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Game 4 Quotes

by Bill Roose / Detroit Red Wings
GLENDALE, Ariz. -- Here is what players and coaches had to say following the Red Wings' 6-3 win that eliminated the Phoenix Coyotes from the Western Conference quarterfinals in four straight games.

On the first period:
“I thought it was a good game by our team. In the first period, obviously, a couple goals went in off our feet and we didn’t have good sticks, but we played a good first period as well, because they’re charged up, they’re fired up and we outshot them 12-6.”

On the possibility of getting Johan Franzen and Henrik Zetterberg back in the second round:
“They’ll be ready to go, which is good obviously. We’re a way better team if we got Mules (Franzen) and ‘Z’ (Zetterberg) and we’re way deeper on three of our four lines now because Helmer’s (Darren Helm) line is so good, so that will really help us out.”
Detroit Red Wings Forward Todd Bertuzzi
                On Phoenix : “We got a lot of respect for that team over there. They work hard, they play hard, they’re a tough opponent and they played with everything they had and you got to tip your hats off to them, but it’s nice to get it over with, get to Detroit and get a little bit of rest here and get ourselves ready (for the next round).”
On his team’s composure: “We didn’t lose our composure; they came back on us a couple times and got some big goals. I thought we really stayed with it; great discipline and really patient and I think it paid off.”
On winning the WQC series:
“Guys are all excited, no matter what the age, especially. Guys like Bert (Todd Bertuzzi), and Mo (Mike Modano) and Drapes (Kris Draper) and Nik (Nicklas Lidstrom) and Holmer (Tomas Holmstrom), they’re all so excited, and it certainly shows in everybody’s play and it was a big series for us.”

On Detroit ’s win:
“Its pretty gut wrenching. That’s just not the way you like to see things finish. I think its best everyone takes a step back for a day and we’ll talk about it in a couple days. It’s disappointing. That being said Detroit played very well, they were the better team, and they won.”

On off ice turmoil affecting the game:
“Our guys did a very good job at managing it and keeping it outside the rink. With that being said, there needs to be a solution to the situation. It is a competitive disadvantage and there’s business people that talk about the business and this and that. That’s not my focus. My focus is on how do we get better and how can we put the best players, have the best chance to succeed on the ice. The way to do that is stable ownership. I don’t think you can win in this league without it. Not that the NHL isn’t stable, they’re very stable. But there needs to be a solution to the situation here and I think everyone recognized that here from the league, to our management, to our coaches, to our players. Hopefully that distraction won’t be there anymore.”
On Detroit ’s win:
“They scored more goals than us. They beat us. They beat us and we couldn’t get the game going the way we wanted it to, and they did. They beat us.”

On Phoenix ’s effort:
“I mean, with this team, I don’t think we’ve ever really questioned the effort. It’s always been there and sometimes we might not execute it as well as we wanted to. Tonight the effort was decent; it was there as usual and we needed to find a way to get that momentum more on our side.”
On the distractions facing the team:
“It’s so unique, I’ve never been apart of anything like this. It’s something that we had to focus on, taking the focus off… I don’t know if that makes sense. I’ve never… Like I said, for a guy like me that’s been around for a while, its one thing to kind of be able to part things, but for some of the younger guys it obviously wasn’t that easy.”

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