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Predators Dancers & Goal Girls 2008-09 Season Blog

by Staff Writer / Nashville Predators
The Predators Dancers and Goal Girls will be sharing their views of the game in this new blog. To learn more about the Predators Dancers or Goal Girls, check out their pages on Predators Dancers or Goal Girls

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November - 1 |
December - 5 |

December 5
Thursday, Dec. 4th was a very long night for the Preds dancers but so worth it in the end. We started out the night at the front doors as usual but this time it was a little different. Our wonderful United States Marines joined us to greet the fans and also collect toys that the Preds Fans brought in from home for the Toys for Tots drive. The Preds organization awarded our fans for being so generous and gave everyone that brought a toy to the game an extra ticket for only a buck, I mean you can’t beat that. After the Marines collected bags and bags of toys we all headed back downstairs on the ice for introduction.

I have to say the first period of the game was definitely the most exciting of all the periods. Vernon Fiddler followed by Shea Weber then David Legwand all scored goals to bring the Preds to a great 3-2 win over the Colorado Avalanche. This is the second game in a row that we have dominated and won. GO PREDS!!!

After the ending of the game the Preds dancers night wasn’t over just yet. All of the dancers had to come in after the game to practice our routine for an hour on the ice so that we would be fully prepared for our performance at the Tuesday, December 9 game versus the Canucks. So please come out and join us for the game Tuesday because we put a lot of hard work into our routine and we want to be able to share it with all of our fans.

Preds Dancer

November 1
Although everyone else was a little restless after Halloween the night before the Preds brought there A game. The night began early for us the Goal Girls or now the Liquid Ice Girls and the Dancers at 5 pm. We all meet together in our locker room to prepare for the night ahead. He had a meeting with the entertainment coordinators to let us know how the night was going to happen, rolled some t-shirts, got dolled up, and then at 6 when headed up to the main lobby. Meet and Greet time people! This is where we get to give you some awesome tattoos and a chance to meet you on a more personal level. I'm a rookie and I don't know you yet, so next time stop and say hello I'd like to meet you!

Moving on I go back downstairs to lace up my skates and get ready to wave that beautiful Preds flag as we begin the game! The Florida Panthers definitely brought it but of course the Preds gave them a run for their money. The game continued to heat up and so did I after sprinting and shoveling some snow and sprinting some more, whew, I was HEATED! Then heading out for some skate time during the intermission, my favorite part. I love throwing t-shirts but my favorite is handing out some game pucks. If you want a puck I really have to see some Predator Pride, not just some fang fingers I mean some excessive pride!! But I guess you already know we have the best fans in the league so I won't have to worry about that.

Ok so things got serious and we got down to business at the middle of the 3rd period where we tied the game up for some OT baby!! Who doesn't love some dangerous overtime! The game ended with an exciting shootout which Pekka Rinne stopped all three shootout attempts for his second consecutive win. The Preds triumph in a win 3-2 over the Florida Panthers. Way to go boys!! After a win we always follow Gnash on his four-wheeler and applaud the three stars of the game. Tonight stars where 1st: MARTIN ERAT 2nd: PEKKA RINNE 3rd: SHEA WEBER! Wow, what a night. Can't wait for next time!

Peace, Love, Go Preds!!
Preds Goal Girl
Logan's Bio Page

October 23
As a rookie, Thursday,Oct 23rd was just my third game dancing for the Nashville Predators. The game started at 7 pm but all of the dancers had to be at the Sommet Center at 4:30, so we could prepare for the game. We have to be up in the arena entrance to greet fans when the arena's doors open at 6 pm, so we have an hour and half to practice our routines, meet with Preds staff, get ready, and bond as a team. As much fun as that is, I have to say my favorite part has to be greeting the fans at the doors. We find ourselves getting to know them on a personal level. There is nothing better than seeing a fan that is not only excited about the game but excited about seeing you as well. We get to spend around 30 minutes talking with fans before we have to head back downstairs to be introduced on the ice.

 After all of the pregame festivities are wrapped up its officially gametime. As we stood there in the stands cheering on our favorite hockey team, I couldn’t help but anticipate the blowing of the horn and dancing to my favorite song “I like it I love it I want some more of it.” After dancing for the 20 minute period we all headed down towards the ice to watch our Jr. Goal Girls boot scoot and boogie during the first intermission. And I have to say those little girls looked truly amazing.

In the second period before heading back into the stands, we made a quick stop at our calendar table to sign autographs for our wonderful fans, which is located outside of section 115. If you haven't seen the calendar, you really need to stop by and check it out (or buy it on-line here)

The second intermission was very entertaining for me because two fans got to take on bungy ball. I don’t know how they ever make it to the trash cans while sliding all over the ice connected to each other. But it’s very funny to watch them try over and over again.

After two and a half hours of gametime, we ended our night at the doors taking pictures with fans and wishing them a great night.

I’m really excited to see what else this season has to offer and I hope you enjoyed getting the inside scoop of what it’s like for a Predators dancer on gamedays. See you guys at the next homegame! GO PREDS!!!!

Preds Dancer

October 18
Welcome to the 2008-2009 NHL season Predators fans! Tonight’s game marked my first of the season and I couldn’t have been more excited! This is my fourth season as a Goal Girl and when I stepped onto the ice for the first time tonight, I felt like I was among family. I can’t say enough how great it is to see familiar faces when we welcome fans at the door or see friends in the crowd when we’re skating. It never grows old!

Tonight I worked with Maranda and Katy. I enjoyed the experience of being able to work alongside a veteran (Maranda) and a rookie (Katy). This being her first season as a Goal Girl, Katy reminded me of all the things I take for granted about what Goal Girls do during game time, as well as about the game of hockey in general. Maranda and I were happy to answer Katy’s questions – simple things like when to go out for a TV timeout, where NOT to skate during intermissions, and where to stand when we applaud the ‘stars of the game’ after a win.

One new thing that I got to participate in during tonight’s game was an autograph signing for our Swimsuit Calendar. Kacey, one of the Preds dancers, and I went to section 115 during the first intermission to meet with fans and sign calendars for anyone who bought one. It was great to see some of the dedicated fans come up and buy one right away – I am so appreciative of their willingness to support the Predators Dancers and Goal Girls!

The Preds dominated the game with a 6-3 win over their Central Division rival the Columbus Blue Jackets. What a great way to finish off my first game of the season! The fans were especially excited about getting a free Frosty from Wendy’s as a result of the Preds scoring 5+ goals – I was pretty excited about that, too! J I am looking forward to the season ahead and hope to meet all of the fans who are new to the game of hockey…the coolest game on earth! Let’s Go Predators!

Amanda H. _/ \_
Goal Girl

October 11
Opening night was such an amazing experience! I have never seen so many dedicated fans at a sporting event! I am a rookie on the Dance Team this year, so this was my first big game.

We started out the evening with a pre-game performance in front of the Sommet Center. We also had time to mingle with the fans and take a few pictures. After that, we went inside to get ready to go on the ice for player introductions. I was terrified to walk out on the ice because our boots are very slippery! I was very thankful that none of us fell.

 Throughout the evening we danced, cheered with the crowd and promoted our sponsors. I had a great time with the t-shirt toss. Everybody better watch out when I am throwing shirts because I am a sucker for cute little kids! My favorite part of the night was when a little girl ran up to me and gave me a huge hug. She said, "I want to be just like you when I grow up!". I am proud to be a part of a team with so much support. This is going to be a very exciting season!

Nashville Predators Dancer

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