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Summer Snapshot: Ryan Jones

by Staff Writer / Nashville Predators
Well the summer is under way after a disappointing end to my second season of the year. We all expected to go far with how talented our team was in Milwaukee, but unfortunately we came up short.

Now it is time to get to work in preparation for next season. I spend my summer in a small suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota with my trainer and a couple former teammates from Miami. I took a couple weeks off in hopes to help my injury heal so I could train to my full potential. Monday marked my first day of full training, which includes lifting, running and biking. I also started some visual acuity training which will help with hand-eye coordination and quicker recognition of situations on the ice.

Training takes up most of athletes' summers but we do find time for vacations and I am no exception. I have plans to visit my father in Chatham and mother in Nanaimo, BC. I am actually pretty excited to get out to British Columbia; it is beautiful and a nice break from the flat scenery of Minnesota.

Ryan Jones just before the hair was chopped off for pink hearts funds.
Minnesota is actually starting to heat up which led to my regretted hair cut. The fortunate part what that I was able to donate my hair to pink heart funds which is an organization that makes wigs for children who suffer hair loss from cancer. This is the part where I apologize to everyone for having to put up with my ugly hair all season, but it was for a good cause so I hope you understand.

That is basically what I have been up to, as well as my plans for the summer. I look forward to getting back into Nashville in September for camp and hope to see you all again next year.

Ryan Jones
June 2009

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