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Rangers Youth Hockey Camp: Week 3 Day 2

by Staff Writer / New York Rangers

On Ice AM Sessions: New York Rangers alumni Mark Janssens joined players during this morning’s session. The lesson plan focused on puck control and protection. Players practiced how to properly keep your body in between the puck and the defender. Players participated in drills such as 2-on-2 in a small area, 1-on-1 battling for a free puck and skating inside a circle while protecting your puck and knocking your opponent's puck out of the circle. Goaltenders progressed on their skating skills and combined proper movement with visually focusing on the puck improving their hand eye coordination.

On Ice PM Sessions: The afternoon session concentrated on passing but more specifically passing in motion. Players practiced by teaming up with a partner and passing back and forth, while one player skated forward towards their partner simultaneously skating backwards until they received the pass. Players also practiced cycling and got to play a game where you activate your teammates if you passed them the puck.

Dynamic Training: Led by Matt Radoslovich of Velocity Sports in Mahwah, New Jersey. Today’s training practiced explosiveness and agility. To start, players practiced powerful strides by digging into the ground and exploding into a quick start. Players then participated in ladder and hurdle drills that emphasized quick feet and transitioning.

Classroom Presented by Kumon: Today’s classroom session concentrated on game preparation. The main focus was how you can prepare yourself for a game before you get to the rink. Topics discussed were how much sleep you should have gotten, appropriate things to eat and stretching the morning before a game.

Off-Ice: Today, players worked on their passing during their off ice session. Players practiced stationary passing, quick touch passing, accuracy passing and passing while in motion. The group started off warming up with stationary passing and then ran a drill that focused on quick touch passing where you could not stickhandle after getting the ball back to you. Then, coaches set up mini-nets to practice accuracy and players finished off by getting in lines and passing back and worth, while moving from one line to the other.

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