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One-on-One with Amy Grant

by Jay Levin / Nashville Predators
Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songerwriter Amy Grant has been a Predators season ticket holder since Day 1 and has been among the team’s biggest supporters in the Nashville area. She has sang the National Anthem at games, helped on team marketing campaigns, and was even at the forefront of the area’s pitch to the NHL back when the league was selecting expansion options. caught up with Grant while she was at the Sommet Center for a recent promotional shoot. You were very involved with helping the city of Nashville’s bid to get an NHL team. What was it that made this such an important cause to you?
Amy Grant: First off, I think sports are great for a town, period. And one of my good friends moved to Nashville from Southern California and when she was growing up, hockey was the one thing her family could all do together – her grandparents went, the whole family. And she told me, ‘I can’t believe Nashville is getting a NHL hockey team.’ And so when I had a chance to be involved with courting the National Hockey League to get Nashville a team, she was really thrilled with that. I was thrilled, too, but I didn’t know how much fun it was going to be and it’s a blast. You grew up in Nashville, what does it mean to see the city and the area to have a pro sports team like the Predators?
Amy: Nashville’s always loved pro sports. I think you could tell from the way Nashville supported college sports that it was going to be a great pro sports town. And being a fan of a sports team, that’s a great unifier – everybody in the community is in there together, you’re all in there pulling for the same team. What is your first memory of Predators games?
Amy: One of the first games I went to, I was on the glass and all you need to get is one face squished up right in front of you and you’re hooked. Vince and I have sat all around the ice in different places; there really isn’t a bad area to watch the game. The atmosphere in the arena is so exciting. What’s the most memorable Preds game you’ve been to?
Amy: Well, when we were in the playoffs against San Jose, it was a really exciting time. Vince and I were in and out of town around then, but we were asked to sing the National Anthem and the Preds won. Of course we had nothing to do with it, but because of superstition we got to sing it again. You just can’t help but feel like everybody’s good intentions are part of a win. And that was exciting and we came pretty close in that series. What is it about Preds games that have hooked you on the sport?
Amy: It’s just fun. It’s a great night out for Vince and me. This past season we had a pair of tickets, so it made for a great date night. We’ve spent our last two Anniversaries at a Predators game; all of Vince’s guy friends are like, ‘Man that’s some kind of wife.’

Amy Grant and husband Vince Gill are hosting Challenge America 2009, an initiative to support the development of recreational and occupational programs in willing communities to link new and existing services to better serve returning injured military and their families. The event is scheduled for Monday, June 8, 2009 at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, DC. Click here for more information on Challenge America 2009.
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