen or throw punches. You don’t really accomplish much by doing that. You accomplish a lot by how you play when the puck is dropped and what you do when you’re physical during the course of the game when the play is on, not between the whistles. We don’t really accomplish anything being shorthanded so we’ve learned that over time. We knew that going in and corrected it for Game 4.

Q:  That’s just something that comes with experience?

Osgood:  Yeah, because we’ve done it before. When we were younger, we’ve done it. We are aware of the mistakes you make in the past and you just use it to your advantage to correct it. We just know how to play, that’s all there is to it.

Q:  Chris, how much attention do you pay to the other series going on?

Osgood:  Well that one, I haven’t even seen a game of it yet. The hotels don’t have Versus. I’ve seen a bit in the restaurant from a distance last game, but that was it so I more or less put it on my phone live and try to get the updates as it goes along so that’s what I’ve seen -- I haven’t seen them, but I’ve read about them on my phone.

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