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Rangers Youth Hockey Camp: Week 1 Day 4

by Staff Writer / New York Rangers

On Ice AM Sessions: New York Rangers Alumni Adam Graves and Dan Blackburn joined the players in the morning sessions. The main focus on the ice was even play situations and awareness. The group participated in drills that taught situational play down low, proper positioning, creating angles and scoring chances.

On Ice PM Sessions: After concentrating on even play situations in the morning, the afternoon session focused on odd player situations and defensive awareness. The instructors ran 3-on-2 drills that emphasized offensive support, defensive positioning and communication between players. The group also practiced their pivoting to allow players to transition to an offensive or defensive situation.

Off Ice Training: Players worked on their shooting techniques during the off-ice session, as coaches demonstrated the different steps in having a hard, accurate shot. Then the group practiced these techniques by aiming for different targets high and low, left and right on the net.

Dynamic Training: Led by Matt Radoslovich of Velocity Sports in Mahwah, New Jersey. The players started off the session with dynamic stretching which led into dynamic balance training. Players then participated in an obstacle course which involved ladders and hurdles and also got the chance to sprint with parachutes attached to them.

Classroom Presented by Kumon: Campers reviewed what they learned in the different elements of good health. This included hydration, exercise, proper nutrition and rest and recovery. Players also learned about components of good mental health like stimulating brain activity and having a positive attitude.

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