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Preds Dancers & Goal Girls Calendar Shoot Blog

by Staff Writer / Nashville Predators
Calendar Shoot Photo Gallery
The Predators Dancers and Goal Girls will be tracking the events from their calendar shoot at the Sandestin Resort in Destin, FL. To learn more about the Predators Dancers or Goal Girls, check out their pages on
Predators Dancers or Goal Girls

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Photo Gallery: Preds Dancers & Goal Girls Swimsuit Calendar Shoot

Monday, August 18
Wow, first blog entry of the season! Must mean hockey season is just around the corner.

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The Preds Dancers & Goal Girls will be off in Destin, Florida from Aug. 17-21 for their calendar photo shoot. The calendar will be released in time for the start of the hockey season. We're now accepting pre-orders for the Dancers and Goal Girls Swimsuit Calendar (click here for pre-order form).

Now that the stress of tryouts and auditions are all behind us, we’re able to relax a little and have fun as a team. I’m so excited to be back for the season; should be a ton of fun. To start things off, we’re on a photo shoot in Destin, FL for our Dancers and Goal Girls Calendar.

We took off on Sunday morning and the last of us get back on Thursday. We met at 8 am at the Sommet Center and had everything loaded up and were on the road by 9 am. The trip was long – we didn’t get in to the resort until around 5:45 – but we our trusty drivers Charlie and Snake made sure we got there safe. (Adam, our “boss” from the Preds, drove the third van with the photographer and some of the equipment and stuff.) The ride gave us a lot of time to talk, joke around, take a nap; the usual car ride stuff!

We got in a little before sunset on Sunday night. We’re at the Sandestin Resort. It is ridiculously awesome. I had high expectations
Preds Dancers & Goal Girls Swimsuit Calendar shoot at the Sandestin Resort in Destin, FL
based on what we were told, but when we drove up to the entrance I was amazed. And the rooms are like full sized condos. There are two girls to a room, but we each have our own bathroom – which is a major plus for girls!

We dropped our stuff off in the rooms and then met up for dinner. We went to the Marlin Grill, which is on the Baytowne Wharf. It’s a more upscale seafood place. Definitely the way to start off our trip. They brought us appetizers – the shrimp was great – and then we had entrées. I highly recommend the filet.

We all split up after the restaurant. Photo shoots started bright and early on Monday, so the four girls with the Monday morning time called it an early night. The rest of us were too excited. A couple girls explored the area, while some of us went back to the hotel to hang out.

Preds Dancer Alex on the zip line at the Sandestin Resort during the Dancers & Goal Girls Swimsuit Calendar photo shoot.
Then today those of us who weren’t shooting had some free time. Most of us walked around the town and did some shopping – looked at some new bathing suits, of course.

A bunch of us went back out to the Wharf during the evening for dinner. There’s a little zip line down by the Wharf, so a group of us went playing around on that. We were like little hooligans zipping along like Peter Pan … early on I think that’s been the highlight of the trip so far. A couple of the girls had cameras (I forgot mine back in the room), so we’ll have to send along some of those pics to post up here on the blog.

Speaking of highlights, I definitely have to send a big thank you to Ron’s mom, who sent him with three bags of homemade cookies (Ron works with the Preds and helps Adam coordinate a lot of our events). The cookies have been a big hit!

Goal Girls

Monday, August 18 (afternoon)
Preds Dancer Denise getting her hair done before her photo shoot for the Dancers & Goal Girls Swimsuit Calendar.
We are having the time of our life at the Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort!

Today was our first full day in Destin and also the day of my photo shoot. We started off the morning with a healthy breakfast. After breakfast, I went to the Village and looked around at the shops for a while. I was a little nervous about my shoot, so Amy and I decided to go for a quick walk on the beach and kill some time. The beach here is breath taking! We took a couple of pictures and came back to the hotel, so I could get ready to go to hair and makeup.

One of the stylists from The Edge Salon worked on my hair, but she couldn't finish it until we went on site because it was raining outside. Thankfully the rain stopped right before I started shooting.

Preds Dancer Lindsay posing during the photo shoot for the Dancers & Goal Girls Swimsuit Calendar shoot at the Sandestin Resort in Destin, FL
We didn't know in advance where we were shooting, so Jena, Denise and I were ecstatic when I arrived at the location. My shot was on an extremely long dock overlooking the bay.

Juan, our photographer, was amazing and his stylist, Kim, was really good at directing the shoot. They wouldn't let us see any of the photos. We will not see them until they unveil the calendar. I cannot wait to see the final product!

See you all at the Sommet Center this year!
Preds Dancer

Tuesday, August 19

I had my photo shoot this morning. I had to be ready at 3:30 am morning. That’s a little too early for me to get up, so I just stayed up all night on Monday. I’m definitely going to need to 
Preds Dancer Amanda posing during the photo shoot for the Dancers & Goal Girls Swimsuit Calendar shoot at the Sandestin Resort in Destin, FL.
take a nap here in the afternoon. It’s good to be out on a beach!

The photo shoot went well. We’re scheduled in groups of four, so I was with Stephanie, Amanda the dancer, and Travona. The photographer was on his game. He new exactly what he wanted and the girls all looked great.

Bathing suits were a collaborative effort. We each brought our own suits down with us and tried them on for the photographer and he told us which ones he wanted us to shoot in.

We strolled out on the beach around 6 am and were out until a little after 8 am. When we first got out there no one was on the beach, but as the sun started to rise we had a little crowd. Some of the other tourists started taking pictures of our shoot; we felt like it was our own little paparazzi, which made us feel kind of special.

Hope you enjoy the pictures from the first couple of days! (I'm sure we'll be adding more as the week goes along.)

Goal Girls

Wednesday, August 20

Katy, Logan, & Abby at their photo shoot for the Predators Dancers & Goal Girls Swimsuit Calendar.
Today was the final day down in Florida and I was scheduled to shoot at sunrise along with Katy and Logan. We rolled out of bed at 3:30 am to have our make-up and hair done. We arrived at the beach about 6 am and it was beautiful!

Katy, looking gorgeous, started shooting first. I shot next. I was in the water, which was crazy because the waves were slamming into me. My back was to the waves, so I didn't know when they were coming; they almost knocked me over a couple of times. Juan, our photographer, kept telling me to keep smiling, don't move. But it was alot of fun!

Logan went last in our group. Most of her poses were laying in the sand. She looked amazing!  We finished about 8:30 am and headed to the Broken Egg for breakfast; it was so good! After breakfast we were free to enjoy the rest of the day. The whole group met up at night for dinner to celebrate our last night in Destin. We all had a blast and can't wait to see our calendar pics.

Goal Girl

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