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Day 1: A Long Flight and Some Fried Iced Cream

by Staff Writer / New York Rangers

By Morgan Frawley

The first day of our trip to Sweden is in the books, and the best is yet to come.

Earlier this year, my mom told me about a contest the Rangers were holding that would send the team who donated the most hockey equipment to Sweden to face a junior team in Gothenburg. When I heard about it, I wanted to get involved even if I wasn't sure I'd be able to take part in the trip.

I texted friends and current and former teammates, took to social media and told anyone I could to give me their equipment to donate for the contest. My entire backseat was filled with hockey equipment.

The news that we had won came as a total shock. I was at a dinner for my varsity hockey team and we saw a New York Rangers car parked outside. It was crazy. And if winning the contest and getting a trip to Sweden wasn't enough, I received word I would in fact be able to take part and join some former teammates and my coaches on the trip across the Atlantic to take on Frolunda.

After leaving JFK airport around 10:30 Sunday night, we touched down in Stockholm Monday morning and took a bus to our hotel. After unwinding a bit, we hit the streets to explore the neighborhood and take in all the city has to offer.

A flag hanging in Stockholm. Photo by Morgan Frawley

The things that stood out to me the most about the city compared to back home was - obviously - the different language, but also the design of the buildings. None in our area were more than three floors high and all were much older and prettier than what I'm used to back home.

At dinner, I contemplated the Swedish meatballs but decided against them at the last minute when I saw they were cooked with deer. No thanks! I went wit the steak and it was good, but another big change from back home was that no one was asked how we wanted the meat cooked. By that time we were fighting sleep - or lack there of. Most of us didn't sleep much on the nearly seven-hour flight from New York, but our fight was worth it in the end when we capped off our first night in Sweden with fried iced cream.

Now we're back at the hotel and it's time to rest up for the next chapter in our trip. We're slated for an early morning train ride across the country to Gothenburg, where we'll spend the next two days of our journey. I'm looking forward to the long ride because the train offers my teammates and I a better look at Sweden, something we'd miss from thousands of feet up in the sky.

Morgan, 17, is a senior at North Rockland High School. She will be blogging throughout the team's trip to Sweden. North Rockland donated more than 2,500 pieces of equipment in the NYR Assist donation drive.

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