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Sather Conference Call Transcript

by Staff Writer / New York Rangers

Following Glen Sather's announcement that he will retain the head coaching duties for the New York Rangers, he took questions from the media.

Q: What is the thinking behind this decision?

GS: Well, I went through the process of talking to some people about the job and when the process was finished, I decided that maybe the person who already had the job was the best person for the job. So I decided to keep it.


Q: How tough was it for you to make this decision?

GS: I don't think it was that tough. I've always enjoyed coaching. The situation presented itself and it just seemed like the logical choice to make at this time.


Q: Have you decided on a coaching staff? Will the assistants return from last season?

GS: Well, they're all under contract for next season, so I don't see any reason to make any changes. We got along fine. They were very helpful and are a good group of guys.


Q: How many candidates did you speak to? Did you ever feel that you were far along in the process with any of them?

GS: I was serious about the process that I went through. The guys that I talked to were good people and well qualified.


Q: Did the uncertainty surrounding the Collective Bargaining Agreement have anything to do with your decision?

GS: I thought about that. I've thought about this (coaching decision) a great deal since the end of last season. The mystery of what will happen a year from now leaves a lot of question marks for all of us. I just think that under the circumstances, it was the right thing to do at this time.


Q: Was this something you could have imagined last season when you took over the coaching position?

GS: I think when I decided to step behind the bench last season, I thought about it. Once you get back into it (coaching), you sort of get into the rhythm of what's happening. Yeah, I thought I might keep going, but I didn't want to close the doors on some of the other people.


Q: Being that the jobs of General Manager and President have become more complicated than they used to be, do you intend to add staff to help you in those roles?

GS: No, I don't think so. We've got some pretty competent people here. Don Maloney is here. I've got lots of people who help me with my job the way it is today and I don't think that we need any extra help.


Q: Is there a certain style of play that you'd like to implement next season? A more offensive oriented system?

GS: How about winning?! Even when we were in Edmonton, that wasn't the type of style that we played, even though that's the way that the reporters described it. It was a situation where if you could forecheck, you got in. If not, you pulled out and we were very defensively cognizant of what was going on around us. A lot of the time when our team (last season) got in trouble, they weren't aware of what was happening around them. There's a certain time that you can go in (and forecheck) and a time you've got to get out of there. I think we made a lot of poor decisions and we're going to try and correct a lot of that stuff.


Q: Is there an update to the Mark Messier situation?

GS: I still haven't spoken to him. I really don't know. We haven't spoken.


Q: Can you comment on the free agent situation? Are there any players that you are targeting?

GS: There are a lot of guys that I'd like to have off that list, but it's always dictated by how much money it's going to cost. It's really hard to say no to any of these questions. You don't know what kind of money these guys are talking about or what the deal is.


Q: When did you reach this decision to return as head coach?

GS: We didn't make the playoffs last season, so I've had this feeling in the back of my mind that I left the job incomplete and I'd like to finish that.

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