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Training Camp Update: Oct. 1

by Jay Levin / Nashville Predators
Daily Recap - Wednesday, Oct. 1 - Training Camp Day 13

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Upcoming Preseason Schedule:
October 2 vs. Carolina
October 3 at Atlanta
October 5 at Carolina

Another day of on-ice workouts today, with a heavy emphasis on five-on-five drills early in the practice and mostly power-play/penalty kill related drills later in practice.

Nick Tarnasky made his debut with the team after flying in from Bratislava, Czech Republic (where the Tampa Bay Lightning were preparing for the NHL Opening Series against the NY Rangers).

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Coach Trotz
On Nick Tarnasky’s first day on the ice with the team…
Head Coach Barry Trotz talking through team strategy with newly acquired forward Nick Tarnasky during Wednesday's practice .
“He looked fine, considering he had a long flight. I’m sure his body clock’s all over the place. He just got over to Europe, he wasn’t there very long, and then the trade happened and he basically turned around and went the other way and showed up at practice today. He did fine. He skates pretty well and he has a real hard shot. I’m sure he’s just trying to find his way a little bit.”

On Dan Hamhuis…
“It’s been really good when he’s played. Obviously he hurt his knee for a few days (skated the full practice today). Probably from the standpoint, is he’s a constant with us. He was one of our top guys the last couple of years. I think this year he’s just extending that. He’s one of our leaders, he’s one of our key guys on defense, so I probably sometimes just take him for granted. I’m very happy with Hammer and his training camp so far. He looks very poised, looks like he’s taken the next step so from that standpoint I have no complaints at all.

On the final three preseason games...
“It’s preseason, but to me we’re into the last three games here, we’re getting into our team. To me it is about creating your momentum for the season. It’s not, ‘Hey, we’ve got three more preseason games and then we can start the real season.’ I think that’s the total wrong attitude if anyone says that. We’re building. We’re going to be good tomorrow. We better be better the next game and we better be really good the last game. I know that last game sometimes takes on that NFL-type of lets get to the regular season, but at the same time the areas of special teams, execution, being sharp mentally, just paying a lot of attention to details, because every time you’re on the ice it matters. These three games are about making sure that you’re going 100% come the start of the season. It’s not about easing yourself in or just getting to the first game of the season. It’s about getting ready and if you’re not getting ready, then you’re cheating your teammates. To me, in a team sport, you don’t want to cheat your teammates. That’s the biggest sin a player can commit.”

Forward Radek Bonk
On Training Camp…
“It’s been good. We’ve had some hard days. That’s the way it should be, especially the last two, three days here we’ve had pretty good skating practices. Pretty good jumps. I think it’s an important step to get ready for the season.”

On the importance of the final three preseason games…
“Of course it’s important. You don’t get any points for the standings, but it’s just the last chance to hit the stride and carry it over in to the season. The last two or three games, especially, before the season starts, you want to be sharp.”

On the NHL Season Opening Series in Czech Republic…
“It’s going to be great for them. A lot of people will never have the chance otherwise to see an NHL game, but it’s going to be a big Holiday there. People are excited. The two games are going to be sold out. It’s a big thing for Czech people.”

Forward Jerred Smithson
On the pace of Training Camp…
“We’ve had some good work days. The regular season’s right around the corner here. We have three exhibition games, but like Trotzy said today, we want to be firing on all cylinders once the season starts. We’ve put in some good work this week. We have some big games this weekend and we’ll just go from there.”

On the importance of starting to form line combinations…
“You know in camp you’re playing with everyone. You really don’t know their tendencies and what not, but now that the group is a little smaller you know what guys are doing, what guys are capable of doing. It’s a little easier to work with.”

Forward Nick Tarnasky
On his role with the Preds…
“I think just coming in and being a physical forward and stand up for my teammates and try to provide a little bit of offense from the lower lines.”

On how his legs felt after the long flight from Czech Republic...
“Felt a little bit tired today. But you know that’s part of the game, adapting to what ever is going on around you. I think I battled through it pretty well. I’m just looking to prepare and become a contributor here.”

On his perception of the Predators while he was with Tampa Bay…
“All I really knew about them was guys that work hard and fight for pucks. There are guys that hit here, no matter if they’re small or big, they’re hitting. When I found out I was coming here, I was excited because that’s similar to the type of game I play. I knew it was going to be a good fit for me here.”

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