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House Services

by Staff Writer / Detroit Red Wings

Red Wings Merchandise
A copy of our new and exciting Detroit Red Wings Merchandise Catalog will be provided to each Suite. For our Suite-holders convenience, authentic Red Wings merchandise is available on the Executive Suite Level. The stands are located across from Suite #70 and Suite #37. Cash, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted. The Executive Suite Department can also arrange to have pre-ordered merchandise in your Suite when you arrive for a Detroit Red Wings hockey game. Please call the Executive Suites Department at (313) 396-7445 to take advantage of this amenity.

Birthday Cakes
Personalized birthday cakes can be pre-ordered for an event by calling the Executive Suite Department 48 hours in advance. If you prefer to provide your own cake, call the Executive Suite Department to arrange for special permission to bring party items into the arena.

Bar to Par
Suite-holders wishing to maintain a "Bar to Par" may contact the Executive Suites Hospitality Manager and this will be arranged for you on a nightly basis. Please send us a list of your standard beverage menu and we will replenish the bar before each event, thus providing the Suite with a freshly stocked bar for every evening. Items stocked prior to the even will be billed that day.

Individual bartenders are available at the Suite-holder's expense. Bartenders may be requested through the Executive Suite Department by calling 72 hours in advance. If the Suite-holder prefers to hire their own bartender, the Suite-holder is responsible for providing a ticket for his/her entrance into the Arena, or a ticket may be purchased through the Executive Suite Department.

Each Suite-holder is responsible for distributing and maintaining their liquor cabinet keys. However, OEI requests a liquor key from each Suite-holder, which will be kept in a lock box with your Suite number on it. This will be used only at the Suite-holder's request and for our monthly cleaning and exterminating of each Suite. All requests for additional keys to the Suite must be forwarded to a Manager and will be billed to your credit card.

All Suites are equipped with a house phone which provides communication with our Suites Receptionists. Pay phones are located in the lobby areas of the East and West sides on the Main Street Level. Individual phone lines may be added at the Suite-holder's expense. Please let us know if you would like the ability to place outside phone calls from your Suite. There is a monthly fee for this service and we will need a credit card to bill you for the service. Please contact our office to arrange other billing methods.

Rules and Regulations
Video & Audio Equipment
The use of movie cameras and video or audio recording equipment is strictly prohibited. OEI reserves the right to confiscate any tape or film. Cameras under 54 mm are permitted for Detroit Red Wings games only. Please call the Executive Suite Department if you have questions regarding the use of cameras at other events.

To maintain privacy, Joe Louis Arena utilizes an extensive combination of experienced ushers, crowd control managers, and Detroit police officers for all events. If a Suite-holder is in need of these services, please contact the Executive Suite Department by using your house phone.

Closing the Suite
At the end of each event, the contact person or host should secure the Suite. The sliding glass door should be closed and locked. This will prevent anyone from entering the Suite from the balcony. The exterior hall door should be pulled closed until it latches, which will prevent anyone form re-entering the Suite without a key. Joe Louis Arena and Olympia Entertainment cannot be held responsible for the security of the contents of a Suite after an event if the Suite has not been properly locked up.

First Aid
The First Aid station is located on the first level of the Arena at the West Elevator lobby. An emergency medical unit is also available at all Detroit Red Wings games. If a guest is in need of medial treatment, please contact the Event Manager on duty. You may also use your in-Suite house phone emergency pre-dial button.

All patrons are expected to maintain proper order at all times while in the Arena. Suite-holders and their guests are prohibited from throwing objects into the audience or onto the playing surface or stage. Anyone acting in a manner deemed inappropriate by management will be subject to immediate expulsion from the Arena, and / or prosecution.

Persons under 18 years of age are not permitted in the Suites unless accompanied by an adult. Adults are responsible for the conduct of children at all times.

Suite-holders understand and agree to turn off all Suite lights, with the exception of a dim light for safety purposes, at the time the house lights go down prior to each performance (except for intermission) to prevent interference with the quality of the artist's lighting system.

Per the Michigan Clean Air Act, smoking is strictly prohibited in the entire Joe Louis Arena, except for inside the individual Suites on the Executive Suite Level only if the Executive Suite-holder permits smoking in his / her Suite. Smoking will not be permitted in any of the Suite permanent seating areas within the Arena bowl or Suite level concourse.

Fire Procedures
A Suite-holder should notify management immediately via the emergency pre-dial button on the house phone if they smell smoke or see a fire. While fire fighting should be left to trained professionals, there are fire extinguishers in the following locations: West Elevator Lobby, East elevator Lobby, across from Suite #20, across from Suite #60 and inside each Suite. Please consult the emergency exit sign posted inside your Suite for further information in case of evacuation.
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