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Rangers Youth Hockey Camp: Week 1 Day 3

by Staff Writer / New York Rangers

On Ice AM Sessions:
The morning session’s main focus was shooting the puck. Players learned the proper techniques and received tips about how to shoot. Goalies practiced their net play and recovery by participating in drills that worked on wrap arounds with an option to pass to the slot.

On Ice PM Sessions: New York Rangers Alumni Dan Blackburn joined the players for this afternoon’s session. Dan introduced horizontal and vertical technique to the goaltenders today in order to help seal off the ice and post on bad angle shots. Players were introduced to offensive and defensive concepts of team play. They participated in drills that implemented stealing, supporting and protecting the puck, quick passing and gap control.

Off Ice Training: The emphasis of today's off-ice training was passing. Players practiced stationary passing, quick touch passing and passing while in motion. They also practiced their accuracy by passing into mini nets from a distance.

Dynamic Training: Led by Matt Radoslovich of Velocity Sports in Mahwah, New Jersey. Matt set up a box with cones and had the players work on their shuffling and power slides. He also implemented a team building exercise by having the players pass a weighted ball over the back of their heads while they stood in a straight line

Classroom Presented by Kumon: The main emphasis on today's session was living a healthy balanced life, and recovery from living an active lifestyle. Players learned the importance of resting your body for the right amount of time, proper eating habits, the appropriate amount of sleep and the different ways to take care of your body. Players were also reminded about how they should act in the locker room and why it is important.

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