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Preds Hilarious Halloween Quiz

by Thomas Willis / Nashville Predators

Nashville Predators players were quizzed with a Halloween-themed test this week. Here are their responses to these three tough questions:

1) What is your candy of choice for Halloween?

2) What is the best or worst costume you've worn?

3) If you were going to dress up as a teammate, who would you choose and what accessory would you need to complete your getup?

Mattias Ekholm

Favorite Candy: “Swedish candy. A good friend came for the game [against Pittsburgh] and he brought a huge bag of Swedish candy, so that’s what I got for Halloween.”

Costume: “The four Swedes were Ninja Turtles, that was pretty good.”

Impersonation: “Probably Jarnkrok because I like his hair so I would have to have the wig on.”

Roman Josi

Favorite Candy: “I don’t eat candy really…I like chocolate, chocolate milk even more.”

Costume: “My worst was I was a Teletubby once. Actually that might be my best. Actually my worst was probably two years ago in Bern, [Switzerland]. Like those tight suits, like the “Green Men in Vancouver,” it was just uncomfortable.”

Impersonation: Eric Nystrom and just shave my head I guess, no hair and I would need a beard. Shave my head, a beard and act a little dumber I guess.”

Pekka Rinne

Favorite Candy: “Some kind of chocolate, I like chocolate... Snickers.”

Costume: “Probably whatever Huts would wear is the worst. They’re all pretty funny. The ones I like are the ones that guys put together on their own. Not to go to the Halloween store and buy the full gear, but I like some of the outfits that take your time, like piece by piece. Maybe some character from a movie or TV series, I like those.”

Impersonation: “I would go Huts and I would need a sick, fake beard.”

Derek Roy:

Favorite Candy: “Peanut M&M's”

Costume: “Best costume, I went as ultimate warrior one year, I just went all out and it was pretty intense.”

Impersonation: “I’d go with Barts, he seems like an easy guy to impersonate.”

Seth Jones:

Favorite Candy: “Twix.”

Costume: “I didn’t put much effort into my costume this year, I was a whoopee cushion, pretty average.”

Impersonation: “I’ll say Josi and really tight jeans.”

Colin Wilson

Favorite Candy: “Kit Kat.”

Costume: “I was Ace Ventura when I was seven, I really liked that one.”

Impersonation: “I’d go as Roman Josi and I’d wear a lot of deep-cut shirts, deep crew necks and really tight pants.”

Carter Hutton:

Favorite Candy: “Reese’s peanut butter cups”

Costume: “One year three of us went as the three ninjas, that was good, an old childhood movie. Worst, I went as like some kind of ghoul, but we painted our hands black, we had masks on, but I couldn't get the paint off my hands and my forearms for like two weeks so I had black still on my fingernails. Just a costume that stuck with me for a little too long.”

Impersonation: “Maybe I’d just go as Bartley, just bring some chopsticks, and just go with the Asian theme.”

Olli Jokinen:

Favorite Candy: “Peanut M&Ms.”

Costume: “I don’t think there’s been a ‘worst,’ but I think the best was Mikael Backlund three years ago in Calgary, he dressed up as a grandpa and his girlfriend was dressed up as a grandma and it was done like movie quality, it was unbelievable.”

Impersonation: “I’d probably dress up as ‘Ribs.’ Get a lot of necklaces, a couple earrings, sunglasses and nice jeans.”

Viktor Stalberg:

Favorite Candy: “We don’t really celebrate Halloween in Sweden, so it’s been kind of a new thing for me. I’ve been eating a lot of M&Ms at parties recently.”

Costume: “I went as Bruno one year. That was a mistake. One of my best was going as Will Ferrell’s character from Semi-Pro, however.”

Impersonation: “Jokinen for sure. Just go buy a girl’s wig and you’re all set.”

Shea Weber

Favorite Candy: “I’m not really a candy guy at all, but something with chocolate in it if I have to choose.”

Costume: “I liked my Ninja Turtles one from last year.”

Impersonation: “No question, I would dress up as Peks and wear really tight jeans.”

Eric Nystrom

Favorite Candy: “Peanut M&Ms, no question.”

Costume: “I was a pretty sick ninja one year.”

Impersonation: “I would go as Josi and wear a Butt-head mask from Beavis and Butt-head, because that’s his identical twin.”

Filip Forsberg:

Favorite Candy: “That’s a tough one, I had a Kit Kat Halloween version last year with orange chocolate and it was pretty good. I guess that’s my favorite, especially over here.”

Costume: “The best was probably when I was really young, it was an Indian, I was probably six years old and it was one of the best. The worst was probably just a ghost, you get the white sheet and put a few holes in it.”

Impersonation: “I would probably be Mike Ribeiro and wear my hat [to the side], because that’s how he always wears his hat.”

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