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LCAAA history

by Staff Writer / Detroit Red Wings

Little Caesars is one of the most recognized and respected organizations in amateur hockey and one of the cornerstones of the Midwest Elite Hockey League. Mike and Marian Ilitch, owners of the Little Caesars Pizza chain, have been sponsoring amateur hockey teams since 1968 and are a major reason for the club's success.

The Little Caesar teams have an extraordinary tradition of winning, having captured numerous state championships and tournament titles over its more than 30 years history. While winning is always nice, it is only one facet of the hockey program. The major goal is to develop well-rounded individuals who are prepared for future careers on or off the ice. A mixture of instruction, discipline and positive feedback from outstanding coaches aids in that development and makes for a positive experience.

The Little Caesars AAA hockey club aligns itself very closely with the Detroit Red Wings, also owned by Mike and Marian Ilitch. Members of the back-to-back Stanley Cup winning team will occasionally drop by the youths' practice ice or locker room for motivation and instruction. Also, when ice is available at Joe Louis Arena, every effort is made to allow the amateur players to skate there.

Currently, 27 alumni of the Little Caesars AAA Hockey Club are playing, or have played, in the National Hockey League. Hundreds of others have established careers in collegiate hockey or other hockey leagues.

The Ilitch Family is very committed to amateur sports, and the Little Caesars Amateur Hockey Club will continue to be a model of success among other hockey teams. Impressive youth hockey is just one more reason why Detroit is called Hockeytown.

In this section you'll find comments from some of the people that have made the Little Caesars AAA Hockey program the power house that it is today. Players from the likes of Mike Modano to Lee Norwood and many others have worn the classic Blue and Orange Jersey. Look what some alumni have to say about their experiences when they were part of Little Caesars AAA Hockey.

David Legwand: Nashville Predators
"It's a good experience for young kids. They play a lot of hockey, but it helps them develop in all other areas of their lives. It's an exciting sport for both the kids and the parents. Traveling with the team is something I remember being exciting and fun. Going to Canada and playing the Canadawas was especially memorable."

Playing with Little Caesars AAA Hockey Club, I had an opportunity to travel a lot and play in a lot of hockey games. It was good experience, and I think a lot of guys feel the same way. It wasn't too physical, just a lot of hockey. It's a good league with the best players."

Mike York: Edmonton Oilers
"I played with the Little Caesars AAA Hockey Club growing up. It's a good organization. What I enjoyed most was traveling to tournaments -- it was a lot of fun and it helped me progress through my career. I still have friends that play in that league. "

Derian Hatcher: Dallas Stars
"The Little Caesars AAA Hockey Club is obviously a great league. It's probably the best league in the United States as far as competition goes. I think there are a lot of good teams there. The organization has it together -- traveling and competition. Everywhere we would go, we developed as players."

Established in 1968, Little Caesars AAA Hockey Teams have played over 30 years of championship caliber hockey. In this time, Little Caesars AAA Hockey has won 11 National Championships and 27 State Championships. This section will take you back and show you how these championship were won and the players involved in winning them.

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