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Sharing Memories of Wade

by Staff Writer / Nashville Predators
In the wake of the somber tragic news of Wade Belak's passing, the Nashville Predators family not only wants to share its condolences with the Belak family, but also want to remember some of the times that defined Wade's life in and around the rink.

Players Respond on Twitter
“Still in shock! Wade will be missed by many! Great person gone far too early!”
--Mike Fisher

“Very sad to loose a great teammate and a better person in Wade Belak. The Tootoo family send his family all our thoughts and prayers.”
--Jordin Tootoo

"RIP Wade. Great father, husband, teammate and friend. You leave us way too early. You will be missed. Strength to your family and friends"
--Steve Sullivan

“Wade Belak was one of funniest dudes I had ever met. Just was with him earlier this summer. Can't believe it Thoughts and prayers to his fam”
--Blake Geoffrion

“Wade was one of the nicest and funniest hockey players i have ever met and was able to call a teammate. Thoughts and prayers to his family”
--Jonathon Blum

"RIP Beeker you were the best.... My thoughts and prayers are with Wade's family friends and former teammates."
--Shane O'Brien

“Sad to hear the news about wade belak, was lucky enough to sit at his table at nashvilles camp, true beauty. #rip”
--Preds prospect Michael Latta

"Very sad to hear about Wade Belak. Thoughts and prayers with his family"
--Preds prospect Chet Pickard

Preds Broadcaster Pete Weber
I have so many great memories of my times spent with Wade. I think my two favorites though:
One involves the Preds Community Day last year at the start of the season. Wade went to a fast food restaurant and was assigned to the drive-through window. People would drive around and there was this big guy wearing a Preds jersey, smile on his face. He was just being himself; entertaining the people working there and having fun joking around with the customers. He was trying to up-sell them, asking people if they wanted to add a salad to their order; jokingly giving them a hard time and things like that. I’m not really doing proper justice to the scene, but it was vintage Wade.

The other was during the season. He and I were working a radio game here at home and he started getting on his brother. Well his family was back in Saskatchewan listening to the game on-line. Wade’s brother started texting in to refute some of the stories Wade was telling; next thing they’re getting into a “text battle” with each other going back-and-forth during the commercial breaks. Wade was giggling the whole time and said it’s nice to have the last word, have the power of the microphone to get the last say ... and that he had. Wade’s the guy I thought was actually going to turn into hockey’s Don Meredith. Don was the one who brought the humor to the broadcast that was Howard Cosell’s Monday Night Football. Wade had that type of personality and ability to share that personality.

Preds Broadcaster Tom Callahan
The memory that stands out the most to me was our first game working a broadcast together; our game in New Jersey. When you get a new color partner or work any sort of job so closely with a new person, there’s a break-in period. In broadcasting when you talk over someone you refer to it as stepping on someone’s toes. Of course, the first few months you work with anyone less resembles a well-choreographed ballet and instead more like my awkward high school dances in which I simply tried not to crash into the girl I was trying to dance with while keeping her at arm’s length. And yet you still walk over one another.

Wade and I were working in New Jersey (and this may have actually been our first game together) when back-to-back we stepped on each other’s toes. Wade did it first to me as I was getting ready to speak; he apologized, made his comment, and we went on. A few moments later I returned the favor; stepped on his toes and apologized. Wade said “that’s all right… (threateningly) just don’t let it happen again!” After a quick pause he broke out in that signature grin, we both laughed and I knew we were going to be just fine with our mutual senses of humor.

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