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Sather Conference Call Transcript

by Staff Writer / New York Rangers

Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather spoke with the media following the team's announcements regarding the Mike Dunham trade as well as the decision for Mike Richter to miss the remainder of the season.

Q: Did you have several options, or did you make this decision based on the fact that you found out that Mike (Richter) was finished for the season?

GLEN SATHER: I started looking into this about 10 days ago. I thought for the last few weeks that there was a possibility that this might happen. I’ve been looking around for a little while. I didn't want to be scrambling around when the announcement hit the street that he wasn't going to be back.

Q: Do you feel that Dan Blackburn’s performance of late triggered this deal?

GLEN SATHER: I thought that Dan has played very well. He’s only 19 years old and has played well. To expect him to be the goaltender for the next 50 games – I just didn’t feel that it was fair to him or fair to us.

Q: Does this trade reflect your feelings of what you think the team’s chances are this season?

GLEN SATHER: Well, I certainly don’t expect our team to fall apart. We have a good team but have been hit with an awful lot of injuries so far this year. Sooner or later, our luck is bound to turn around and I think this is the first step for the turnaround. Dunham is an excellent goaltender and gives us a great chance. We had to do something. I really didn’t want to see Danny lose his confidence. We have to be supportive to him and the rest of the team. This move was made to give us a little more strength in the goaltending department. We’re very fortunate to get a player like Mike (Dunham). And they’re not going to mail a guy like that to you. You’ve got to give up something and this is where it ended up.
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