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Stick Kid for the Day Winners

by Staff Writer / Nashville Predators would like to congratulate Codie K. and Paige P., winners of the Predators Stick Kid for a Day contest. Thank you to everyone who entered. We received many great essays from young Predators fans, including some from as far away as Boston, MA and Western Canada! It was a tough decision, but our panel of judges selected Codie's essay on Jordin Tootoo and Paige's essay on J.P. Dumont.

Codie and Paige will go to the morning skate practice with the Predators on Saturday (Feb. 23) and will also get four tickets to that night's game against the Dallas Stars.

Codie's Essay
I love the Nashville Predators. I have lots of favorite Predators players. My favorites are Shea Weber, Ryan Suter, Jed Ortmeyer and Darcy Hordichuk, but my absolute favorite is Jordin Tootoo. I love him because he is what got me into hockey. I went to my first game a few seasons ago. I had fun, but didn't think that much about it. The next game I went to, Tootoo got into an awesome fight and BAM! I was a hockey lover!

I admire Jordin Tootoo because he is the first person of Inuit descent to play in the NHL. He has been through some hard times and a terrible family tragedy. I think it is awesome that he can still play and have such an great attitude. He is usually smiling and laughing when I see him in an interview, but he is very serious and intense on the ice. 

I love how he pays attention to all of his young fans, like me. One time when I was down at the glass watching the warmup, he saw the sign I had made for him. He skated by me and tapped at my sign with his stick. It was so cool. I felt so special. 

He has improved so much this year. I can't believe that he got hurt just when he got to start a few games. I have really missed him since his injury. He makes the games so exciting for me. I love hearing all the whistles when he comes out on to the ice. I blow mine even if I am just watching the game at home. 

I google his name for news clips and pictures almost everyday. I read in the Tennesseean that he might come back on February 16th. I won't get to see it, because it is not on TV, but you can bet I'll be sitting at our computer listening--blowing my whistle the whole time. 

I know that Jordin Tootoo has a long, successful career ahead of him. I am very happy about his two year contract extension with the Predators. He has made a lifelong fan out of me. I love Jordin Tootoo and I love the Nashville Predators!

--Codie K (Age 11)

Paige's Essay
My favorite Predators player is J.P. Dumont. He's my favorite player because he always is nice and throws pucks over to me. When I see him in town he always smiles and says hi to whoever he is talking to. He always is involved in the community because he bought a whole suite for kids to come see games. I was really scared when they said J.P. wasn't going to stay with the Preds. Luckily they said that he was going to stay at that time I was relieved.

I hope one day to meet him and thank him for my pucks. I have kept all of them for two years, though I did share some with my sister. I haven't got his signature yet but one day I hope to. My dad always goes down to look at the auction table and if there is something like a picture of J.P. he will bid on it. Some day hopefully I get his signature on my jersey. I am going to get my jersey specifically made with his name on it.

I like everyone on the team and I'm glad they are staying in Nashville!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


--Paige P. (Age 10)

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