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Prospects Prepare for August Calgary Camp

by Staff Writer / New York Rangers

With a little over one month before the start of Training Camp, 30 Rangers prospects will gather at the University of Calgary in Alberta for a four-week development camp (August 3 to August 29), where they will have an opportunity to enhance various hockey skills, get a taste of training methods critical for future play in the National Hockey League and gain familiarity with the Rangers organization. This marks the second consecutive season the Blueshirts have held the late-summer Calgary Camp. The Rangers also held a week-long prospect camp earlier this summer at the MSG Training Center in Westchester, New York.

During the four-week stretch, the attending players will be immersed in the Rangers culture and will be exposed to the facilities and methods of the Olympic Oval at the National Sports Training Center.

Rangers Vice President of Player Development/Assistant Coach Tom Renney (above, with Dan Blackburn at the 2001 NHL Entry Draft) is coordinating the Development Camp curriculum as well as on-ice instruction.

"What we hope to achieve, within this time frame, is the enhancement of our players' individual skills such as skating, puck handling, passing and the processing of hockey information," said Renney. "As well, emphasis will be placed on each player's personal development and the team tactics required to compete at the NHL level."

The Camp will also consist of an extensive off-ice program of strength and fitness training that will address and challenge each player in preparation to making the jump to professional hockey. Rangers Strength and Conditioning Coordinator Reg Grant will supervise and coordinate this portion of the four-week program. Aerobic and anaerobic training will be part of each prospect's day, including daily attention to the areas of agility, balance and coordination.

In addition, classroom sessions will be held each week, focusing on the areas of visualization and mental imagery, relaxation methods, emotional control and goal setting. With the Olympic Oval being home to many Canadian national athletes and coaches, the players will also have the opportunity to interact and train with many of them.

While the main goal of the Camp is to develop these players into future NHLers, each prospect will also be evaluated on his performance in an effort to determine whether he warrants an invitation to Training Camp in September.

Be sure to check back throughout the four-week stretch for updates from the Camp.


Dan Blackburn
Chris Holt
Jason LaBarbera
Henrik Lundqvist

Ivan Baranka
Danny Eberly
Nathan Guenin
Bryce Lampman
Rory Rawlyk
Dylan Reese
Jeff State
Jake Taylor
Fedor Tjutin
Craig Weller

Ryan Cuthbert
Joseph Crabb
Nigel Dawes
Ivan Dornic
Kim Hirschovits
Hugh Jessiman
Marcus Jonasen
Lucas Lawson
Steven MacIntyre
Nathan Martz
Pontus Petterstrom
Petr Prucha
Richard Scott
Juris Stals
Mike Walsh

* Not every player will be attending for the full four-week period.
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