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Summer Catch Up: Chris Kreider

by Matt Calamia @MattCalamia / caught up with forward Chris Kreider at Junior Rangers Hockey Camp to see how No. 20 was spending his summer in New York.

NYR: How have you been spending the summer?
CK: "I don't go very far. I stick around here mostly. I try to kick my feet up. We do so much traveling during the year. I had a bunch of weddings, though. I got to see my family a little bit."

NYR: Despite the travel during the year, did you get to go on any trips?
CK: "I had a handful of weddings and bachelor parties. Besides that, just tried to stay put and get ready for next year."

NYR: We heard you were playing some softball this summer. How is that going?
CK: "I'm a dynamite softball player. Every time I've shown up we've lost. The few times I haven't been there we've won."

NYR: What's your go-to position?
CK: "I go wherever they need me. As of now, I've benched myself because like I said, we're on a bit of a hot streak."

NYR: Any good movies or TV shows you've checked out?
CK: "I'm happy Game of Thrones is back. Movies? I haven't been watching a ton of movies. There's supposed to be some good ones out, right? I've been running around and haven't had a ton of time to get to the movies."

NYR: Check out any concerts in the city?
CK: "I've seen a handful of concerts. I saw Jamestown Revival in Brooklyn. I was going to see Dawes but didn't have the opportunity to. I got to see them last summer. I really, really like them a lot. I'm supposed to see the Melvins with some friends."

NYR: Oh yeah? Are you a fan?
CK: "Oh yeah. They scare the people. I like them. I work out to the Melvins. Everyone gets really angry when I put them on."

NYR: How has the training been?
CK: "I run a half marathon, do some curls that's about it. No, I'm doing what everyone else is doing. In the gym and trying to get on the ice."

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