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Glen Sather Press Conference Transcript - Poti, Murray

by Staff Writer / New York Rangers

Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather met with the media following Tuesday's Trade Deadline:

Question: How much more pleased are you now with your team now then two days ago?

Glen Sather: I would be more pleased if the trading deadline doesn’t fall on the day when you are playing a game so that you can get people in here. You know with the number of trades that happened today, it’s a crime that we are all playing, because there are going to be a lot of teams effected by this. I think that we helped ourselves. Rem Murray is a smart player. Poti’s a good mobile defensemen who can move the puck out of our end. He is 24 years old. He will certainly be one of the top four guys (defense) in our lineup. I am disappointed that I had to trade Mike in this kind of a deal, because he is such a hard-working, good young player. The way things were going, we had to do something on our defense to shore it up.

Question: You said top four guys (referring to Poti) on the team…did you mean defensemen?

Glen Sather: Yeah, top four defensemen on our team for sure.

Question: Opinion of Poti’s play?

Glen Sather: He is a very effective guy. He moves well laterally. He can make the first move around people and skate the puck out. You’ll see when you see him. He is the kind of guy who can carry and handle the puck. I think he will be one of the top players in the league. He is certainly capable. He’s young, he’s 24-years old.

Question: Is Poti’s style similar to Scott Niedermayer’s?

Glen Sather: He is a lot like Scott except I think he is a little more rangy than Scott. He skates and moves the puck well, anticipates well. He has a good shot.

Question: On Poti’s holdout in Edmonton …

Glen Sather: Well he isn’t the only guy who has gone through that in Edmonton. Jason Arnott went through it. He held out in training camp. Fans got on him and it started to affect his game and that is pretty much the same thing that has happened to Poti. I think that it’s going to help him. He’s young and it’s the first time he has been traded. I’m excited and I think he is going to be terrific for us.

Question: On Poti deal coming down between Rangers and Islanders.

Glen Sather: We have talked about this for a long time now, this kind of a deal. I think a deal could have gone down to the Island just as easy. I didn’t want to see that happen.

Question: On Rem Murray …

Glen Sather: He will help on the penalty kill. Rem is very effective. He can take faceoffs and can play anyone of the forward positions. He’s smart and is a very effective player.

Question: Did Mike York’s lack of scoring lately cause you to make this deal?

Glen Sather: I don’t want to talk about anything negative towards Mike. I think he was a great guy for us and he worked his butt off every day. He was a terrific player for us.

Question: Could you have kept York out of the Poti deal?

Glen Sather: No, we couldn’t keep him. Especially now that we lost Dvorak. We had some other options available, but once Radek went done that changed a lot of things.

Question: On playing on the Trade Deadline day ...

Glen Sather: I don’t think we should play the day of the trading deadline. I don’t think it is fair, because it effects a lot of teams. Here we are with two players that can’t be here. We traded one guy we had on our team. If the deadline were on an off day, it would be an even deal for all the teams. The way it is now, some teams will get use of these players and some teams won’t. It will effect both the teams that aren’t playing and the ones that aren’t playing. It will have a drastic effect on the standings.

Question: Were you close on any other deals?

Glen Sather: There were a lot of things we talked about that didn’t happen. There were other players out there that we didn’t get that we would have liked to make a deal for but just couldn’t.

Question: What are your expectations of Murray?

Glen Sather: He is the kind of guy who is not going to make a lot of mistakes. He is going to work hard; he’ll block shots and will give you 100 percent every night. He is also a real good person.

Question: More on the Trade Deadline …

Glen Sather: I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t change it to the beginning of February. You make these deals with 12 or 14 games to go and you don’t really get a chance to get the players in your lineup and you don’t get the full effect and value. How many players moved today? 40 some players today? To disrupt their families, their lives for a short period of time. I would like to see a longer period of time if you are going to make a deal, but I am sure that is going to happen the next time around.

Question: How would you like to build the Rangers, trade or draft?

Glen Sather: I would like to draft and let them grow up together. We will find out after 2004. A whole lot is not going to change until then. After 2004 a lot of this is going to change. The way teams are built, the way you can compete, the advantages of large markets versus small markets, Canadian versus U.S. teams, a lot of that is going to change, but that is for another day.
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