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Development Camp Update: Renney Reviews Week One

by Staff Writer / New York Rangers

With the first week of Rangers Development Camp in the books, Head Coach and Vice President of Player Development Tom Renney checks in with an update from Calgary, Alberta.

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The New York Rangers Prospect Development Camp is now one week old, and we are off to a good start. In each of the three weeks of the Camp , we will see approximately thirty players participate.

Reg Grant, the Rangers Strength and Conditioning coach, has put togther an exceptional off-ice component to the Camp that has the players putting in three hours of dryland training every morning.

We have also continued to add to the technical base of our players as Tomas Pacina works the on-ice "skill" sessions, along with Perry Pern, Ryan McGill and Nick Fotiu, who provide the on-ice drills for tactical growth.

Notable participants this week include: Hugh Jessiman, Ivan Baranka, Tomas Pock, Jake Taylor, Lee Falardeau, Dwight Helminen, Bruce Graham, Ryan Hollweg and Chris Holt.

Where we have had the most significant change to this year's Camp, compared to the previous two that we have held in Calgary, is in the number of legitimate Rangers prospects who are in attendance.

In each of the three weeks, a minimum of twenty six Blueshirt prospects will participate. This is a clear indication that we are stocking the shelves in the organization, of young talent, who should - over time - develop into contenders for positions on the Rangers roster. The Camp is certainly serving its purpose.

- Tom Renney

For Blueshirt Prospects, Camp Gets Underway in Calgary - 8/2/2004


Chris Holt
Jason LaBarbera
Alvaro Montoya
Jeff Harvey (TO)

Ivan Baranka
Nate Guenin
David Liffiton
Jonathan Paiement
Thomas Pock
Corey Potter
Rory Rawlyk
Dylan Reese
Danny Syvret
Jake Taylor

Zdenek Bahensky
Pat Bateman (TO)
Robin Big Snake (TO)
Dane Byers
Ryan Callahan
Nigel Dawes
Ivan Dornic
Brandon Dubinsky
Lee Falardeau
Rob Flynn
Jordan Foote
Trevor Gillies
Bruce Graham
Dwight Helminen
Ryan Hollweg
Hugh Jessiman
Marcus Jonasen
Rick Kozak
Greg Moore
Darin Olver
Jakub Petruzalek
Roman Psurny
Ken Roche
Juris Stals
Joe Tallari (TO)
Mike Walsh

* Not all players will be attending Camp for the full three weeks.
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