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Western Conference Playoff Tracker

by Jay Levin / Nashville Predators
Nashville locked up a playoff spot on Friday night and was followed a couple hours later by the Anaheim Ducks and Phoenix Coyotes as the Conference enters Saturday's play with seven of the eight playoff slots locked up. Chicago and Dallas -- both off until Sunday -- have work to do in order to lock up the final playoff berth. Seeding is still at stake with the weekend games; following Saturday's loss at St. Louis the Preds can finish anywhere from fifth to seventh in the Conference playoff seedings. (Click here to purchase Preds home playoff tickets)

What's At Stake On Sunday For The Preds:
One game of influence for the Preds -- Chicago's game at Detroit. A Chicago win (of any type) and Hawks would finish above the Preds in the final standings. A Detroit win (of any type) and the Preds finish above the Hawks in the final standings. Detroit regulation win and a Dallas win would eliminate the Hawks from the playoffs in favor of the Stars (who would earn the No. 8 seed). Click here for more on the different seeding options

Western Conference Expanded Standings Look

Team Points* Adjusted Wins^ Games Remaining* Max Pts** Remaining Schedule
#4 Anaheim 99 43 0 99 1st Round Playoffs
#5 Nashville 99 38 0 99 1st Round Playoffs
#6 Phoenix 99 38 0 99 1st Round Playoffs
#7 Los Angeles 98 36 0 98 1st Round Playofs
#8 Chicago 97 38 1 (1H) 99 Sun vs. DET
#9 Dallas 95 37 1 (1A) 97 Sun at MIN
^ the first tie-breaker is regulation/OT wins (excluding shootout wins)
** the most points a team can finish with in the '10-11 regular season

Seeding Possibilities:
No. 1 seed - Vancouver is locked in to the #1 seed
No. 2 seed - San Jose
No. 3 seed - Detroit
No. 4 seed - Anaheim
No. 5 seed - To Be Determined (either Nashville or Chicago)
No. 6 seed - To Be Determined (either Nashville or Phoenix)
No. 7 seed - To Be Determined (can be any of CHI, LA, NSH, PHX)
No. 8 seed - To Be Determined (can be any of CHI, DAL, LA)

Games of Note:
Nashville d. Columbus, 4-1
Chicago d. Detroit, 4-2
Dallas d.Colorado, 3-2
Phoenix d. San Jose, 4-3
Anaheim d. Los Angeles, 2-1

St. Louis d. Nashville, 2-0
San Jose d. Phoenix, 3-1
Anaheim d. Los Angeles, 3-1

Detroit at Chicago
Dallas at Minnesota

Tie Breakers

If teams finish the season with the same number of points, the following procedure is used to determine seeding:
1. The greater number of games won, excluding games won in the Shootout (NEW for 2010-11). This figure is reflected in the ROW column.
2. The greater number of points earned in games between the tied clubs. If two clubs are tied, and have not played an equal number of home games against each other, points earned in the first game played in the city that had the extra game shall not be included. If more than two clubs are tied, the higher percentage of available points earned in games among those clubs, and not including any "odd" games, shall be used to determine the standing.
3. The greater differential between goals for and against for the entire regular season.

Nashville's tie-breaker situation vs. playoff pack
Anaheim - Anaheim has secured Tie-Breaker vs. Nashville. Anaheim won ROW
Chicago - Chicago has secured Tie-Breaker vs. Nashville.
PhoenixNashville has secured Tie-Breaker vs. Phoenix. ROW is tied (38 wins to 38 wins); season series split (4pts to 4pts); Nashville won goal differential (+25 goals to +5 goals).

In a three-team tie-breaker (Anaheim, Nashville, Phoenix)
Anaheim has secured the top spot (ROW) and Nashville has secured the second spot (goal differential vs. Phoenix)

In a four-team tie-breaker (Anaheim, Chicago, Nashville, Phoenix)
Anaheim has secured top spot of the tie-breaker (ROW), Chicago has secured the second spot (ROW with a regulation/OT win or head-to-head pts percentage in CHI/NSH/PHX bunch with a shootout win), Nashville would have the third spot with a Chicago regulation/OT win (goal differential vs. Phoenix) or Phoenix would have the third spot with a Chicago shootout win (head-to-head points percentage in CHI/NSH/PHX bunch).

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